Effective Salt Spells That Really Work By Dr. Nana


Casting Effective Salt Spells With African Witchcraft

The common table salt, sea salt or kosher salt – has a long history of use in purification rituals, magical protection, and blessing in today’s free spells that work fast. In this article we will talk about different kinds of spells that are cast with salt that have reached us, including rituals with sea salt and different spells with salt.

You can do at home with common salt. As you will know, in European folk tradition, it is common to put a pinch of salt in every corner of a room. This custom has been transmitted to the African-American Voodoo witchcraft today.

Effective Salt Spells Cast for Protection

Generally speaking, when the aim of a spell is eminently protection, salt can be used alone or conjoined with ingredients such as salt and black pepper. For more belligerent spells against opponents, you can add salt, red pepper, sulfur and bluestone.

In Latin America, salt is used to prepare a magic formula that is called essential rattlesnake salt, which is thought to extend life and gives protection for home or workplace. In addition to this, since the cleansing ritual is an essential part of the tradition of African magic, the salt is a common ingredient in protective spells involving ritual baths and deep cleaning. Salt rituals have been practiced in different ethnic groups over thousands of years and continue marching until today.

Homemade And Effective love spell with Salt Using The Bottle of Witch

The bottle of witch is a magical tool whose use has been reported throughout centuries. In the early days, the jar or bottle was developed as a way to guard against witchcraft and black magic. Particularly, in the season of Samhain, the witches sorcerers bottles were made to keep the evil spirits out of the house on the eve of Halloween.

Witch bottle was usually made from porcelain or glass, and also included sharp objects such as pins and bent nails. Overall it was made to contain urine, which belonged to the homeowners, as a magical link to the property and the family inside. If you would like to learn more about my effective spells that really work, contact me now.

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