Are you looking forward to landing that cute belle or handsome dude? Here is a simple love spell that will work faster that you have ever known.
What you need
–> White Quartz
–> Sugar
–> 7 Copper Coins
–> 4 Red Ribbons
–> Rose-scented Cologne
–> Hilo Black
–> Salt Water
–> A stream of ammonia
The process
Under the bed you share with your partner, make a pyramid of white quartz. At the base of the pyramid, put a little sugar and pack seven copper coins. Around the four bedposts, tie red ribbons that have been soaked in rose-scented cologne. Remove the tapes after some time and put new wet ones.
Those that have been removed should be burned and the ashes thrown into the salt water. If you ever want to clean under the bed, the pyramid and coins should be washed with salt water and a stream of ammonia then placed back into place. Perform this love spell once every month when the moon is at its crescent.
Every time you clean the ritual items, never pour the water. That water should be recycled and kept in a safe container under your bed. In case you happen to move out to meet your date, carry one of the seven coins with you. The powers charged into it will attract love faster than you can ever imagine. This is an easy love spell that works faster.