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The Moon, Spells & Love Spells

Magic or witchcraft is a very complex science and there are several factors that influence the success of a spell. The precision and complexity of a spell are very important and even if any of them is used incorrectly, it can make the spell to be broken down or not work at all.

One of the most important factors influencing a love spell is the phase of the moon. Casting a spell in a perfect phase of the moon can determine the success or failure of the spell. This logic is so simple and logical as farmers who sow the seeds during the full moon have better power and better results. Do not underestimate the power and pull of the moon. If the moon can determine the movement of the oceans and seas, then its influence in spells is clearly justified.

The different moon phases

There are four main phases of the moon. They include the new Moon, the crescent moon, the full moon and the waning moon. Each phase has its own mentioned meaning and importance influence. Each of the phases also differently influences the workings of a spell. Each phase has a shelf life of seven days and it is during this time that proper spells must be cast. It is therefore important that each spell be cast following the correct phase of the moon.

New moon and spells

The New Moon phase is considered to be the ideal time to cast spells that are involved with the escape or to get rid of unpleasant things and bad influences. It symbolizes new beginnings

Crescent moon and spells

Crescent phase greatly influences the love spells that are cast in order to win or achieve what you want. The success rate of these spells will increase greatly during this phase of the moon, and that these effects are affected due to the increasing visibility of the moon.

Waning moon and spells

The waning moon is considered the ideal time to cast spells that try to evade destructive influences and keep evil spirits at bay time. This is because it is the time the visibility of the moon is waning. The waning moon phase is often considered almost similar in terms of the characteristics and properties of the new moon. Remember that the moon has a great influence on love and especially love spells. The alignment of the stars and the moon phases can determine the course of a love spell.

Full moon and Spells

This moon phase is considered to be the perfect and the right time to cast love spells. This fact can be attributed to the full visibility of the moon. The moon and its effects on a person’s emotions is not a revelation, but it has been a common knowledge since astrology came into being.


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