Spell To Make a Man Who Was Unfaithful Impotent

the night of san Juan

The best voodoo spell for cheaters to stop cheating

The voodoo spell for cheaters is for you who has just discovered that your beloved partner has another person for whom your relationship is ending. It is then time for you to act with much more intelligence, and perform a spell to leave a man impotent in the middle of his sexual desire with that woman. You are a woman who has been patient in this relationship. You should never allow third parties to ruin what you have spent years building.

This spell will make his member not to work

Imagine that man wants to be with another woman and in the middle of full job, his member does not work. How is it Tremendous? The good news for you is that with the help of magic you can make this wish come true. At home, you can make a powerful spell so your husband does not have sex with other women, just with you. A fair punishment, which he deserves to be an unfaithful man, his member will not work with any other woman.

Here is a simple spell with urine to leave a man impotent

The urine in this class of spells to leave a man impotent is something that is essential, so you cannot forget the urine even if it is a little or minimal use. You just have to take some of your urine inside a jar and you are ready to do the ritual.

 Materials that are essential:

  1.  1 Little of your urine in a bottle.

  3. 1 Underwear of the man, your partner in question.

  5. 1 Little newspaper, like magazines or also serve waste.

  7.  1 Black ink marking.
  8. Performing the voodoo spell for cheaters to leave a man impotent.

    In the early hours of the morning, you must take a glass jar and there you will fill it with a little of your urine, you must cover and save for the subsequent casting of the following spell or spell. With the help of newsprint, magazines or waste you will make a bonfire in a place that is safe.

    Take the black ink marker and write the name of the man on the fabric of the underwear that belongs to him. Grab the clothes, pour it in the fire and as you burn it, ask with much devotion to the energies of the universe that your husband does not have any type of erections with other women, only with you.
    Then grab the urine stored in the morning and pour it into the fire to put out the fire that must be burning. Wait until everything is cool, take the leftover garments and bury in your garden, in a pot or somewhere that is close to your home. Feel free to contact me for more information about this voodoo spell for cheaters.

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