How To Preserve Menstrual Blood for Future Use in a Blood Spell

hoodoo menstrual blood spell
This hoodoo menstrual blood spell will directly tickle and influence the subconscious of your man's brain, allowing you to influence his soul immediately.

Learn to prepare blood for your hoodoo menstrual blood spell

There are times when you may want to make a hoodoo menstrual blood spell on a certain day, during the full moon for example, but does not match your period. This may seem like a problem because it is not so easy to conserve blood. With the passage of days, it gets spoiled. However, do not worry. For centuries menstrual blood and other fluids have been preserved in many ways without the use of a freezer.

You can dry the blood in a piece of cloth that you can later drench

To conserve the blood and to be able to use it when you want to make your hoodoo menstrual blood spell, the best solution is drying it. You can dry the blood with the help of a tissue or paper, drop a few drops and place it in a cool, dry place. Once you have dried blood in a cloth, for example, you will only have to wet the garment to reactivate the blood. This will enable you to apply it effectively later.

Another method is through the use of tampons

Another very used resource for storing blood for a hoodoo menstrual blood spell are tampons. Tampons are very effective in keeping the menstrual blood. To reactivate the blood for your spell, just place the tampon in water as if it were an infusion. Soon the blood will be reactivated and will be perfect for your love spell. Like I said, this method makes it easier for you to store menstrual blood for future use. No one will even detect it because it won’t be smelly.

Simple hoodoo menstrual blood spell that works

To make this simple hoodoo menstrual blood spell, you will use objects that you have at home.

  • We need a glass jar
  • some red wine
  • a red candle;
  • a picture of your loved one and a few drops of your menstrual blood.
  • For this spell to be effective, it is very important to be concentrated and relaxed in some quiet place such as your room.

    To begin, will

  • light the red candle with a wooden match.
  • Then open the jar and place inside the photograph of your beloved.
  • Then it is time to put the blood into the jar while saying these words:
  • “With this my blood I attract you, so that you are part of me and I of you.”

  • The next thing we have to do is fill the jar with the red wine until the photo is covered.
  • As you pour the wine into the jar, you have to say the same words.
  • Wine is a symbol of blood and represents your blood as well. So while covering the picture with the wine, you should say:

    “With this my blood I attract you, so that you are part of me and I of you.”

    If you have questions about this hoodoo menstrual blood spell, feel free to contact me.

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