African Voodoo – Facts that you didn’t know


Facts About African Voodoo That You Didn’t Know

Feared, revered, hated and publicized negatively, African voodoo can be said to be one of the most powerful forces in the world of magic. In Africa, it is popularly known for its ability to cause healing, help in the domination of enemies and protect those who are afraid for their lives.

It is performed through a series of rituals and sacrifices directed to almighty god, Bondye – derived from the French words “Bon Dieu”, which means “Good god”. Practitioners of African voodoo invoke Bondye in times of need, when there is sickness and when the problem at hand is beyond the comprehension of mortals.

In the past, African voodoo incorporated many other practices

There was a time when cannibalism was practiced in African voodoo and the snake was worshiped. In some societies, cannibalism was even part of African voodoo. Africans believed that some parts of a dead person had some special magical energy associated with them. That is why some segments of these societies even adopted the sacrifice of human lives. However, today; this has totally changed. Rituals of voodoo are now characterized by sacrificial offerings of goats, sheep and other animals. Prayers, dances and incantations make up a huge part of African voodoo ceremonies.

Of what benefit is African voodoo?

Like I already said, African voodoo has often been used in the provision of healings and performance of miracles. This is more so in the fields of exorcism, ritual baths and many other ceremonies associated with aura cleansing and rebirth baths. However, some of the African voodoo rituals have also been incorporated into the attraction of wealth, love attraction, restoration of marriages, banishment of negative people and many other areas related to problem solving.

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