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Goddess venus is a powerful deity – the goddess of love. Love spells cast through her a very effective and always manifests.

Goddess Venus is a roman deity that rules of fertility, love, destruction as well as death.

She presides over the underworld, the earth and heaven – the giver of life and the bringer of death. The sexual and sensual energy of goddess Venus flows from her like a river of honey and can help in attracting lovers and suitors who are miles away.

Goddess Venus is the embodiment of consensual sex, lovers, gourmet foods, splendid jewels and opulent fabrics – she can let pleasure to flow into life.

Goddess Venus also gives everyone an express permission chit to enjoy life and beauty.

By invoking goddess Venus, spells casters often obtain enough strength.

When a professional spells caster invokes goddess Venus, he or she will be in position to load his or love spells, money spells, luck spells and family spells with great power.

By inviting her through invocation, she will come and assist from the time of intention to the creation of your desire. Goddess Venus has a dedicated day – a Friday.

All the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses had a planet and a dedicated day and for Venus, it is a Friday.
Anyone can invoke goddess Venus any day, but a Friday is more particularly powerful when making that invocation.

Invoking the Goddess Venus

In order to invoke goddess Venus, you should:

  • Draw a circle and bid goddess Venus to come and work with you.
  • Create an altar for goddess Venus with roses, honey, milk, rose quartz and a candle.
  • After that, take a ritual bath using ingredients that make you feel sexy and sensual.
  • Put on something that makes you feel fab and fierce because goddess Venus likes to see you strut.

protection love spells

Every human being has some feminine energy in him or her.

By invoking goddess Venus, the magical workings can conjure the femininity within that person – irrespective of how you identify.

If you would like to know more about goddess Venus, Venus astrology and how to invoke the goddess of love; get in touch with me.

Venus possesses magnificent energy that can do many things in your life. The moment you understand her, invoke her and appreciate her; she will treat you with lots of love and sensuality.


Perfume love spells

Making someone to fall in love with you is not as easy as you may think it is.

No matter how sensual and seductive you may be, sometimes the energies may not just work in your favour. However, there is something that is so unique about the power of aroma – especially if that aroma has some magic in it.

What I am actually referring to is a love spell perfume. An effective love spell perfume utilizes the power of scent and oil to create love magic.

When someone wears aromatic oils, he or she will wear the same natural power to attract – the one that herbs and other oils have. A love spell perfume is a powerful component of love magic and in love spells casting.

In using them, the user harnesses the energy of oils, not just to create a mixture that smells sweet; but to create a formidable love attraction force.

The most important thing, in this case, is to use real essential oils

You should not use artificial or synthetic blends. Also, you should remember that real essential oils are very powerful and strong.

For that reason, you should not wear them directly on your skin. If you are planning to wear some love spell perfume soon, apply natural oil like grape seed or almond as a base for your perfume. A love spell perfume obviously works with a scent because it can only affect the person who smells it.

However, a word of caution: do not use this type of magic on someone or a situation that you do not have direct contact with.

When making an effective love spell perfume, you should create a blend from different oils and wear just a bit of it on your skin. Sometimes, you can use another ritual work with this, but it is not mandatory.

You only need to wear this effective love spell perfume and you will be in position to attract whatever you are interested in attracting.

If you prefer something more powerful, you can combine this love spell perfume with one of my traditional love spells on the site.

Powerful love spell perfume to draw love

Today, I am going to teach you how to make a basic effective love spell perfume to attract the love of the person you want.

You can wear it as you prepare to meet someone that you are interested in, although it is not usually directly targeted on a particular person.

The love spell perfume might affect anyone who comes into contact with the scent.

Here’s how to create a simple love spell perfume


  1. THREE drops of rose oil
  2. ONE drop of vanilla oil
  3. ONE drop of ylang-ylang oil
  4. ONE drop of lavender
  5. ONE ounce of carrier oil

Procedures for casting the love perfume spell

If you are unable to find Ylang-Ylang, you can add TWO drops of lavender oil. Put the blend together in one mix and wear just a drop of it as you prepare to meet someone that you love. If you are interested in buying a ready mixture of a love spell perfume, contact me.


candle love spells
Candle love spells are done for a variety of love issues that include bringing back lost lovers, attracting a new lover, etc. It’s simple yet a very effective love spell that can be done at home.

Why do spell casters use male and female candles?
Candles that have been made in the image of a man and a woman are called “image candles.”

They are made to symbolize a condition or a person during the time a magical ritual is being performed. An image candle is similar to a voodoo doll or a poppet and by speaking words to it, the person it represents will start behaving the way the person casting the spell wants.

During this effective love spells casting process, each male and female candle is anointed with oil in the same way any other candle can be anointed.

After that, it is marked and named after the person it represents. There many colours and types of image candles.

Typical examples include gender candles, cat candles, cross candles, skull candles, human image candles and of course the male and female candles.

In terms of potency, image candles are just as powerful as any other ordinary candles.

Spells casters can choose a specific type that connect with the purpose of the spell. for example, if you would like to cast a love spell to bind love; then candles with two people fused can be the best type.

Sometimes, the candles can be made more powerful by adding inscription and carvings on them, depending on the intention of the spells caster.

Male and Female candles are very effective in casting love spells

These candles are made to look like human beings – a naked woman and a naked man.
They are also of different shapes, varieties and colours which include black, red, white, pink, yellow, green and red.

It is, therefore, the spells caster to choose the colour that best aligns with the purpose of your spell and the desired outcome.
female and male candle spells

Preparation and Procedure for casting the male and female candle spells
After choosing the candle, the love spells caster etches the name of the person the candle represents on the chest of the candle. After that, he or she can burn the candle singly, or in unison with a variety of other candles.

Here is the whole procedure:

  1. Put the two image candles on the altar so that they stand facing each other.
  2. In between the two image candles, put a red candle.
  3. Set all the three red candles alight. After that, slowly move them closer to each other so that they can eventually touch or come into contact with each other.
  4. Meditate as you watch the candles burn, while thinking about the person you love.

Male and Female Gender Candles

These male and female gender candles look like a vagina and a penis respectively.

In love spells casting, these candles are used to influence, enhance and take control of the other person’s sexual nature and prowess.

Usually, these candles can help a person to arouse sexual passion, attract a sex partner, ensure fidelity and put a curse on another person’s sexuality. These candles have also often been used in casting fertility love spells.

The several other types of male and female candles include:

  • Candles for marriage spells – to sanctify a marital union and ensure long lasting love in a relationship.
  • Candles that look like couples hugging – to ignite passion between two people who love each other, bring back lost love and achieve reconciliation.
  • Back to Back Candles for separating couples – for breaking up relationships and separate couples.
  • Face to Face candles for lovers – to enhance sexual and romantic aspects of a relationship.
  • Skull-like Candle – to help read the thoughts of another person. Some spells casters and shamans use it to heal and cure sicknesses, curse enemies with sickness and for revenge purposes.
  • Cat-like Candle – to attract good luck.
  • Crucifix-like Candle – to pray for anything that you desire because they are associated with Christianity.
  • Candle with seven knobs – you burn this for seven days if you want your wishes to come true. All you do is to inscribe your wishes on the knobs and them you anoint with oil. Burn each knob everyday for seven days.
  • Egyptian-Mummy Candles – these ones are used in casting any type of spell. It is popularly used to cast protection spells, removing curses and jinxes and for invoking special powers.
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