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Effective Love spells – To re-conquer a love: Has your spouse or lover jilted you unfairly? Do you feel you should get back with him or her? Perform this simple love spell now.

If you want him or her to come back to your life and only see you, we suggest that you cut the petals of 3 red roses and immerse them in a bowl containing a solution of salt (preferably silver or glass). Yellow stands for Lost Love Attraction Spells and can, therefore, be used for separating lovers. As you dip the flowers into the silver bowl containing salt, say with conviction what you would like to see happen.

If it is real separation, say a prayer to the goddess of love telling her exactly what you want. These powerful African Spells must be cast on a Friday evening in the crescent moon phase.


African lost lover love spell

Candle spell to win back a lover: If what you want is to win back someone, Dr. Nana will help in that regard too. Obtain a prayer card with the image of San Antonio, light red, white and yellow candles (three of them), pray to the spirits of fire, water, and earth to aid you in your quest to regain the love of that person. Finish the sentence saying “Amen”.


To sweeten someone’s feelings for you: If you just want to sweeten their feelings when thinking about you, you can perform this easy or simple and effective love spell that works from home.

All you need is some white sugar, a plain piece of paper and a red candle. Write his or her name on the piece of paper using a red pen. Place white sugar on the piece of paper and pass a red candle above it. Turn the candle upside and light it with a match. As the wax drops on the sugar, meditate about what kind of love or feeling you want him or her to have for you.

It will be instant. Bring back your lost love.


Break up spells to separate two people

To separate two people: The last of the spells is the separation spell. Simply write in two different pieces of paper the first names and surnames of people you want to separate. Place the papers in a glass of water and cover its mouth with a piece of black cloth.

Bind the mouth properly and keep it the package in a dark place. Later on, put the glass in the freezer and pray that the two people separate. Now thaw the glass until your request is fulfilled. This is an easy and effective love spell, isn’t it?


Follow these procedures to cast these spells by yourself or seek help from me. They are general effective love spells that can be combined with others depending on a situation in order to realize your outcome with fewer resources than compared to the resources that are required if your work goes inline with the African voodoo love spell procedures.

More effective love spells


Are you currently facing problems in your relationship? Disharmony? Fights? Are these problems making you to start thinking of ending that relationship? Whatever the circumstances in your relationship, I can assure you that these problems have solutions. All you require is the service of a professional who offers spiritual help through love spells casting. If you have been looking for one, then I should like to say that I am here to help you.

TAROT CARDS – First, we shall start by reading the tarot cards

Tarot Cards Reading
Tarot cards are a very effective way of knowing about yourself and your future self and that of those around you.

Contact me for a Tarot reading

Whenever I tell people that I read tarot cards, the very first question that they often ask is:

“What are tarot cards?” “How do tarot cards actually work? Now, the answers to these questions vary from one person to another, depending on the one you ask and how that person connects with tarot cards.

A tarot card is a tool, and like many other types of tools, the user is the one to choose how to use it. But, since you have come to my page and you would like to know how tarot cards work, I shall tell how I believe tarots work.

There are 78 tarot cards in a deck. Each of these tarot cards has its own imagery, story and symbolism. The Major Arcana, which comprises of 22 Arcana cards are a representation of life’s spiritual and karmic lessons. The other 56 Minor Arcana cards are a sign of the trials and tribulations that human beings experience on a daily basis.

The Minor Arcana also contains 16 Tarot cards that stand for 16 different types of personality and their characteristics.

In the same category is a class of 40 numbered tarot cards that are arranged in FOUR suits of TEN cards each, representing the different situations that we may face in our day-to-day life.

Tarot cards can do very many things in the life of a person. It is like a storybook of anybody’s life, the key to inner wisdom and the mirror of the soul. All the spiritual lessons that we encounter in life are embedded in the 78 tarot cards.

Whenever you consult the tarot, you will learn the exact lessons you need to learn in order to live a fully-inspired spiritual life. It is like holding a mirror so that you can get access to your subconscious mind.

Tarot cards work best with love spells

Before I even go further, what are love spells? When two people are unable to love each other wholly, despite many attempts at doing so, effective love spells can be the only power to allow the two of them to manifest love for each other.

The main reason why love spells are cast is to make you to become more attractive in the mind of the person you love.

This is only possible through the invocation of spirits and divine beings of light. However, you should also remember that the act of joining two people together cannot be accomplished by magic alone. The client should also cooperate strongly with the person casting the spell if effective results are to be realised.


Love spells to find a future husband
Love spells to get a future husband are very effective love spells that will align your energy precisely to find the man that you want to be with in the future. You can as well cast these spells on your current boyfriend to marry you within a month’s period.

There are many love problems that lovers often have to come to terms with. In the first place, it has become wholly difficult to make the other person love you with all their heart. No matter how dedicated a lover may be to the other partner, there is bound to be a time when love wanes and passion dies.

In addition, falling in love with someone who truly loves you has also become increasingly difficult.

The purpose of a love spell is to remove barriers that prevent two people from falling for each other. If you are failing to find a future husband, there could be both outer and inner barriers restraining your dream partner from getting into a marital union with you.

When I cast a love spell at home for you, I can dissolve and dissipate any obstacle that is making it impossible for you to draw your future husband onto isle.

The moment I remove these barriers and stumbling blocks, your love desire will be fulfilled in a natural way.

It is recommended that you cast a love spell to find a future husband if you truly desire to find a husband who will truly love you.

By casting this spell, you will be in position to call your dream soul mate into your life and start experiencing dramatic changes into your life.

This love spell is very significant, especially if you consider the fact a number of people spend many years trying to find a soul mate. The ones who are not lucky are sometimes unable to even meet the one to meet the one they desire.

The concept behind the love spell to find a future husband is very clear: when I cast it for you, it will release powerful love attraction energy into the universe. Wherever your soul mate is, he or she will be able to receive these signals and get attracted to you.

So, if you would like to initiate a loving strong relationship with the one who is to be your future husband, then you had better cast this effective love spell on him as early as possible.

Contact Dr. Nana for love spell to find a husband


love spells that work in 3 days
Attract a lover within 3 days after casting my love spells. It’s easy and very effective love spells.

Although many people find it a little odd to resort to love spells, I must assure you that it is one of those viable options that anyone can use to bring love problems to an end.

The use of love magic started hundreds of years ago, although the unknowing masses do not take its use seriously these days. If you may desire to solve a particular problem, there are love spells that can even work within seven days.
The available two variants of these spells include:

  • Black magic love spells and
  • White magic love spells.

Would you like to bring back lost love or want to be the only woman for your man? You can make it happen just within three days.

The fastest and most effective of love spells that work in three days is the black magic spell. many practitioners, some being free black magic love spell casters are not always willing to use black magic because it is the most powerful, but the hardest to handle.

No one can deny the fact that black magic spells are the most powerful as they can help anyone to take control of the situation directly. They can stop a divorce, cause a previous lover to return, breakup a relationship and make someone to fall in love with you easily within three days after the casting is done.

Much as black magic love spells that work fast can work within three days, they are more advanced and complex. For that reason, they should always be handled by someone who is knowledgeable, experienced and reputable.
These spells are not as easy to cast as white magic spells because they possess some element of control and domination.

The biggest advantage that black magic has over white magic is that its results are fast and effective. If you want to break up a relationship or cause tension between two people who love each other, the black. magic spell can directly manipulate that – within three days.

Contact Dr. Nana for this spell through this link


Dominate your partner
Dominion over your partner can be achieved by using these powerful spells. If you are the dominant type, this is the right one for you.

Have you ever been in a relationship with a woman who undermines you? Maybe she does not make you be able to fulfil your sexual or erotic whims. Through magic, female domination is possible. Round about the 4Th Century, there was an Egyptian man called Hermias. He was in love with a woman called Titerous. The woman was arrogant and not loving him the way he wanted.

The records in one of the Egyptian spell books reveals a curse that Hermias put on Titerous. In this curse to achieve female domination over her, he says:

Anubis, use all your power and authority over Titerous whom Sophia bore. Stop her from being arrogant. Bring to an end her calculative ways and her shamelessness.
Make her get attracted to me, to melt with passion for me and to desire me every hour of day and night. Make her to always remember me whenever she is working, drinking, eating, sleeping and conversing. Make her have orgasms for me even in her dreams.

Scourge her until she desires me graciously and with a generous soul. Make our thighs, our lips, our pubic hairs and our bellies join in ecstasy to the tune of love”

As you can see, in this spell for female domination, Hermias asks Titerous to not only have a sexual desire in him but to also become submissive. He wants access to her emotions, her property and her body. He wants her humbled by the gods, obsessed and whipped with him.

The form of this spell for female domination is ancient. However, what he wants is too familiar with every one of us. What he wants is what we all would like to enjoy in a relationship of total submission – especially when you achieve female domination over the woman you love.

As a specialist of the Greco-Roman magic, I can make a woman whipped, dragged and burned by a man through love magic. Your woman will enter a long term relationship with you once you cast this powerful female domination love spell on her.
Contact Dr. Nana through this link for the female dominion spells


The love spell book is also popularly referred to as the “Gremoire”.

While this term has its roots in Europe, several cunning folks and magicians have often used Gremoires. According to Owen Davies, a popular historian; these books can be found across many societies in the world.

The world’s first spell book was created in Europe and some of them could also be traced to the ancient Near East. Most of these ancient spell books were also linked to the Jews, who were famed for being knowledgeable in magic.

Night of San Juan prayers for love

A spell book is a book, so to say, that contains details about particular spells, the ingredients needed to cast them and procedures of how to cast them. In early times, humans transferred knowledge about spells casting through the word of mouth.

However, as time went by, need arose for the documentation of these spells so that whoever possessed the book could do the spell on his or her own. That is exactly how the spell book came into existence.

Book of spells

Once you have a spell book, you have the capability of casting a spell. However, you should also remember that matters of magic should not be played about with.

There are specialists, seers and shamans who are trained to handle spirits and muster forces that are beyond human control. You should, therefore, be careful when trying these spells as they could turn out to be disastrous when used wrongly.

If you have love problems, business problems, family problems or many other issues weighing upon your happiness; the acquisition of a spell book could be a gate pass to the solution of that problem.

Through love magic and incorporation of many spells from the magic spell book, I have been helping many people across the world to find their happiness.

You too can find this happiness when you acquire a magic spell book. If you need guidelines on how to use this book, you can contact me for help.


sex magic spells
Sex magic spells heighten your libido and tremendously boost your sexual energy. Request for this spell for improvement in your sexual desires.

Contact Dr. Nana for the sex magic spells

There isn’t anyone today who doesn’t fancy a better life. We all want to be wealthier, healthier and happier.
We also like to be in charge of what happens to us, as opposed to being at the mercy of fate, change and other people’s agendas.

This is the basic reason why most spells casters do magic, including sex magic – to harness energy and direct them so that they producer outcomes that you desire.

Effective love spells and magic have the capability of allowing you to attract what you want most. In as much as you can do this with any type of magic, sex magic is the most recommended way of accomplishing the desires of your heart.

But, what exactly is sex magic?

Sex magic is a way through which sexual energy is mobilized with the intention of generating a desired result.

In simplistic terms, anyone can do sex magic to cause the object of your desire to happen. By harnessing sexual energy, you can unite the mind, body and soul of your lover with yours so that you can achieve all the pleasures that you desire.

Sex energy is life, and as well know; life is energy. In the basic sense, when a female and a male human being are united, this results into the creation of a physical child.

During sexual intercourse, a physical child is created. However, another identical of the same is also created at the spiritual level, irrespective of whether the resultant effect is a physical one or a spiritual one.

When you engage in a sexual intercourse with the person you love, plant seeds into the womb of the universal matrix. You, in this case, implant in the matrix what can be plainly referred to as a magical child.

black magic sex spells
Black magic sex spells are extremely powerful in generating enormous sexual energy levels.

Your emotions and thoughts are therefore the chisel and hammer that you use to create reality with from the universal raw material- energy.

About 2500 years ago, the Buddha is quoted to have said this: “Using our thoughts, we can make the world.” In reality, this means that everything that we encounter in our sensory world arises from our personal and collective thoughts.
In order to successfully perform an act of magic, your mind must be focused – and sex can truly focus anyone’s attention.

According to Anand Margot, in the book “The Art of Sexual Ecstasy,” achieving an orgasm requires the total participation of the person concerned.” In the process of getting an orgasm, a person is completely in the moment and utterly present.

When you cast a sex magic spell, you will notch up the sexual feelings of the other person. It is like throwing another log on an already burning fire.
Sex magic involves the participation of both the mind, the body and the spirit. Your mind manufactures the intention, your body fuels it and the spirit allows the results to be achieve.


How to make him think of you all the time

If you desire to obtain the love of a person you like, but the person in question does not respond; a love spell using red ink can help you.

The moment you allow the connoisseur of magic to cast this powerful effective love spells for you, it will send a beam of love energy into the mind of the person you love.
This person will feel the energy in his or her subconscious. The spell will make him or her to become more receptive to your love.

In order to cast this powerful love spell using red ink, you will need the following:

  • A cauldron or an ashtray
  • A 3X3 inches writing paper
  • A red pen
  • Four red candles
  • Rose quartz


  1. You will start this red ink love spell at night.
  2. Draw your protection circle and place the four red candles, ONE in each of the four cardinal directions.
  3. After that, set fire in the cauldron. While the fire burns, draw the shape of the heart using red ink and write the name of the person whom you would like to fall in love with inside it.
  4. Now, hold the rose quartz in your hand and stare at the paper containing the name of the person you love while envisaging a beam of pink energy emerging out of the crystal, into your heart, straight onto the paper.
  5. Saturate this energy with your love and think of them being bathed in this beam of pink light.
  6. After that, kiss the name you have written on the paper THREE times.
  7. Drop the paper into the cauldron and let the fire burn it up. As it burns, say the following incantation THREE times:

    “My heart is burning and shining.
    I send this love to you.
    If there is a place in your heart,
    Please love me
    And for the good of all
    So be it.”

  8. As soon as you finish saying this incantation, close the circle.
  9. Carry the rose quartz with you all the time. Preferably, if you can wear it or keep it in your pocket, the better!
  10. Do this for at least TEN DAYS. This red ink love spell will make that person to come to you soon and start enjoying your company.


magic circle
Yoruba black magic spells by Prince Oranyan, a free black magic love spell caster himself is a very potent black magic that arose from West Africa. It’s perfect for most relationship issues including cheating.

Contact Dr. Nana for this spell

What is a magic circle?

When casing any kind of spell, a magician or sorcerer makes a magic circle. This circle is a protection circle which protects the spells caster from other energetic influences that could block or harm the ritual work.

The magic circle is a very powerful symbol. Any spells caster or magician must understand that it stands for the beginning and the end, macrocosm and microcosm – the symbol of a faultless human being.

A human being without fault or any mark of imperfection and God are one. A magician or sorcerer who stands in the middle of the magic circle gets a straight connection with God and he or she manifests God’s will.

However, it is not possible to achieve this connection ONLY mentally. A magician or sorcerer can only do so through introspection and meditation, which allows him or her to decipher what his or her deeper and true nature is – and thus know that he or she and God are one.

At the beginning of any ritual, a mage should ensure that the place from where he is conducting the ritual work is safe and that no one can disrupt him or her during the spells casting process.

In order to ensure this privacy, he or she closes all the doors, puts off the telephone and performs the spell work, especially at night.
He or she also shouldn’t allow any kind of disruption by the unwanted energies and spirits. For that reason, a magician or sorcerer draws a magic circle around himself or herself.
white magic for beginners

Spirits, unlike people, can walk through walls. However, spirits and demons cannot cross through a magic circle of protection, although people can.

The magic circle can only be created with a lot of concentration and this concentration can only be achieved through meditation – a kind of proper training that professional spells caster receive at the beginning of their careers.

Would you like to know more about the magic circle? Get in touch with me so we can arrange a non committal telephone conversation regarding this.

Fortune telling

is the art of predicting someone’s future through some divine powers or supernatural gift. It is the ability to foretell what will happen in the life of someone, to reveal the events that will happen a few days to come, weeks or years so that the person can prepare him/herself to face the situation.

A fortune teller – when engaged in fortune telling – can foretell the future of an individual. A fortune teller possesses natural gifts. He has some divine supernatural power that enables him to predict the future.

He or she is able to see someone’s future through psychic reading, crystal ball, palmistry or tarot reading.

what is tarot reading?
Understand the power of tarot reading and how you can use the results to adjust your life into the right energy frequencies.

What is tarot reading?

Tarot reading involves the use of a bunch of cards called “the tarot”.

When you consult an expert in tarot reading, he will be in position to tell you about your future, your present and your past.
Tarot reading has emerged as one of the most popular ways of fortune telling. However, one thing you should know is that you cannot read the tarot on your own.

You will require the services of expert in order for you to understand the meaning in the tarot cards.


palmistry online

There are gifted human beings who can study the palm of your hands and reveal what will happen in your future through that.

In fortune telling, the palm of your hand can play a great role in helping the palmist to know your destiny. The fine network of lines that are woven on the palm of a human being holds his or her destiny.
All of us do not have the same patter on of lines and through these lines, you can learn a lot about your future life.

A palm reader is a person who has a natural or divine gift in palmistry. He can predict your future by reading the lines engraved on your palm and in doing so, he can tell you what will happen in your life.
Contact Dr. Nana for fortune telling

Crystal Ball

One other way of fortune telling is through the crystal ball.

When a professional fortune telling looks through the crystal ball, he can tell what will happen in someone’s life in the future.
The crystal ball is a magic ball that many practitioners have used since time immemorial to look into the future and thus tell the person seeking suck knowledge what is in store for him in the future.

However, it is hard to look into the crystal ball on your own and discover your future. It is an expert reader who can do that correctly and properly.

Psychic Reading

psychic reading
Psychic reading is a service that I offer very regularly and it’s one that you should engage in more in order to learn more about your inner self.

The other way through which fortune telling can be done and thus our fortunes told is through psychic reading. A gifted psychic reader or an expert of the occult can read your soul and mind. He can reveal all the mysteries regarding the aura surrounding you and in doing so, he foretell your future.

In simple terms, psychic reading implies “reading your psyche” or your mind or your soul.
Therefore, with all the above methodologies, fortune tellers are able to foretell the future and allow you look through the window of your future life.

Fortune telling also allows you to know about the fortunes that abound in your future. You can know both your bad and good times and with this knowledge, prepare yourself adequately to face the future.


ancient Egyptian witchcraft
Ancient Egyptian witchcraft involves invocation of spirits of ancient goddesses to bestow upon you your requests.

Ancient Egyptian witchcraft is normally used in casting different types of spells like the love spells, curse removal spell, money spell, luck spell and the spell to bring back an ex-lover.

The casting of ancient Egyptian spells is so unique that it first involves the understanding of the problem for which the spell is being cast and then the type of spell is decided upon.

The moment the spells caster narrows down on a particular spell, he or she will customise it according to the needs of the requester.
A few things like the hair of the person, his or her clothing, urine or any other body fluid, name and date of birth will also have to be incorporated.

These materials help in connecting the individual upon whom the spell is to be cast so that they can get the most effective results from the love spell to be cast.

Egyptian witchcraft is perceived by most people as the oldest form of sorcery. It was practiced from the pre-Christian era and it is believed that it is the first form of ancient Egyptian sorcery.

Popularly referred to as Neterism or Kemetism, ancient Egyptian witchcraft follows the worship of deities and idols – a revival of ancient Egyptian religion.

Followers of this religion usually praise and worship gods, goddesses and idols. Practitioners of ancient Egyptian witchcraft also congregate in temples and covens – places where people gather to learn about ancient Egyptian witchcraft and master it.

The moon is revered in ancient Egyptian

New Moon spells
New moon spells casting are very common because they are very effective. The moon phases must be closely watched and followed with the necessary activities if results are to be accurate.

The moon is of great importance in ancient Egyptian witchcraft and because of this, followers of Egyptian witchcraft celebrate most of the festivals according to the cycles of the moon, also known as Esbats.

Since most of these celebrations revolve around the cycles of the moon, practitioners of ancient Egyptian witchcraft also use the “wheel of the year” image.
This image represents the 8 festivals – four of which are pastoral festivals and agricultural festivals.

This image also represents the 4 solar festivals and for this reason, it is made up of eight spokes in its wheel.

Spells casters and shamans who cast love spells usually cast more spells during the full moon cycles and the winter season. This is so because the moon plays an important role and it is believed that spells casters can gain much energy during the hours of 31st October to 1st November.


love binding spells
Goddess venus is a powerful deity – the goddess of love. Love spells cast through her a very effective and always manifests.

Goddess Venus is a roman deity that rules of fertility, love, destruction as well as death.

She presides over the underworld, the earth and heaven – the giver of life and the bringer of death. The sexual and sensual energy of goddess Venus flows from her like a river of honey and can help in attracting lovers and suitors who are miles away.

Goddess Venus is the embodiment of consensual sex, lovers, gourmet foods, splendid jewels and opulent fabrics – she can let pleasure to flow into life.

Goddess Venus also gives everyone an express permission chit to enjoy life and beauty.

By invoking goddess Venus, spells casters often obtain enough strength.

When a professional spells caster invokes goddess Venus, he or she will be in position to load his or love spells, money spells, luck spells and family spells with great power.

By inviting her through invocation, she will come and assist from the time of intention to the creation of your desire. Goddess Venus has a dedicated day – a Friday.

All the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses had a planet and a dedicated day and for Venus, it is a Friday.
Anyone can invoke goddess Venus any day, but a Friday is more particularly powerful when making that invocation.

Invoking the Goddess Venus

In order to invoke goddess Venus, you should:

  • Draw a circle and bid goddess Venus to come and work with you.
  • Create an altar for goddess Venus with roses, honey, milk, rose quartz and a candle.
  • After that, take a ritual bath using ingredients that make you feel sexy and sensual.
  • Put on something that makes you feel fab and fierce because goddess Venus likes to see you strut.

protection love spells

Every human being has some feminine energy in him or her.

By invoking goddess Venus, the magical workings can conjure the femininity within that person – irrespective of how you identify.

If you would like to know more about goddess Venus, Venus astrology and how to invoke the goddess of love; get in touch with me.

Venus possesses magnificent energy that can do many things in your life. The moment you understand her, invoke her and appreciate her; she will treat you with lots of love and sensuality.


Perfume love spells

Making someone to fall in love with you is not as easy as you may think it is.

No matter how sensual and seductive you may be, sometimes the energies may not just work in your favour. However, there is something that is so unique about the power of aroma – especially if that aroma has some magic in it.

What I am actually referring to is a love spell perfume. An effective love spell perfume utilizes the power of scent and oil to create love magic.

When someone wears aromatic oils, he or she will wear the same natural power to attract – the one that herbs and other oils have. A love spell perfume is a powerful component of love magic and in love spells casting.

In using them, the user harnesses the energy of oils, not just to create a mixture that smells sweet; but to create a formidable love attraction force.

The most important thing, in this case, is to use real essential oils

You should not use artificial or synthetic blends. Also, you should remember that real essential oils are very powerful and strong.

For that reason, you should not wear them directly on your skin. If you are planning to wear some love spell perfume soon, apply natural oil like grape seed or almond as a base for your perfume. A love spell perfume obviously works with a scent because it can only affect the person who smells it.

However, a word of caution: do not use this type of magic on someone or a situation that you do not have direct contact with.

When making an effective love spell perfume, you should create a blend from different oils and wear just a bit of it on your skin. Sometimes, you can use another ritual work with this, but it is not mandatory.

You only need to wear this effective love spell perfume and you will be in position to attract whatever you are interested in attracting.

If you prefer something more powerful, you can combine this love spell perfume with one of my traditional love spells on the site.

Powerful love spell perfume to draw love

Today, I am going to teach you how to make a basic effective love spell perfume to attract the love of the person you want.

You can wear it as you prepare to meet someone that you are interested in, although it is not usually directly targeted on a particular person.

The love spell perfume might affect anyone who comes into contact with the scent.

Here’s how to create a simple love spell perfume


  1. THREE drops of rose oil
  2. ONE drop of vanilla oil
  3. ONE drop of ylang-ylang oil
  4. ONE drop of lavender
  5. ONE ounce of carrier oil

Procedures for casting the love perfume spell

If you are unable to find Ylang-Ylang, you can add TWO drops of lavender oil. Put the blend together in one mix and wear just a drop of it as you prepare to meet someone that you love. If you are interested in buying a ready mixture of a love spell perfume, contact me.


candle love spells
Candle love spells are done for a variety of love issues that include bringing back lost lovers, attracting a new lover, etc. It’s simple yet a very effective love spell that can be done at home.

Why do spell casters use male and female candles?
Candles that have been made in the image of a man and a woman are called “image candles.”

They are made to symbolize a condition or a person during the time a magical ritual is being performed. An image candle is similar to a voodoo doll or a poppet and by speaking words to it, the person it represents will start behaving the way the person casting the spell wants.

During this effective love spells casting process, each male and female candle is anointed with oil in the same way any other candle can be anointed.

After that, it is marked and named after the person it represents. There many colours and types of image candles.

Typical examples include gender candles, cat candles, cross candles, skull candles, human image candles and of course the male and female candles.

In terms of potency, image candles are just as powerful as any other ordinary candles.

Spells casters can choose a specific type that connect with the purpose of the spell. for example, if you would like to cast a love spell to bind love; then candles with two people fused can be the best type.

Sometimes, the candles can be made more powerful by adding inscription and carvings on them, depending on the intention of the spells caster.

Male and Female candles are very effective in casting love spells

These candles are made to look like human beings – a naked woman and a naked man.
They are also of different shapes, varieties and colours which include black, red, white, pink, yellow, green and red.

It is, therefore, the spells caster to choose the colour that best aligns with the purpose of your spell and the desired outcome.
female and male candle spells

Preparation and Procedure for casting the male and female candle spells
After choosing the candle, the love spells caster etches the name of the person the candle represents on the chest of the candle. After that, he or she can burn the candle singly, or in unison with a variety of other candles.

Here is the whole procedure:

  1. Put the two image candles on the altar so that they stand facing each other.
  2. In between the two image candles, put a red candle.
  3. Set all the three red candles alight. After that, slowly move them closer to each other so that they can eventually touch or come into contact with each other.
  4. Meditate as you watch the candles burn, while thinking about the person you love.

Male and Female Gender Candles

These male and female gender candles look like a vagina and a penis respectively.

In love spells casting, these candles are used to influence, enhance and take control of the other person’s sexual nature and prowess.

Usually, these candles can help a person to arouse sexual passion, attract a sex partner, ensure fidelity and put a curse on another person’s sexuality. These candles have also often been used in casting fertility love spells.

The several other types of male and female candles include:

  • Candles for marriage spells – to sanctify a marital union and ensure long lasting love in a relationship.
  • Candles that look like couples hugging – to ignite passion between two people who love each other, bring back lost love and achieve reconciliation.
  • Back to Back Candles for separating couples – for breaking up relationships and separate couples.
  • Face to Face candles for lovers – to enhance sexual and romantic aspects of a relationship.
  • Skull-like Candle – to help read the thoughts of another person. Some spells casters and shamans use it to heal and cure sicknesses, curse enemies with sickness and for revenge purposes.
  • Cat-like Candle – to attract good luck.
  • Crucifix-like Candle – to pray for anything that you desire because they are associated with Christianity.
  • Candle with seven knobs – you burn this for seven days if you want your wishes to come true. All you do is to inscribe your wishes on the knobs and them you anoint with oil. Burn each knob everyday for seven days.
  • Egyptian-Mummy Candles – these ones are used in casting any type of spell. It is popularly used to cast protection spells, removing curses and jinxes and for invoking special powers.

    effective love spell wicca
    Wicca love spells are also done for a variety of reasons ranging from home protection to others like love protection. It however, requires a little more ingredients as compared to candle love spells.

    Powerful effective love spells Wicca are for beginners in the world of magic.
    If you would like to try magic, but are still afraid of digging deep into it; then love spells Wicca are the best for you to start with.

    This is so because they are considered the safest love spells in the world of magic. Powerful love spells Wicca are not used for hurting others, but are rather used for attracting good things into the life of the person casting the spells.

    If you would like to attract health, prosperity, peace and love; then you could try powerful Wicca effective love spells that work fast.

    So, what are love spells Wicca?

    Before I talk about Wicca spells, let me start by explaining what Wicca is.

    Wicca is a way of life or a religion that involves the incorporation off white magic in worship.

    However, practicing white magic doesn’t make a person a Wiccan and, you can also be a Wiccan without possession spells casting abilities.

    But, one thing is clear: if you are working with love spells Wicca, then they are definitely of the white magic type.

    But, what exactly are white magic spells?
    white magic love spells

    When a love spells caster makes mention of “white magic”, he or she means any kind of magical practice that does not seek to harm the other person.

    According to the Wiccan – which could simply be referred to as the “Wiccan Bible”- Wiccan practitioners are not to harm anyone in their practices, though they can do as they will.

    This means that anyone using magic should take responsibility of his or her actions.

    Effective Love spells Wicca for attracting love

    Wiccan love spells usually focus on love attraction.

    However, love spells casting in this case should not be done without the consent of the other person. This is so because Wiccans are not manipulators.

    A Wiccan can simply cast a love spell to attract love into his or her life.

    So, if you cast an effective love spells Wicca on a person and he or she responds positively, it means that the person was actually meant to be yours from the very foundation of the world and your relationship has been blessed by the energies of the universe.


    perfume love spells

    When you use my effective love spells perfume, the lover of your dreams will get attracted to you the moment he or she smells this strong perfume.

    In the same way, when you wear this love spell perfume, all the strong scents it emits will make the two of you attracted to each other. In the end, it will bind the love the two of you share for each other forever.

    Sometimes, you may feel attracted to someone. However, because of fear, you may not tell him or her that you love them. If you truly need to attract that person, I believe you may need my strong love spell perfume.

    You will start attracting people by your side soon

    I would like to recommend this love spell perfume for you. The moment you spray this scent on your body, those close friends that had been so distant will start having love feelings for you.

    They will come over you and surround you like bees on the honey combs. The implication of this is that soon, you will become the centre of attraction as all those you come in contact with will make a beeline for you. This love spell perfume is a product of herbs, scents and oils.
    Contact Dr. Nana for the love spell perfume

    How to cast a love spell perfume

    Before I get to that, I would like to caution you over one thing: do not wear this love spell perfume unless you are ready to meet the person you would like to attract.

    In order to make this perfume, you will need the following requirements:

    • 1 drop of vanilla oil.
    • ONE drop of sweet oil
    • Rose oil

    Once you have got these ingredients, go ahead and mix them in the perfume that you love most. Smear a little bit of it on your wrist and approach the person whose love you would like to attract.

    This effective love spells perfume will not only attract the person you, but it will also boost your relationship. If you would like to transform your relationship and take it to another level, order this love spell perfume from me now.


    free love spells
    Free love spells designed to make you perform it by yourself and very easily. They are very effective and will give you a good shot at magic.

    Have you been looking for ways of how to make your man love you even better?
    Here is the place to obtain an old-age wisdom that our ancestors used.

    Have you been wondering whether you could get married to that man soon?

    If you are interested in that man or woman, but there are stumbling blocks preventing you from achieving his or her love; then you have come to the right place.
    Nowadays, you can start and maintain a happy relationship using free love spells that work in minutes. By free, I mean white magic spells that work immediately.

    Free love spells that work in minutes are purely white magic spells

    Most people often think free effective love spells that work in minutes are cast using black magic.

    The truth is that most spells casters of this kind of spell often work with white magic.

    Finding effective love spells that work instantly nowadays is no longer a myth. There are powerful, although free love spells that work in minutes that you can cast so that you can improve your love life.

    If you are looking for love or would like to make the one that breaks your heart to love you better than he does these days; then you will find these free love spells that work in minutes very much amazing.

    Here is a free effective love spells that work in minutes – try this on your own

    free love spells that work in minutes

    For this free effective love spells that work in minutes, you do not need to perform any ritual to accompany it.

    The only thing that you have to martial up and prepare is your inner power – take control of your mind and minimize any kind of distractions that might interrupt the spells casting process.
    Make your intentions clear and think deeply about the person you are targeting.

    These are the steps to follow:

    1. Put the photo of the person you want in front of you.
    2. Look and the photo with concentration so that you can create a connection with it.
    3. Imagine falling in love with this individual.
    4. Concentrate your attention on this being’s mind and try to exercise control over it until you feel that you can now have a hold on the way he or she thinks.
    5. Relax after realizing that you have already influenced the mind of your lover.

    This free love spells that work in minutes will make that person to reciprocate your love within 24 hours. However, if you feel you cannot wait, you can also check my powerful love spells that work overnight.


    love spell to make someone love you
    Love spell to make someone love you and marry you within a period of just 28 days.

    Contact Dr. Nana to cast effective love spells to make someone love you

    Would like to know how to cast a love spell on your partner so that he or she can love you forever?

    If that is the case, then you have come to the right place. Although much has been written about rituals and love spells, love spells casters who are dedicated to the study of the occult continue to advance their investigations creating a myriad of spells dedicated mostly to attract a loved one or remove obstacles in a relationship.

    These spells are made with witchcraft of high power, which imposes itself on the difficult love situation, get rid of stumbling blocks and ensure that love flows well in the relationship.

    Witchcraft has taken giant steps, has grown and has generated the interest of many people who previously doubted its existence.

    Today, many people are already using this ancestral knowledge to solve the problems that bother their existence. So, you have a relationship problem and would like to solve it without your partner realizing it, then you should learn how to cast a love spell.

    How can one cast Effective love spells to make another person love them?

    love spell to make him love you

    The answer seems to be simple but it is not, since there is no spell in general that is used in all cases.

    Most healers use rituals of love according to the problem.

    There are powerful effective love spells that one can use to attract love, to break love and to end a third party relationship that could be ruining your relationship at the moment.

    If you want to cast a love spell on your partner, you only have to have at a photograph, a specific name, some necessary elements and a decree created by a healer.

    Only then can you exercise a power that helps to dominate the situation using a powerful love spell or binding love spell which can be done by me as you binding love spell caster.

    This is how you can do it

    For this to have the desired effect, you just have to have the picture of your lover wrapped in a red cloak. Write the name of your lover on a pink sheet of paper using a red pen and then light three red candles. After doing this, repeat the incantation you have for casting the love spell (you can get it from me if you do not have one.) If you have been asking yourself how to cast a love spell on your partner because you didn’t know how to do it, then you should seek consultation from a spiritual advisor like me.


    candle love spells casting

    When someone decides to cast a candle love spell on another person, he or she makes his or her wishes known to the universe.

    But, before casting such a spell, know that the rules of magic do not allow us to interfere with the freewill of others, irrespective of how much you miss their foibles.

    Magic using candles is a very powerful, though old method of attracting love, maintaining love and growing love. However, it is also the easiest and the simplest form of magic to use. Once you have acquired your love spell candle and are familiar with the preliminary concepts regarding candle magic, you can now customise a spell to suit your needs.

    But, first you have to choose an appropriate love spell candle

    The colour of the love spell candle is very paramount when choosing one to cast a love spell or any other spell with. Candle colour is very important in magic and it is the first thing to be considered before charging the candle with magic.

    If you fail to use the appropriate colour, the outcome of your love spell will not be a desired one and you will realise that your love life will remain the same.
    So, select the appropriate love spell candle colour

    Usually, love spells are cast using pink candles because they represent emotions.
    On the other hand, other love spells are cast using white candles which represent pure love. But, if your intention is to rekindle love or reignite passion that is needed in order to make your former lover come back, then you will require a red candle.

    Sometimes, the love spell candle should be made of a particular wax

    Love spells casters prefer soy or beeswax candles over those that are made from petroleum. However, you should relegate yourself to a life of continuous loneliness and suffering in love if you are unable to find any of these candles.

    You can use any kind of love spell candle, but you should ensure that it has never been lighted or burnt.

    How to charge your candle with energy

    charging your candle with energy

    The moment you discover the best love spell candle, you will have to charge it with energy that suits your needs.

    This is popularly referred to as “dressing the candle.” It is a ritualistic preparation whose purpose is to focus your intentions and energies into the candle so that it is imbued with energy that allows your spell to be manifested.

    In dressing your candle, you should first anoint it with virgin olive oil. If you do not have this particular type off oil, then you can use any other of your favourite oils.

    This is how you should do it:

    1. Smear the oil from the tip of the candle, down to the centre and stop at that point. Do not anoint from middle to top!
    2. Then smear the anointing oil on the candle from the base of the candle to the centre.
    3. Do this exercise until you anoint the whole candle with the anointing oil.
    4. Put the candle on the holder.
    5. Write the name of your lover on the love spell candle
    6. Follow the proper direction while carving the name of your lover on the love spell candle. As you do so, think with concentration about the person who has abandoned you.

      Your thoughts about that person should be loving and happy thoughts decorated with the good memories of the time you once spent together. If you would like to know more about rituals using the love spell candle, contact me for help.


    lost lover love spell
    Lost lover love spells are cast to bring back an ex lover lover that you are interested in. This spell works very fast when cast correctly.

    Have you separated from your partner and you want to attract him or her back? Have you been looking for the best ways of making this to happen?
    If so, this reconciliation spell is what you need in order to make your lover reunite with you on the 3rd day after casting the spell.

    The spell will reconcile the two of you and fix the relationship within the shortest possible time ever.

    There is nothing that is difficult in the eyes of magic

    Much as you might view this as an impossible task, I would like you to know that it is not as difficult as you think.

    Magic, when used appropriately and effectively can be a very powerful tool. By using my powerful spell that works, you will be able to realise your dreams on the 3rd day after casting the spell.

    With this easy and effective love spell to make your lover come back, you will be in position to make your lover to regret leaving you and want to rejoin you in the relationship again – on the 3rd day.

    However, you must also have faith and conviction

    Magic works best for those who believe in it. In order, there is one thing that will influence the effectiveness of this 3rd day spell: the belief and conviction that you really want your ex-lover to come back into the relationship and rejoin you.

    Here is a simple 3rd day spell to make your man come back

    This easy love spell to make your lover come back on the 3rd day must be cast on any night of the waning moon.
    This is so because it is the most appropriate time for you to perform the ritual so that the person you love can come back on the 3rd day of that lunar phase.

    You will need the following materials for this spell:

    • Honey
    • Red pencil
    • Paper
    • A red candle
    • A photo of your ex-lover


    1. Light the candle and stare at the picture of your lost love for a few minutes.
    2. While doing so, visualise the two of you coming together and rejoining each other in the relationship again.
    3. Write your name and that of your lover on a piece of paper and then draw a circle around the names.
    4. Put drops of honey on the names you have written while reciting the following incantation:

      “I cast this spell on you so you can return,
      To bind your love with mien.
      I call upon the powers of Venus, to conquer (—mention his or her name —-) again
      Love me again
      Come back to me
      And forgive me for all the mistakes I have done to you
      So we can enjoy extreme love and passion again.”

    5. Pick the piece of paper and tear it into small pieces. Wrap the pieces in a red piece of cloth and bury them where no one can have access to them.

    6. Extinguish the candle and end the ritual.
    7. Ensure that you cast this love spell to make your lover to come back on the 3rd day in absolute solitude.
    8. No one should see you perform the ritual if it is to work for you.


    Victoria's secret love spell
    With Victoria’s secret love spell, immerse yourself in pure indulgence in opulence as you summon the powers that be to your behest.

    Creating attraction force and becoming more seductive than ever is one thing that fragrances and perfumes can enhance.

    However, this is not what an ordinary perfume or fragrance can do. It is only possible when you wear a fragrance that has a touch of magic in it – the love spell Victoria secret perfume.

    From the early ‘00s, this fragrance has attracted happiness and love into the lives of many people across the world.

    Imagine this kind of situation

    You are a student who has just come back from the field where you have been doing your exercise.
    Drenched in sweat, you rush into your locker room. However, you realise that your body is so smelly that you won’t be able to sit comfortably next to your lover in class.

    Worse still, the bell will ring just in three minutes time! There is no time for you to take a shower! You stink and you would like to get rid of the bad odour! The only fragrance that can save you is the effective love spells Victoria secret perfume.

    Well, let’s leave the high school experience for another day
    love spells Victoria secrets perfume

    For now, I would like to focus on the magical properties of the effective love spells Victoria secret perfume – a fragrance that more than 2,500 users have so far used worldwide.

    Many testimonies of those who were struggling with attraction issues in their relationships revealed remarkable changes after the use of this mighty love spell Victoria secret perfume.

    They were able to bond and revive passionate feelings for each other – elicited by a fragrance that thousands of people have benefitted from.

    If you are looking for love and would like to improve on your love attraction energies, then effective love spells Victoria secret perfume is what you need. If passion and love have died in your relationship, this fragrance will help revive it.

    The fragrance is loaded with potent attraction powers that will improve your magnetism and make you the centre of attraction wherever you go. Contact me now if you are interested in my love spell Victoria secret perfume.


    candle love spells
    Casting spells using candles is one of the best ways it can ever be done. Candle light is symbolic and carries a lot of punching weight in the occult energy spheres.

    Contact Dr. Nana using this link
    Studies have revealed that human beings seem to have an overwhelming attraction to the RED colour.

    That is precisely why most people wear rubies, the most precious of all gems in the world. Wearing red makes a person attractive to a mate when dating.

    In the advertising world, adverts that bear a red hue often get more attention than those that have been printed in a different colour.

    For this reason, it is not a surprise that red candles are the most demanded for from all esoteric shops.

    First time spells casters use red candles in spells for passion and power. What else can one use red candles in spells to achieve?

    • To achieve power and fame.
    • To attract the love of a sexual partner.
    • To obtain more strength for the self and thereby become more vital than ever.
    • To draw good luck and wealth.
    • To increase the level of passion and commitment to the relationship.
    • In chakra magic for initiating contacts and connection with the body physical.
    • To get over business and love rivals.
    • To overcome a bad situation at the workplace or in a relationship.
    • Red candles are also used in spells to get rid of enemies and keep them at bay.
    • In spells to invoke the gods and goddesses of fire.
    • For spells that aim at initiating a fresh start.

    Red candles are also popular in Mars-magic

    Red candle love spell
    Red candle love spell – It works for a variety of love issues however, it’s very perfect for generating in a man more interest in you.

    Red is the colour of the planet mars –the warlike planet. In Mars-magic, we can derive courage and energy to seize what rightfully belongs to us.

    Red symbolizes rage and danger. Many other cultures across the world consider red as a power of martial power and victory.
    It evokes the spilled blood of a vanquished for or a martyr. The red colour also signals danger and disruption.

    No matter how brutal that sounds, we should also remember that Mars is a goddess of love, not just a fighter. Its physical prowess has the capability of wooing Aphrodite and Venus, the most beautiful goddesses of love.
    That is exactly why spells casters use the colour red – red candles – in sexual magic. Since red symbolizes fire, the colour also stands for excitement, anger, lust and the quickest and the sharpest emotions that human beings can ever express.

    Red candles for power and protection

    Since the red colour is warlike, spells using red candles are much more recommended in spells for protection.

    Red fortifies and emboldens so that he is able to face any adversary. Human responses to the colour red are cross-cultural and innate.

    Studies have revealed that when a human being sees red, his breathing and heart-rate increase – physiological responses which are linked to anger and sexual arousal.

    Red candles in effective love spells

    Red candle love spells

    These love spells using red candles are recommended for those who are looking for a lifelong relationship.
    In addition, if you would like to get someone laid without any inconvenience of commitment, love spells using red candles are recommended for you.

    Is your relationship devoid of passionate love? Would you like to add some spice into your relationship? red candles can elicit that.


    Healing spells

    The blue candle is commonly used in the casting of healing spells.
    This spell is customised for those who are suffering from physical ailments and healing can be achieved with another person as well.

    When this effective love spell is cast to cover more than one person, it is stronger and more effective. If you have undergone surgery or got involved in an accident, this blue candle spell is especially good for you.

    You can also use it if you have suffered an emotional trauma – to heal it and bring happiness into your life. Since the blue candle spell does not bend any person’s will, you can cast it many times without suffering any negative consequences.

    Here are the requirements for the blue candle spell

    • Light blue candle for healing mental sicknesses.
    • Dark blue candle if you suffer from physical health problems.
    • A piece of parchment that you will write your name on.


    1. First, you will light the candle.
    2. After that, concentrate on the healing energy (the blue one) and watch as it is being transformed into a ball over the burning candle.
    3. This might take a little bit of time, so you do not need to rush or force it.
    4. Let the light turn into a ball sitting on top of the flame.
    5. As soon as you envisage that, write your name or the name of the person whom you wish to receive healing on parchment paper and burn it sing the candle.
    6. After that, meditate on the energy and watch it being received by the person whom you would like to heal. And while this blue candle spell in ongoing; say the following incantation:

      “A healing heart and a healing hand,
      I send to you, in this light
      To rest upon (—name of person—)
      To heal (him/her) and this time when (he/she) needs healing
      Without any harm intended
      So mote be it!”

    7. Keep chanting this incantation until you behold the person being engulfed in this healing energy.
    8. As soon as you finish, you can close the spell and walk away. However, let the blue candle continue burning all the way out.


    lost lover love spell to bring ex back
    Lost lover love spells are usually cast to bring back ex lovers. They are very effective love spells with consistent results

    Contact Dr. Nana for the lost lover love spell

    Love spells are very strong. This is so because when two people fall in love, they emit strong energies and emotions. However, if by bad luck, there was a separation; do not spend years counting your losses.

    Magic has helped people like you from the very beginning of time to heal broken hearts, restore lost love, attract love and improve passion and feelings in a relationship.

    And everything can happen on the 6th day after casting the spell. However, you should remember that when you start using magic, you must take responsibility of your actions.

    What you wish others might come to you threefold. So, there must be positivity in everything that you do.

    Although this effective love spells will work on the 6th day, you should not use it to manipulate the will of another person. Trying to manipulate another person’s will is one of the biggest mistakes that people often make and it will never bring positive results.
    Therefore, it is crucial that you ask yourself the following questions before you decide to use love spells:

    1. What are the reasons why I want my lover back?
    2. What is the depth of my love for this person?
    3. Do I truly love this person or I am just physically attracted to him or her?
    4. If he or she comes back into my life on the 6th day, won’t I regret my actions?

    When you love someone, then you should consider the wellbeing of that person. Magic is a great tool for you who is wishing to have a second chance with the person who has abandoned you.

    The moment you cast this effective love spells to restore the love of the person who abandoned you, it will change the way that person perceives the relationship he or she has with you. the two of you will start communicating again and there will be understanding in your relationship.

    If there was a problem with your character, you will achieve transformation on the 6th day after casting the spell.
    Contact Dr. Nana to cast for you this spell

    Are you currently having issues in your relationship? is lack of harmony, misunderstandings and fights about to ruin the relationship you enjoy with that person?
    Do not worry because you can fix all these love problems with a spell that will work on the 6th day.

    I know how to handle these situations and I can help you put your love life back on track using a spell that will work exactly on the 6th day!


    bring back lost lover immediately

    Venus is a goddess that governs the field of romance. She radiates with a lot of romantic vibrations and anyone whose star sign is Venus usually behaves romantically.

    If you are in a relationship that is devoid of romance, a love spell through Venus the goddess is what you need to initiate romance into your life or get rid of a romantic problem.

    Soon, you will start enjoying lots of love and passion in your love relationship.

    Powerful Venus the goddess love spell to invite romantic love into your life

    Venus is the second planet next to the earth. It moves around the earth every 224.7 days. The planet derives its name from the Roman goddess of beauty and love.

    It is another planet whose brightness is only second to that of the moon. The magical vibrations that Venus creates are very powerful and for that reason, they are often invoked during the casting of love spells.

    If you are having problems in your love life – fights, disagreements, low levels of passion, third party interferences or lack of commitment; you can present these issues to Venus the goddess.

    Soon after casting the spell, your lover will start showing deep love and commitment to the relationship. Are you interested in this Venus love spell through Venus the goddess?

    You can send me a message for more inquiries or to order the spell. All I’ll require from you is the name of your lover, his or her date of birth and YOUR OWN date of birth.
    In case you have any handy photos as well, you can email them to me so that I can present your love problems to Venus the goddess.


    Free love spells
    Free love spells on this site are designed for you to test your prowess in spells casting. For beginners, there may be hurdles but am always there to assist where I can.

    There are different types of effective love spells. There are those that require elaborate materials and requirements before casting them like candles, incenses and special oils.

    Some of these spells also manifest their results quickly while others take time to do so. In addition, there are love spells that can only be handled by professional casters while there are also those that are easy and can be cast in the comforts of your living room.

    Love spells free online are simple spells designed to solve simple love problems like attraction of love, increasing the intensity of love and eliciting passion in the relationship.

    From the ancient days, love spells casters having been performing love rituals in different ways. There are those spells casters who seek God’s power and benevolent spirits while some of them invoke powerful spirits from another world.

    In addition, some love spells casters mix up both black and white forces in casting love spells.

    Most of these spells require elaborate materials, while the love spells free online may not even need any ingredients.

    Here are some of my effective love spells free:

    Free love spells free using the power of imagination

    free love spells

    If you have never done so, you will be surprised to behold how the power of imagination can be transformed into a spell.

    You can start my imagining sensations, colours, sounds and concepts or anything that you believe can bring out your desired results. However, when you choose this mode of spells casting, you will have to clearly specify your wishes and intentions.

    If you fail to do so, you won’t be able to bind the spell to your intent. In addition, it is also paramount that you put more effort into your love spells free using the power of imagination in order to be able to obtain better results.

    You can also enchant love spells free

    Enchanting is a process through which you can make normal things magical.

    This is a very explosive spell that allows you to enchant anything for any purpose. You can do this in many ways, but the easiest is to program an item by channeling your intent into it.

    After that, you can charge the item again as soon the spell starts to fade. This spell is more effective if the object being enchanted is closely related to your intention.

    For example, you can use a compass to cast travel spells or a mirror for beauty spells. However, if the spell has a personalized intention other than a traditional one, you can go ahead and cast it the way you like.

    Written and spoken spells

    free love spells

    These are the ones that most spells caster and magicians like owing to their fastness and ability to be improvised.

    They are of different types and some people believe that for these love spells to be effective, they have to be lengthy and rhythmical. Much as rhyming a spell sounds good, it is in no way a guarantee for its effectiveness.


    When you develop a liking for someone, I am sure you would want to find the quickest and the fastest means into the heart of that person – free love spells that work for real. There are many types and formats of love spells.

    There are candle spells, love binding spells and powerful spells that use powerful tools to achieve their purpose.

    For millions of beneficiaries across the world, spells casters have often utilised the power of the universe to yoke up magic.

    Some practitioners of magic use white magic, while others use black magic. However, today I would like to focus on free love spells that work for real using white magic. You can use easy love spells that do not require the utilization of any ingredients. Much you can also try more elaborate spells later; these particular spells are good for beginners.
    Contact Dr. Nana for spells casting

    Free love spells that work for real using emotions

    If you are interested in casting effective love spells, but do not want to use ingredients; you can sometimes use your emotions.
    This is a type of spell that is closely related to what the Turks call the evil eye.

    In order to cast this spell, you only have to spell out your intention, develop it and manifest it into being. However, just like any other spell, there are many things you should consider before casting the spell.

    To begin with, you should set pretty strong emotions about that thing. The same also applies to the level of your feelings.
    If you are not fully certain about the love you have for that person, then the free love spells that work for real to bind love will not work.

    Free Effective love spells that work for real without ingredients

    love spells without ingredients
    This sex spells without ingredients only utilise your emotions to get to manifest a circumstance into existence. It’s one that you can try.

    Sometimes, you do not just have to create a spell for yourself. You can always use one of the free love spells that work for real without ingredients here.

    These spells have been customised to help the suffering people find love and fall in love. However, if you want these spells to work properly; you should always use positive intentions and energy.

    You also have to have faith in the workings of the spell and believe that the gods in the universe will support you in your pursuit. If you feel you are ready to proceed, here below is a powerful, but free effective love spells that work for real.

    Fast working, but free love spells that work for real

    This is a very extraordinary love spell. In order to cast it, you do not need any ingredients like candles, incenses or oils.

    More so, this is one of those fast working free love spells that work for real.

    All you have to arm yourself with is the basic spells casting procedures. By casting it, it will help you attract the attention of that one-in-a-million person.

    The main requirement for this free love spells that work for real is the photograph of the person you love. For this, you need a vivid or actual picture set on the table or on a wall in your room.

    Every time you wake, look into the eyes of the person in the picture and tell him or her that you wish them a wonderful morning.

    Do the same as you go to bed at night. Sometimes, you can also offer the photo some delicious food, favourite gifts or sweet candies.

    For this free effective love spells that work for real to work well, you should keep repeating these procedures for a whole month until you feel that the person in the picture has become part of your life. As soon as you develop this feeling, then you are ready for the next step.

    On a waxing moon Friday, sit before the photograph. Mention the person’s name and recite the following incantation:

    “My sweetheart,
    You are already near me and sit right in the middle of my heart.
    Come to me, kiss me and hug me.
    I shall take care of you forever and feed you using delicious foods.
    You will enjoy many love gifts from me.
    Join me now because I am waiting for you.”


    Halloween spells

    For 35 years, I have been making different love spells, love spell lotions and anointing oils. All these spells are created with authority of pacts that have revolutionized the credibility of people, but today are respected and recommended by those who have experienced their power.

    I am a unique heir of knowledge that has worked for more than 3 centuries and for several of my generations creating high expectations in the society that shares the belief for the traditional.

    Contact Dr. Nana through this link
    As a great spells caster and initiator of modern spells, including the love spell lotion, I know all the needs and shortcomings that the couple can be living whenever they seek spiritual professional help.

    My gifts of clairvoyance help me to discover hidden secrets in the relationship.

    Because of these spiritual discoveries, I can perform the spell that is needed to attract the loved one, remove all vice of the couple, unite people of the same sex, attract people from the past, but above all affirm the feelings in the couple.

    Get the effective love spell lotion from me now

    effective lotion love spell

    Powerful love spell lotion for married couples: this love spell lotion is made for people who once came to the altar and who already have a spiritual covenant of marriage.

    It helps in the renewal of feelings, creation of strong love and passion and cementing and solidifying commitment.

    Love spell lotion to attract a lover: this lotion is aimed at people who want to have a momentary relationship. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy the moment and be happy without interfering with their feelings.

    I invite you to contact me and be part of this great effort that healers do every day to achieve a beneficial change in your love life.


    victoria secret spells

    The task to make someone fall in love with you is not an easy one.

    No matter how sensual and seductive you may be, sometimes the energies may not just work in your favour. However, there is something that is so unique about the power of aroma – especially if that aroma has some magic in it.

    What I am actually referring to is the Victoria secret love spell perfume. A love spell perfume utilizes the power of scent and oil to create love magic. When someone wears aromatic oils, he or she will wear the same natural power to attract – the one that herbs and other oils have.

    A love spell perfume is a powerful component of love magic and in love spells casting. In using them, the user harnesses the energy of oils, not just to create a mixture that smells sweet; but to create a formidable love attraction force.

    Contact Dr. Nana for this spell


    love spells that work immediately

    The rituals of love have been practiced for many years and their effectiveness is characteristic mark of a job well done.

    They are usually carried out with knowledge of black magic, which is the only way through which an effective result can be guaranteed.

    As an expert healer in free love spells that work immediately, I recommend that to be happy you can have that strength that is needed at the time of deciding between continuing to suffer without doing anything or let an expert in love spells take care of your problems.

    Free love spells that work immediately can help put in place any emotional disorder that exists, my work is guaranteed 100%, only in 2 days, I shall make the person you love feel dominated and make him or her the perfect lover for as long as you want.

    If you are suffering for love, if you want your sentimental life to improve, if you need someone to help you overcome those processes, just contact me right now and you will have the perfect ally.

    What must you have for free love spells that work immediately to work?

    spell urine

    It is very simple. You just have to have at hand a photo of the couple, the real name of who should receive the spell, and if possible a garment. Do not look for foolish excuses to your unhappiness, do not make others dominate your sentimental relationship. You only have to have that strength to endure the suffering until my love spells have the necessary effect, in only 48 hours.

    My powers have their origin in Africa where I learn to master the powers of black magic, those powers make me able to help thousands of people who need someone to guide them in their sentimental journey.

    Write me a message and I will be the one who personally presents myself to you, helps you and makes your love life the best.

    You will be able to influence the relationship and get your lover more attached to you, more caring and more loving. If you are obsessed with your lover and you feel he or she is not giving you enough care, time and attention!


    If you have never before cast a love spell or any other spells by yourself, the spells described above may be a little hard to realize – however, that shouldn’t be your biggest problem. Dr. Nana a professional spells caster in African procedures can do that for you.
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