How To Charm A Girl With Juju

    Do you want to know how to charm a girl with juju? Can juju help in improving a relationship? Can juju make a man or a woman to love you more than before? Today, there are millions of people who believe that juju can play a very important role in their love affairs. For this reason, they go to witchdoctors and spells casters so that they can use juju to win love as well as maintain or protect the love relationship they are currently in. But, a first timer in the world of witchcraft might ask: “what is juju?” Well, according to sources privy to witchcraft and magical practices, juju is a spirit that can help or assist a person to achieve his or her objective. No matter whether this objective is bad or good, the power of juju is said to be able to bring it to fulfillment.

    The power of juju is also described in many ways

    According to Wikipedia, juju is described as a magical property associated with spirits or luck; and especially if it is bound to a specific object. In this case, the term “Juju” can also refer to the same object. In African lore, juju also refers to ghosts and spirits. The object into which the power of juju can be impregnated is referred to as a fetish and they can be anything from human or animal parts, cowries or stalks and pieces of tree branches. In addition, witchdoctors are also capable of creating juju. The other thing you also have to know before knowing how to charm a girl with juju is that a witchdoctor also possesses the skill to summon juju. In this case, he does so in order to make it possible for the person seeking the power of juju to attain healing, attract luck, improve his love relationship and attract love.

    Juju is said to be very effective in solving matters of the heart

    Many men and women across the world have used juju differently – either to attract the love of another or to make the other person improve the state of feelings they have for them. Actually, in Africa, young boys and girls in junior, Primary and Senior Secondary schools also use juju to win the love of an opposite sex. However, although the use of juju is common place in the African setting; the practice of this magic is in itself a very secret one. Usually, when a person goes to a witchdoctor because he or she would like to know how to charm a girl with juju, the witchdoctor will tell him to bring a certain article that belongs to a his girlfriend. This can be a picture of that person, her underwear, a dress or anything that is part of the lady’s body, like nail clippings, shoes or even lingerie.

    When these things are brought, the witchdoctor will use them to influence that person

    If you are a man seeking knowledge of how to charm a girl with juju, a witchdoctor will prepare a “special thing” using the articles you have brought from your girlfriend. Sometimes, some of these articles will have to be locked in a padlock. This will bind the two people involved together and this bondage can only be undone when the padlock is unlocked. For permanent bondage, sometimes the witchdoctor may ask the person involved to throw the padlock into a lake or sea. This will mean that the love between the two people involved will last forever. On the other hand, a spells caster or witchdoctor may also give you money or some object that you can give your girlfriend as a gift. When the person receives this gift, she will change her mind and start viewing you differently. It doesn’t matter how difficult that woman you love may be. The article in question will her change her mind. Most men also learn how to charm a girl with juju because they just want to have sex with that girl. Some also do it because they want to prove to their male friends that they are capable of seducing and winning the love of even the most difficult women in this world. There are things that a man can do in order to obtain the underwear of a girlfriend. For example, after having sex, a man can offer this woman new knickers. Usually, when a woman sees this, she will get excited and will wear it, forgetting that the one that is stained with vaginal fluids has been left behind. This old one can then be taken to a witchdoctor or juju man in order to even attract the love of that person more.

    In addition to applying it in how to charm a girl with juju, most men also use juju to project the relationship

    A man who deeply loves a woman does so because he wants that woman to fall in love with him forever. Some men even protect their relationships using the most powerful juju. For example, if another man goes and has sex with his wife; the private parts of this man will forever get stuck in the woman’s vagina. So, as you can see, the question is not just about how to charm a girl with juju; but it also extends to how one can use powerful juju to protect the relationship with the woman that he cherishes. However, I shall have to jump a little away from this subject. If you have noted, you might have realized that I have been talking about how you can use a witchdoctor to use juju to make a woman love you. But, did you also know that you can make juju on your own? Let’s talk about this in the subsequent lines.

    How to charm a girl with juju made from garlic

    If you carefully followed this post, you must have already discovered that there many ways of making juju. You can summon it through a witchdoctor. But, you can also learn how to charm a girl with juju made from garlic. Scientifically speaking, garlic is regarded as one the of the bulbs with the most beneficial ingredients. It has many benefits for the arteries and in addition, it can improve blood flow in the whole body. Although many people just use it for spicing meals, garlic can provide a remedy to those who have much fat in the veins. It can help in the dilution of these fats, improve metabolism, calm nerves and it is said to help in the improvement of sexual activity. It is because of these properties that many ancient cultures through history have considered it as a scared plant.

    Garlic is considered as the silver from the vegetable kingdom

    For almost five thousand years, human beings have been using it in many spheres of life. The Chinese were among the first people to cultivate it. However, there is evidence to make us all believe that it was first grown and used by the Egyptians in the construction of the great pyramids. Accordingly, the people who constructed the pyramids were paid using garlic as a remedy. History also reveals that the delay in the construction of the pyramids at Cheops was caused by shortage in the supply of garlic. It was only after huge supplies had been obtained that this construction hit its resumption. This is what you ought to know before learning how to charm a girl with juju made from garlic.

    The spiritual power embedded in garlic is so massive that it can make anything happen in life

    Shamans, sorcerers, priests and spells casters have already discovered its supernatural power: its magical magnetism. It is this magnetism that many men use in the trick on how to charm a girl with juju using garlic magic. In Rome, in the ancient days, the soldiers would first consume garlic before going into any battle. According to belief, it was said that this magical plant would help the soldiers in the achievement of victory. In some cultures, people use garlic during funeral rituals. But, aside from this negative use, many people also use garlic in the attraction of good luck. That is why many people who want to know how to charm a girl with juju use garlic because it has a powerful love attraction force. Customarily, garlic bulbs have often been turned into powerful talismans, which a person can carry anywhere, with the intention of attracting more favors as regards love. The most effective and powerful way of using this material to attract love is to attach it to your underwear when you are with someone you love or one that you are interested in. But, before you even apply it in how to charm a girl with juju, you must also know that not all love feelings are reciprocated in the same way. There are people who love with total surrender while there are those who will take long to flinch from such a fact. Every relationship is also complicated in its own way. Sometimes, some people get betrayed in love. And as you already know, betrayals can damage the love and trust in the relationship. It is during such times of trials and tribulations in relationships that it becomes necessary to protect your relationship from the damaging influences. In this case, garlic can also help. Today, I shall share some of the best love spells using garlic that you can use to protect your relationship.

      Garlic love spell that works #1

      In this spell, we will not be using garlic as a type of food but we shall use as a means to achieve reconciliation with the person that we love. In order to perform this spell, you will do the following:

      • Get a red-headed pin and using it, write the name of the person you love or would like to fall in love with on the garlic clove.
      • After you have done that, stick the pin in the garlic. Stick other three more pins on the clove horizontally and another three vertically. With these pins, you will be able to form a cross on the garlic.
      • Bury the garlic somewhere in a pot or somewhere in your house.
      • Keep checking this pot to confirm if the garlic has began sprouting. If this happens, then it means that the love spell has worked and very soon, you will realize how this person you want starts developing interest in you. She or he will think about you and want to desperately fall in love with you.

      The trick of how to charm a girl with juju is part of a spell that is irreversible. For this reason, you should never use it out of impulse. You first have to confirm whether you are in love with this person or not before attempting to cast the spell.

      How to charm a girl with juju made from garlic #2

      This is a very powerful love spell, so before doing it you must be very honest with yourself and about your good intentions to make the person you love fall in love. For this spell to be more effective, you must do it on a Full Moon Friday. To start with this ritual you must get the following:

      • Seven cloves of garlic: these should be the same garlic head and a similar size.
      • A red ribbon
      • A photograph of the person you love.

      First of all, you must leave all these materials overnight under the light of the moon to purify and charge themselves with energy. The next day, as soon as the sun begins to rise, you must wrap the garlic with the red ribbon, while you do it, you must transmit to the garlic all the thoughts and emotions you have for the person you are interested in. Try to visualize all the moments that you would like to live next to him or her. Once you finish wrapping it completely, you should bury it in your garden or in a pot. You should keep the photo of the person with you and always carry it on your clothes as a talisman. Remember that the photo is a receptor of energies and garlic is also a channel, so when combining the forces it becomes an infallible union. This is one of the most used tricks of how to charm a girl with juju using garlic.

      Powerful garlic love spell #3

      Garlic is a symbol of the god Hermes, messenger of the gods, that is why it is considered an amplifier of signals to the universe. This spell is simple but you must do it alone, since the presence of another person can transmit the wrong or distorted message and even attract the wrong person. The materials needed before the casting of this powerful spell that works include:

      • A black colored pencil.
      • A piece of white cloth.
      • A yellow candle.
      • Four red candles.
      • Matches.
      • A bay leaf.
      • A photocopy of Psalm 91.
      • A Eucalyptus leaf.
      • A flower pot.
      • Twelve heads of garlic.
      • Moss.

      Write the following sentence on the piece of cut white cloth with the pencil and in legible letters preferably capital letters

      “I want love to come to me, I want love to be present in my life, that (the person’s full name) comes to me”

      . Light the yellow candle and place it on the written cloth. Burn the four edges of the cloth and with the same flame open four holes in the corners of the cloth, remember that garlic is a symbol of fire and that is why the flame of the candles is often used in garlic spells. Place the four red candles in the newly opened holes. They will stick to the ground with their own wax, but you will have to temper the fabric from each corner. In the center of the fabric you will place the laurel and eucalyptus leaves that you will have previously kissed and entrusted to be the bearers of your message. Cross the fingers of your hands together and make the following oath twice

      “By this fist of crosses, by the cross of my fingers, that (person’s full name) will come to me, love me and I will love him. Our lives will cross as my fingers cross, our paths cross and as my fingers are linked. This is how the love that exists between us will be united. By these five crosses (the person’s full name), he will come to me to love me and make me happy.

      My fingers cross, his life and mine cross, these crosses are our union, these crosses are our love”.
      This sentence must be repeated several times any day of the week since the universe listens to you at all times. Write some words of love on the middle toe of your foot and on the middle finger of your hands write the name of your loved one and repeat
      “Just as love is in my fingers and you are there, so it will be in life, we will always be together (you say the full names of the desired person and yours as well), we will always give each other love”.

      Fold the copy of the Psalms 91 in three pieces and place it anywhere in your driveway as long as it is covered. Light four matches with the candles that hold the fabrics and let them go out by themselves next to the candles. When the candles are almost burned, burn the fabric with the remaining candle flame. Collect the remains of the wax along with the burned cloth and everything that was used in the spell and put the remains in a bag with the twelve heads of garlic to be later buried in the pot, which will be filled with the moss. You can unearth this spell once the person you love or are interested in is already by your side. This trick on how to charm a girl with juju works.

      But, remember that you can get rid of this spell anytime you want

      To get rid of the spell on how to charm a girl with juju, you must throw the pot, along with its contents, into a freshwater river. You must bear in mind that during the casting of most love spells with garlic the element of fire is used. Once you have known all the supernatural and magical properties of garlic, I invite you to cheer up and try these powerful garlic love spells. Remember that for something to be projected on the earthly plane, you must first specify it on the spiritual plane, so you know, communicate through garlic and see how your love life improves. I hope this method of how to charm a girl with juju garlic has been useful. If you have questions or would like to know more on the subject of love attraction; please feel free to contact me for details.

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