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Love magic of Egyptian magic are the oldest love spells that have ever existed on Earth. While the magic itself is timeless (the Egyptians said they were older than the gods themselves), Egypt was the first place where the rituals and spells have been combined as magical tradition. In the following millennia, Egyptian magic became a foundation of most European teachings of magic, including the famous Hermetic tradition. Of course, love spells are only a small part of the magical heritage of the Egyptians, but it is a significant one.

The rules of the Egyptian Magic

Egyptian Love Spells and Egyptian Magic match the rule of Threefold (usually the tripling) and all other laws of magic, but they are also cast in accordance with the unique rules of Egyptian magic itself. At first the Egyptians viewed magic as a single phenomenon, without divisions between white and black magic. The difference between good and evil magic was in the hands of the caster. If the spells have been carried out with bad intentions, they were angry. If the same magic for the good of all was applied, it was considered as good. This lack of division between “good” and “evil” rituals still exists today. Therefore, the effect of love spells depends from who it applies. Of course, the rule of Threefold (usually the tripling) shall also apply, so it’s very likely that black magician may experience extraordinary suffering for the abuse of the spell.

Another important fact is that Egyptian magic requires a lot of preparation and components. While a material component for each ritual is necessary, regardless of the tradition, it is important especially in the case of Egyptian magic. No Egyptian love spell will act without all the correct ingredients. Some of them are as good as not available, and hard to get a few only. The milk of the black cow could be relatively easy to find, but a lizard with two tails is not something that can be found around every corner. But do not worry, the modern Egyptian magic is much less cruel than their ancient predecessors and no animals are injured during the rituals.

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