Easy Love Spells Cast Using A Photo


Easy Love Spells Cast Using A Photo

Would you like to restore the love of an ex-partner? The best love spells to use, if you are a believer in magic and spells, is the photo love spell. Sorcerers, spells casters, shamans and psychics find it the most effective because it is easier to transmit energies of love onto someone that you can physically see. If, for unknown reasons, the person you love has abandoned you; do not worry about it anymore. This powerful spell that works could be the best ally.

For this easy photo love spell, you will need the following materials:

  • 2 White pieces of paper
  • Honey
  • Your Photo
  • The photo of the person you love
  • Red ribbon

On one sheet of white paper, write your name. On the other piece of paper, write his or her name. Smear honey on the piece of paper containing her name and on the one that has yours as well and then paste the sheets so that the names face each other. After that, fold the sheets together with the two photos also facing each other and tie them with the ribbon, making three knots. Did a hole in the ground and bury the package there until the next new moon.

This is one of the most effective and easy photo love spell

It is ideal for those rebel loves, who sometimes because of their strong character for not giving their arm to twist, usually hinder the relationship a bit, so you need to impose yourself on them a little. The spell works effectively in binding two people in a love relationship, but sometimes not everything comes out As we planned as we would have liked, sometimes your loving someone is not enough for the other person to correspond to you in the same way.

Remember, this spell is white magic

The photo love spell presented above is a white magic spell. As such, its results depend so much on the faith the person casting the spell has. If you would like to try a more powerful love spells – the one that works irrespective of whether you have faith in it or not – then I’ll be glad to present to you another powerful one cast using black magic. Get in touch with me now for that spell.

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