Effective Love spells – To re-conquer a love: Has your spouse or lover jilted you unfairly? Do you feel you should get back with him or her? Perform this simple love spell now.

If you want him or her to come back to your life and only see you, we suggest that you cut the petals of 3 red roses and immerse them in a bowl containing a solution of salt (preferably silver or glass). Yellow stands for Lost Love Attraction Spells and can, therefore, be used for separating lovers. As you dip the flowers into the silver bowl containing salt, say with conviction what you would like to see happen.

If it is real separation, say a prayer to the goddess of love telling her exactly what you want. These powerful African Spells must be cast on a Friday evening in the crescent moon phase.


Candle spell to win back a lover: If what you want is to win back someone, Dr. Nana will help in that regard too. Obtain a prayer card with the image of San Antonio, light red, white and yellow candles (three of them), pray to the spirits of fire, water, and earth to aid you in your quest to regain the love of that person. Finish the sentence saying “Amen”.


To sweeten someone’s feelings for you: If you just want to sweeten their feelings when thinking about you, you can perform this easy or simple and effective love spell that works from home.

All you need is some white sugar, a plain piece of paper and a red candle. Write his or her name on the piece of paper using a red pen. Place white sugar on the piece of paper and pass a red candle above it. Turn the candle upside and light it with a match. As the wax drops on the sugar, meditate about what kind of love or feeling you want him or her to have for you.

It will be instant. Bring back your lost love.


To separate two people: The last of the spells is the separation spell. Simply write in two different pieces of paper the first names and surnames of people you want to separate. Place the papers in a glass of water and cover its mouth with a piece of black cloth.

Bind the mouth properly and keep it the package in a dark place. Later on, put the glass in the freezer and pray that the two people separate. Now thaw the glass until your request is fulfilled. This is an easy and effective love spell, isn’t it?


Follow these procedures to cast these spells by yourself or seek help from me. They are general effective love spells that can be combined with others depending on a situation in order to realize your outcome with fewer resources than compared to the resources that are required if your work goes inline with the African voodoo love spell procedures.

More effective love spells


Are you currently facing problems in your relationship? Disharmony? Fights? Are these problems making you to start thinking of ending that relationship? Whatever the circumstances in your relationship, I can assure you that these problems have solutions. All you require is the service of a professional who offers spiritual help through love spells casting. If you have been looking for one, then I should like to say that I am here to help you.

TAROT CARDS – First, we shall start by reading the tarot cards

Contact me for a Tarot reading

Whenever I tell people that I read tarot cards, the very first question that they often ask is:

“What are tarot cards?” “How do tarot cards actually work? Now, the answers to these questions vary from one person to another, depending on the one you ask and how that person connects with tarot cards.

A tarot card is a tool, and like many other types of tools, the user is the one to choose how to use it. But, since you have come to my page and you would like to know how tarot cards work, I shall tell how I believe tarots work.

There are 78 tarot cards in a deck. Each of these tarot cards has its own imagery, story and symbolism. The Major Arcana, which comprises of 22 Arcana cards are a representation of life’s spiritual and karmic lessons. The other 56 Minor Arcana cards are a sign of the trials and tribulations that human beings experience on a daily basis.

The Minor Arcana also contains 16 Tarot cards that stand for 16 different types of personality and their characteristics.

In the same category is a class of 40 numbered tarot cards that are arranged in FOUR suits of TEN cards each, representing the different situations that we may face in our day-to-day life.

Tarot cards can do very many things in the life of a person. It is like a storybook of anybody’s life, the key to inner wisdom and the mirror of the soul. All the spiritual lessons that we encounter in life are embedded in the 78 tarot cards.

Whenever you consult the tarot, you will learn the exact lessons you need to learn in order to live a fully-inspired spiritual life. It is like holding a mirror so that you can get access to your subconscious mind.

Tarot cards work best with love spells

Before I even go further, what are love spells? When two people are unable to love each other wholly, despite many attempts at doing so, effective love spells can be the only power to allow the two of them to manifest love for each other.

The main reason why love spells are cast is to make you to become more attractive in the mind of the person you love.

This is only possible through the invocation of spirits and divine beings of light. However, you should also remember that the act of joining two people together cannot be accomplished by magic alone. The client should also cooperate strongly with the person casting the spell if effective results are to be realised.


There are many love problems that lovers often have to come to terms with. In the first place, it has become wholly difficult to make the other person love you with all their heart. No matter how dedicated a lover may be to the other partner, there is bound to be a time when love wanes and passion dies.

In addition, falling in love with someone who truly loves you has also become increasingly difficult.

The purpose of a love spell is to remove barriers that prevent two people from falling for each other. If you are failing to find a future husband, there could be both outer and inner barriers restraining your dream partner from getting into a marital union with you.

When I cast a love spell at home for you, I can dissolve and dissipate any obstacle that is making it impossible for you to draw your future husband onto isle.

The moment I remove these barriers and stumbling blocks, your love desire will be fulfilled in a natural way.

It is recommended that you cast a love spell to find a future husband if you truly desire to find a husband who will truly love you.

By casting this spell, you will be in position to call your dream soul mate into your life and start experiencing dramatic changes into your life.

This love spell is very significant, especially if you consider the fact a number of people spend many years trying to find a soul mate. The ones who are not lucky are sometimes unable to even meet the one to meet the one they desire.

The concept behind the love spell to find a future husband is very clear: when I cast it for you, it will release powerful love attraction energy into the universe. Wherever your soul mate is, he or she will be able to receive these signals and get attracted to you.

So, if you would like to initiate a loving strong relationship with the one who is to be your future husband, then you had better cast this effective love spell on him as early as possible.

Contact Dr. Nana for love spell to find a husband


Although many people find it a little odd to resort to love spells, I must assure you that it is one of those viable options that anyone can use to bring love problems to an end.

The use of love magic started hundreds of years ago, although the unknowing masses do not take its use seriously these days. If you may desire to solve a particular problem, there are love spells that can even work within seven days.
The available two variants of these spells include:

  • Black magic love spells and
  • White magic love spells.

Would you like to bring back lost love or want to be the only woman for your man? You can make it happen just within three days.

The fastest and most effective of love spells that work in three days is the black magic spell. many practitioners, some being free black magic love spell casters are not always willing to use black magic because it is the most powerful, but the hardest to handle.

No one can deny the fact that black magic spells are the most powerful as they can help anyone to take control of the situation directly. They can stop a divorce, cause a previous lover to return, breakup a relationship and make someone to fall in love with you easily within three days after the casting is done.

Much as black magic love spells that work fast can work within three days, they are more advanced and complex. For that reason, they should always be handled by someone who is knowledgeable, experienced and reputable.
These spells are not as easy to cast as white magic spells because they possess some element of control and domination.

The biggest advantage that black magic has over white magic is that its results are fast and effective. If you want to break up a relationship or cause tension between two people who love each other, the black. magic spell can directly manipulate that – within three days.

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