Doll Magic General Rules To Know – The Top 10


10 General Rules Of Magic Doll

1. It would be good to have a strand of hair (or something that belongs to the person for whom the magic is being perpetrated). If you can not make sense of anything that belongs to that person, then use a photo.

2. Choose herbs, oils and incense which are consistent with the intent of the spell (love, money, health, protection, etc.).

3. Always work within a magic circle, especially if done about healing spells. When the area is cleaner, the magic will be the purest.

4. If a spell performance is related to a chronic condition or illness that lasts a long time, remember that the person can never recover in just one day. Continue the magic with the same doll, renewing spell in the critical days and every 30 days thereafter.

5. Once the connection between the doll and the person is done, keep the doll in a safe place. It would not be a good thing to put it in your pet’s nest.

6. When your spell comes to an end, cut the connection between the doll and the person break the link between them and sprinkling holy water on the doll. Remove the doll and burn everything, demanding that harmony and healing to continue for that person.

7. “Well Dollies” (healing dolls) are invested with the power of healing without being related to a person or an animal. Use such a doll instead of one created for you if there is a possibility that the latter will be destroyed, lost or turned into a family pet toy.

8. “Birthing Dolls” (dolls for the birth) are invested for the future. They bear seven gifts: love, intelligence, compassion, discernment, health, well-being and protection. Women should take these fertility dolls with them in the birth room and then hang it above the bed for the protection of a newborn baby.

9. “Money Dollies” (dolls for wealth) are filled with at least three notes and coins, one of which must in use in your country. It should also include your name, herbs associated with money and success and a magnetite stone or a magnet. Every week (or month), you must reactivate the doll with incense and prayers. This doll should be hidden for two reasons: to protect the integrity of your spell and to detach people from the money when they need it. If anybody takes off the money fabricated in a doll, a new one must be created because the old one will have no value again.

10. Toys for pets may also be invested with magic for your favorite animal health and safety. Because they will be destroyed finally, you should realize that there is no connection between energy and toy animals; rather give them the power to release energy as it decays.


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