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Effective Natural good luck recipes that work fast

It had been a long time since I had told you about my grandmother, and I had a reason not to. I was very sad to see some people stealing it from me and talking about it, copying my texts as if my grandmother were theirs. I take this opportunity to thank all those who, with all my love, share my post as I write them, or take them to your blogs telling where they come from and you have the honesty to cite their origin. However, today I will talk about natural good luck recipes that work.

Let’s go with those things that my grandmother used to say

Those small things that surround us, objects, animals, plants can be, if we know how to use them good luck carriers or good luck recipes. This is a small example. BEES FLYING OVER THE HOUSE attracts abundance, work and money. Do not kill them. If you do so, you will end the good luck they are carrying. Open a window and if you want to go, leave it open. For those who want constant fortune, toast a small handful of lentils in a frying pan and then sprinkles them in the wind from a high place, almost always from the window of your kitchen. She said that this was the best way to keep shortage out of your life and give way to fortune.

Spiders are the attractants of good luck. They are the best of those recipes

The spiders should not be killed because tradition tells us that in the webbing of their fabrics, the bad intentions of those who do not like us become entangled. So before cleaning the spider webs, we must spray the cloth with water and salt. And if you insist on killing a spider, which my grandmother never advised, it must be when they are going down, never when they are going up. Its existence acts as one of the best good luck recipes.

Place your cutlery with the points facing outside

Knife-blades, knives placed on the furniture, with the naked blade pointed outwards. Or nails of steel nailed to the top of the windows or doors to the outside. My grandmother said that they act in both cases as true repellants of negative energies. They are excellent because they frighten spirits and expel the curses. These are simple rituals that can help you attract luck quickly and easily. If you would to know more about natural good luck recipes and how to attract luck, get in touch with me.

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