Powerful Voodoo Attraction Spell That Works For Love

Do You Really Like Him/Her? – Then Cast My Powerful Voodoo Attraction Spell

Effective voodoo spell to attract someone you like – At this point everyone today has a slight idea of what Voodoo is and what it used to be. It is sometimes believed that Voodoo is a form of revenge, the typical doll that represents a person and that if you prick a needle, it affects in that person that we represent. Well, that is not entirely misleading, but let’s talk now about how to do witchcraft to fall in love with someone through the Voodoo magic. This is a powerful voodoo spell to attract someone you like.

The Casting Process And Requirements For My Powerful Voodoo Attraction Spell

In order to cast this voodoo spell to make someone love you, you will need a voodoo doll made out of paper or cardboard, pink cardboard paper, a pink candle, a little cinnamon, a brown sugar, a plate, scissors and glue. In this case, you will invoke Erzulie (goddess of love and beauty)

Write your wishes of back of that voodoo doll. Try to be very specific, clear and concise.
For example the name of the person you want to fall in love with and the reason for it. Write 13 times the name of the person you love in the voodoo doll and another 13 times your name crossing with that person’s, and now you will put the sugar and cinnamon mixture in the plate and you will light the candle for 13 hours in the same plate (Make sure the candle you put is large enough to burn all that time) and always with the voodoo doll nearby.

If this voodoo spell to attract someone you like fails to work after three weeks, contact me using the form below so I can cast it for you and other effective love spells.

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Notice, Notice, Notice!

This is a heartbreaking notice to thousands upon thousands of clients that I, Dr. Nana has helped freely over the years to get their lovers back, clear their path for jobs, money, remove evil from their families, etc. It's sad that I have to say that, from last week, I started to charge at least US$61 to cover the overwhelming costs that comes with casting spells - this is bitter for a lot of people however, it's the only necessary thing to do.

Why I have started charging
Up to last month from the time I started offering my service through the internet (At least 25% of the clients), I have been receiving tons upon tons of donations from the local people - the donations come in the forms of food, herbs, goats, sheep, chicken, money, etc - these donations are a goodwill of the local people and some of the international friends that visit and the only way to use these donations is to help with others free of charge.
The donations have dwindled in subsequent times because mainly due to rural-urban migrations that have become rampant as the villagers' lands are being bought out and are forced to relocate to the towns.

The mass movement to urban areas has been going on for a while now and has so far taken a toll on our resources.

Therefore, my good people, comprehend this in good faith, and for your very pressing issues, the US$61 you put in will go a long way. This will go on for sometime till I get another revenue stream to cover the costs involved in the casting of spells.

The ancestors will be happy for your faith in me.
Thank you
Yours sincerely, Dr, traditionalist, voodoo master Nana.

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