Prayer To Pomba Gira for Love – Invoking the goddess

    “Powerful Pomba Gira of the Seven Exus, I ask you to bring my beloved back and eliminate the obstacles that prevent him from being with me. Make any other love to disappear from his life and only feel love and tenderness for me.

    If he has another love, end that relationship right away and make him come back to me. Make him feel lonely and miserable without me.
    I ask you powerful goddess Pomba Gira, that my beloved return with love and intense craze for me, so that we are always together and never never separate again. I beg you in your sacred name. Amen.”

    Pomba Gira And Powerful Pomba Gira Spells

    If you are new in the world of magic and spiritualism, Pomba Gira might be a new thing altogether to you. Let me spare a few lines to explain to you more about this entity. Pomba Gira is the spirit that represents femininity, a very sensual entity that loves pleasures, perfumes, food, and dancing.

    Pomba Gira is very complex and has a lot of reaches, because with it you can develop powerful spiritual works and love spells that can be blessings or curses, depending on the end of their invocation.

    Pomba Gira is known as the female entity belonging to Exú, a reference to the Orisha Eshú, who in turn is an intermediary between men and Orishas. For this reason, one of the characteristics of Pomba Gira is the communication with the Orishas.

    But who exactly is this Pomba Gira?

    The name of Pomba Gira is framed in a deep mystique. The name is pronounced “Pohm-ba Shira.” In short, it is a female entity from Brazil that is related to a great institution of wisdom. His cult has grown over time and is considered a very important spirit.

    The word Pomba is the name of a dove, while Gira means tour in Portuguese, a term belonging to the verb rotate. These terms come from the bantu “njira, njila”, which corresponds to the meaning of direction or path. For that reason, mediums who work with Pomba Gira generally dance or turn when they go into a trance at the time of their invocation.

    Many things can happen when you say a prayer to Pomba Gira

    He is able to fulfill different requests, highlighting mainly in requests for love, either to unite or separate, to get someone to no longer love another and reach the love of a person. Similarly, prayers are said to Pomba Gira asking for money and material goods such as cars, houses, electronic device,s and many others.

    Now I will share with you a Pomba Gira prayer that you can use to get your ex-lover back. You should recite it with conviction and faith. In doing this, Pomba Gira will help you, and that dear person will return.


      Invoking Pomba Gira the Brazilian goddess that belongs to a class of closely connected spirits that rule urban street life is important for protection and love protection.

      Her influence is worldwide and this has been from confessions across the world. Her provocative and sensual attitude attracts the weakest of society, prostitutes, the unemployed, transvestites, and is also often sought by professionals and politicians seeking wealth and power.

      Invocation of the spirit of Pomba Gira is very dangerous and shouldn’t be tried by someone who is not well versed in magic. This more than a love spell. It will cause the person who is the focal point of your desires to become obsessed with you within minutes.

      You need the following items for this spell:

      • 1 candle (preferably red)
      • An offering: chocolate, cigarettes, red lipstick, roses with thorns removed and champagne.

      The procedure

      • Light the candle and get into deep meditation for a few minutes.
      • As soon as you are ready, set the offering around the candle and say the following incantation:

      “My queen, Pomba Gira of the 7 crossroads, I beg you wherever you are. Do not let him/her rest, never let him/her sleep, never let him/her talk, never let them be happy, never let him feel any sense of joy until he/she communicates to me.”

      “By the powers of the earth, by the inspiration of air, by the presence of fire, the virtues of water, I invoke the 13 blessed souls, by the tears shed for love and the powers of the Sacred Heart, let them go where … (mention name) … is at this time and bring his/her spirit to me and definitely bind my soul with his/hers. His/her spirit will absorb the essence of my love and will return again to me twice. Let … (mention name) … Never want another (woman/man) and let his/her eyes always rest on me.” SO BE IT

      “Glory be to Pomba Gira Maria Padilha, the one that reigns over the 7 crossroads! Before you is my petition: go please turn things in my favor, Go and turn around and bring … (mention name) … to me. Fly in the moving air, transforming fire, move the air and let the water s dry up until the ground is left bare. Make the earth rotate. Make the wheels spin, spin the wheels and bring … (mention name) … to me as soon as possible.”

      … (Mention name) … should never want another woman or man; he/she will be alone with me. He/she will miss me and come to me. I ask you to never let him or her go”

      Do not forget this is one of the easy love spells that work instantly. It is recommended for experienced spell casters.

      Caution should be taken before invoking Pomba Gira

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