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    How to cast a love spell with a picture – Procedure

      1. At the stroke of midnight, light the white candle and try to place it as close as possible to yourself.

      2. You might need to shed some tears. This requires an emotional manipulation of the self.

    Requirements for casting a love spell with a picture include; A white candle, Your photograph and that of your old love, Two drops of your tears, A white handkerchief.

      1. Take two drops of your tears and let drop them on the picture of the beloved.
      2. The tears should be directly applied to the face and another on the heart (chest) as in the picture.
      3. Board both photos, face to face and secure with a small drop of glue on each corner.
      4. Wrap the photos in the handkerchief while saying the following incantation:

    “I love having you by my side because you do really need me, for the love that we once had we desire that our love be reborn”.

    1. Let the candle burn. After it has completely been consumed, collect the melted wax and tie in the scarf with the photos.
    2. The scarf with photos must then be stored in a small box of red cardboard.
    3. You need to add a red flower in the carton for 3 Tuesdays in row. You will realize immediate results as soon as you cast this easy love spell that works.

    Get Back Your Ex in 3 Days


    Lost love spell to help bring back a lost love – Separation is very painful. The love and intimacy that you once shared through many years can be torn asunder at the knock of separation.

    Couples that find themselves in these circumstances usually withdraw from society and plunge into depression, hopelessness and melancholy. The good news is that no situation is permanent. With the aid of spells, you are offered another opportunity to revive your glorious past.

    If he or she dumped you without any justifiable reason, you can get them back using this easy effective love spell.

    This is a simple lost love spell that can be done from the comfort of your home. It is ideal for those who seek to recover an old love.

    You can be assured that this tie of love is very effective if you use it properly, otherwise the results could be different from what you expected.

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