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The Difference Between Voodoo and Black Magic

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Many people do have a misconception that black magic and voodoo are the same. The black magic spell book does not have any of these things, but I will labour to explain the differences and similarities in this article. However, before I tackle the similarities and differences, I would like to have these two concepts first defined. This will help us to know the differences and the similarities that exist between the two magic powers clearly.

What does the black magic spell book say?

Black magic is defined as any nocturnal magic that anyone can use to fulfil the desires of their lives. Black magic spirits are usually more active at night than at daytime. During night, the path that connects the earth to hell opens up, and allows all forms of powers from hell to invade the universe. That is exactly why black magic spells are usually more effective when cast at night than at daytime. It is easier to influence human beings when they are asleep than when they are awake.

On the other hand, voodoo is a religion with many believers

In the past, this religion was more common amongst the peoples of Haiti. However, during the slave trade era, this practice was transmitted to other parts of the world. Those who practice voodoo usually perform rituals that serve to invoke the different deities. When rituals appease these deities, the person invoking them will have his requests or wishes fulfilled. Just like black magic, practitioners perform these rituals at night. More details are found in the black magic spell book.

I think you can now clearly see the relationship

Black magic spells derived from black magic spell book are not the same as voodoo spell. If you have been following this post keenly, you must have realised by now that black magic and voodoo are not the same. Black magic is a way of doing things whereas voodoo is a religion. Although the two of them use the same techniques, we must know that the two of them are not really the same. Contact me if you would like to know more of the two from my black magic spell book.

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