All Bout Elemental Magic Spells and Where To Cast Them

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What are elemental magic spells Lyon? The spell caster answers

elemental magic spells Lyon harness the powers of the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. Elementals are considered as spirits of nature. There is a great deal of mythology and folklore surrounding the theme of elementals. There are also many details about it and stories to tell about it. Many people also say infinite things about the elementals. The elementals are intelligent self-conscious entities made with the essence of one of the main elements of life – earth, fire, air and water.

What exactly are the elementals that you hear of?

In my personal opinion, I believe that they may belong to the angelic realms, since they are neither of the physical world, nor the spirit of one who has passed into the next plane. I have spent time giving this subject a little consideration and I believe there is the angelic hierarchy at a more advanced level of consciousness, beyond the world of spirits and is composed of the elementals, Divas, Angels and Archangels. Elementals are invoked in elemental magic spells Lyon for magical purposes and for rituals of protection.

Are elementals visible? Can they be interacted with

While some people claim to be able to see elementals, I wonder if it is simply a way that we as human beings translate the energy, or essence of life that runs through nature when we are aware of it, or a way of seeing the power of nature to make things known to ourselves. Clearly, we can all see all these energies, only that some are more prepared than others to be able to see this type of energy used in elemental magic spells Lyon.

Elementals can be best understood through mythology

The best way to understand elementals is through mythology. These are stories that are used to describe the essence of nature over time. What we know today and now is how some expect to see energy. It’s just an idea. Or maybe there are elementals that hide in our own gardens, ponds, forests and streams. Contact me if you would like to know more about elemental magic spells Lyon or cast one for love, money or success.

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