How To Prepare For The Magical Halloween Festival

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How To Prepare For The Magical Halloween Festival

On Halloween, known as the Halloween Night all over the world and Samhain for witches, the veil between the two worlds becomes very thin. If you do not know what to do on this holiday, I have prepared a mini-guide for you to display all your power and take advantage of this day easily.

Your ancestors will visit you on Halloween

On Halloween, you surely will receive the visit of your ancestors at home so you must help them on arrival and honor them. Pumpkin-like lanterns or candles should light the windows and doors to help guide the ancestors on their way home. You should also remember to place the material things they liked so that you can honour them. Take the rest of the time to consult with your oracles about your ancestors and the messages they have for you. You can dedicate an exclusive altar to them and surely you can even keep it even after these dates.

Halloween cleansing ritual

Take advantage of the new moon of October 28 to banish bad energies and ensure that nobody in your house sneaks out without your permission. This is so because these Halloween days are days when the two worlds intersect: there can always be some clueless spirit. You can contact me if you would like to get instructions on how to clean and charge your magical space. Do it as is with the intention only to clean and banish any uninvited energy into your home during these Halloween days.

Preparation of the spell for Halloween

For the witches, Halloween is the end of the year and the beginning of the New Year. For this reason, it is the most ideal time to leave behind everything that will not help you this year. Instead, you should use it as a day to focus on the goals of the coming year. In addition, the reflective work of meditation and analysis will give you the opportunity to write on paper everything you want to leave behind because it no longer serves you or does not bring anything good for you. Light a candle at night and focus on these thoughts after having cleaned your house on October 28.

Halloween spell in the cauldron

The time has come to use your cauldron! On October 31, write down everything that you no longer want as part of your life this year. Light a black candle in your cauldron (which could be a pot or a bowl) and burn this paper using it. If cannot get a black candle, then you should use charcoal and light sandalwood, rosemary, rue … any protective and banishing boils to burn and banish from your life what that paper contains. The flame of the candle burns and purifies and being black banishes evil. It is a simple but very powerful spell during Halloween.

Halloween spell using pumpkin pie

Another thing that witches do during these dates is to eat seasonal vegetables and fruits and make recipes with them. Become an entire kitchen witch by bewitching your pumpkin pie. How? While making your pumpkin pie, put the intention for all those who eat it, for example, to add extra value to face the New Year without fear of leaving behind what is no longer useful. Do not cut yourself in dancing, singing or saying a few sentences … For example, while in the oven, you can say: “Transform and grow delicious cake, the one that devours you the same for him.” Let your intuition guide you.

Tarot and oracles on Halloween

These Halloween days are ideal for tarot consultations about your ancestors and to know what their messages and advice are. Discover what your gifts are and how to develop them, analyze what you should leave behind and make important decisions by having a vision of what awaits you for this year. And if you need someone to read you the Tarot cards, book your appointment with me! On Halloween, movies and popcorn can’t be missing. If you fancy some Halloween movies that awaken the witch in you, here are my recommendations:

“Young Witch” and “Practically Magic.” You can also opt for a “Harry Potter”

Finally, remember to have fun and celebrate because it is a Halloween party. We honour both life and death as natural processes. Every ending has a beginning and every beginning has an ending. Happy Halloween! I wish you a magical life until our next Halloween. Blessings to you!

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