The Simplest Love Spell That works To Bind Lovers

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The best free strong powerful love spell to capture the heart of a lover

Have you been looking for a love spell that could help you recapture your lover’s heart and keep love growing in your relationship? Do you want to bring unity into that relationship, get a marriage partner or attract a lover with strong love feelings for you? You can have a better relationship today once you consider casting this free strong powerful love spell that works. This is a simple spell that can be done by anyone, for as long as you have all the requirements stipulated.

You will need the following materials for this powerful spell that works


  • Candle Figure of Couple
  • Honey and Cinnamon
  • Esoteric Oil Moored / spiked
  • Herbs Cat’s Tail
  • A piece of Red Ribbon
  • A mortar
  • Something piercing to write
  • CASTING THE SPELL: When the moon is in a growing quarter, you will write with a stick, pin, etc … in the candle starting from the wick to the base. You will put the names of the two people you want to bind. (The name of the man in the male figure, and that of the woman in the female figure). Now we will sprinkle the oil all over the candle, starting from the wick to the base. You will put the herbs in a mortar and crush them until they get a powder. With it, we will smear the whole candle, from the wick down. We will put the candle in a homemade altar, and we will light it with matches of wood.

    Tie the knots and say the following incantation

    We will take the red ribbon, knotting it 7 times to the waist of the candle-couple. Each time we make a knot, you should visualize yourself with your love and you will say this spell aloud:
    “I, (give your name) together with (name) will love each other forever and forever. From this moment on, your life without me will not make sense, you will seek me, you will call me, and we will be united by love for ever and ever. This will be done. ”

    Allow the candles to burn completely and……

    You should let the candles to burn/ consume completely. Watch the flames in meditation and imagine it to be the flame of love. Later on, you will bury the remains in a pot with red flowers and we will take care of it with love. This is the end of this free strong powerful love spell. If you have questions or want me to cast for you another free strong powerful love spell, here is the opportunity.

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