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powerful beauty spells
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From the beginning of time, humans have used natural energies that exist in the universe to achieve the desired goals. They have used nature and psychology to facilitate these changes. Psychologists have called this a self-fulfilling prophecy, as a kind of illusion. But it still gets to the same thing: to make things happen for ourselves.

If you want to be wrapped in waves of love, throw this simple love spell on a Friday during the Full Moon phase. This is the best full moon love spell that works.Its one of the best spells New York citizens have cast, you can get it for yourself as well wherever you are.

What you need

–> A white plate
–> A bottle of essential oil of basil, lemon and musk,
–> 1 white candle and 1 red candle.
The process

Lay all the ingredients on the altar that you have personally set for this spell and light the candles. Take basil oil, dip your finger in the oil and draw a circle to the right (clockwise) around the edge of the plate at the same time while saying the following words:

“With the power of one, I bring this circle of love.”

Do the same with lemon oil, saying:

“With the power of two, I trace this circle of love.”

And finally, take musk oil and draw a third circle on the plate, saying:

“With the power of three, circles drawn, our love is sealed”.

Extinguish the candles and keep the dish in a safe place for seven days. Then bury the remains of candles and wash the plate.

How to complement the spell
Complement this moon love spell with the sacred water of the full moon. This is an effective instrument of consecration which has many uses and benefits. It can be used to bless places, people and objects, giving them protection and magical power.

What you need for this complementary
You need incense, a bottle of sacred water, 3 pinches of salt, a sheet of paper and a black pen. Perform this ritual on a full moon night. Place ingredients on the altar, burn the incense and find a comfortable position. Place a pitcher of water on the centre of the altar and spread the salt around it. Place another pitcher on the image of heart that you have drawn using a black pen. This picture must have been laid on your left palm, meaning the pitcher must rest on top of your left palm. Close your eyes and visualize a white light from the palm of your hand being transmitted to the pitcher in the form of positive vibrations. Repeat this visualization as you touch the salt. Then take a piece of paper and draw a pentagram (five pointed star) in the center. Place the jar in the image of the pentagram and add 3 pinches of salt in the water carefully. Form a mental picture of the full moon. Feel the energy of the Goddess in the heart and mind. As you move your hand in the jar clockwise, repeat the following incantation:

“Oh beautiful goddess, the queen of the night, I ask that you send your radiant light and bless this flask and overflowing content.”
Finally, raise your hands to the sky and say, “Amen!”.

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