Fairies Spells and Chants – Who Are The Fairies?

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Fairies spells and chants are powerful: but do you know the fairies?

Many of the users of fairy spells and chants do not know about fairies. Today, I have decided to educate you about it. As we enter the heart of the fairy world, we find ourselves before the immensity of nature. In the palpitating abode of possibilities, we are faced with the unlimited variety of species. As human creatures, fairies are individual and very sensitive. They should not be confused with mere elemental or fantastic beings, although some of them nourish and care for some particular element.

Fairies are armed with emotions. They also individually unique

They have emotions and relationships very similar to the human ones, although with an ethical sense that escapes to many of our species. Each fairy family is unique. Some are malicious and even dangerous. Each fairy has her own personality, stability, talent, habits, tastes, etc. The most seen by the children are the little fairy lights and dancers. Their appearance may be solid or translucent. Sometimes they manifest in physical space, but the vast majority of times we are the ones who enter their Magical Kingdom while casting fairy spells and chants.

Since fairies have human qualities, they share in our happiness and sorrow

Among fairies, it is possible to see them elegant and also ordinary, humble and kind or ferocious, sinister and sleepy. They feel intensely both the pain and the anger, the joy and love. But there are things common to all faerie beings and are their passion for nature care, dancing, and singing. They like to make jokes and spy on humans. Within the vast world of the fairies exist two subgroups: the fairies that live in the community, known as the troop fairies and the solitary ones.

They are everywhere in the forests and are integral parts of the forests

If when entering a forest with magnificent trees, we feel awe, it is due to the presence of the fairies. Some of these creatures share their destiny with the trees and thus acquire physical characteristics of the tree to which they belong. Some are tall and thin maidens and others wrinkled old men. They differ from the white ladies and the green ladies as these fairies are one with their tree. Trees used for magic rituals are usually inhabited by spirits of the Other Kingdom, such as ash, oak, elderberry, Rowan, among others. If you would like to know more about fairy spells and chants, get in touch with me.

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