Spells That You Should Cast During the Crescent Moon Phase

waning crescent moon spells

How to benefit from crescent moon magic spells

What do you know about crescent moon magic? Learn more today. The crescent moon phase is time to create things. You can take advantage of it to give strength and to grow everything that may interest you. Things like increasing or developing should best be done during the crescent moon phase.

It is the right time to “push” everything that you want, catapult progress, increase and achieve your purpose.

It is a fruitful moon phase for power, business, health, money, success, crops and all that is needed.

Usually the sunset is the best time for the crescent moon magic

The evening is auspicious for the elementals and their energy. The offerings to the faeries in exchange for a favor work particularly well during this lunar phase. It could be of rigor to make a special visit to your sanctuary in the open air, with a small offering to leave like milk and honey, regardless of the season. Anything that you want to create and improve will be enhanced with a spell made at some point in this phase. Keep in mind that the closer the moon is to full moon, the stronger the spell will be.

Effective crescent moon magic for growth, good luck and health

Spells that relate to desires, increase or jobs work best during the crescent moon phase. This is the appropriate time to perform healing rituals, positive magic and ritual works that increase love, good luck, growth of any kind, increase sexual desire and wealth. If we want to protect someone from harm, it is the right time to ask for Divine Justice and the increase of protection over our loved ones. It is also the right time to work the fertility of a couple.

For those who need love, crescent moon magic is the solution

The crescent moon phase is the best moment to begin a loving relationship, to reveal a feeling of love towards another person, to declare ourselves or to use crescent moon magic to attract a new love to our life or to attract a love that has gone. It also involve births, strength, growth, gardening, friendship, harmony, happiness, achievement of goals, travel, protection, teaching, working with climate (to attract), and positive changes. In summary, the crescent moon phase is the best time to cast spells that attract positivity.

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