Is Magic And Witchcraft Real? Does Love Magic Work?

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Is Magic And Witchcraft Real? Does Love Magic Work?

Is magic real? Can I solve a problem using witchcraft and magic spells? These are some of the questions that seekers of real love spells often ask me and today I would like to answer the questions in detail.

Magic is not a type of fable that only appears in fairy tales or fantasies. Many people believe in magic as another religion. In other words, magic and witchcraft are beliefs and ideologies that seek to understand how our world works. In addition, it creates a strong link between the earthly and super-eternal beings. To better understand what current magic and witchcraft looks like, here are the main features and the most common types of magic.

Types of witchcraft and magic

Putting those “Hollywood” conceptions aside, the truth is that there are many cultures around the world that believe in magic, witchcraft and real love spells. These beliefs have nothing to do with potions, spells or flying brooms, at all.

They are ancestral beliefs and deeply rooted in the traditions of some ethnic groups and that are considered religions and conceptions of our world.

There are different types of magic and witchcraft depending on the culture that professes it. In my next submission in the subsequent paragraphs, I am going to talk about the most popular real love spells, witchcraft spells and their followers around the world.

  1. The first type of witchcraft is shamanism
  2. One of the best known and followed types of magic and witchcraft is shamanism. A shaman is the name given to a sorcerer or a person who is believed to have a supernatural capacity and, therefore, has the power to contact beings who are not part of this world.

    He can cast real love spells by invoking these spirits and change the life of the person having problems. However, they also have the gift of healing diseases, of knowing the future, and so on. They are people who are in limbo between both worlds and, therefore, have capabilities and skills outside this world.

  3. Where can one find a shaman?
  4. Shamans can now be found in many continents of the world such as Africa, America, Oceania and Asia. A shaman is a person who, both by inheritance or by initiation rites; has managed to develop a series of skills that connect him to the spiritual world and is able to cast real love spells and many other types of witchcraft spells. On many occasions, to be able to connect with that other plane of reality, shamans can consume some natural and hallucinogenic substance that allows them to open their consciousness.

    Shamanism may be practiced differently depending on the culture in which it is found. However, as common points it should be noted that the shamans have the skills to contact the spirits that roam the world, as well as healing powers and the possibility of seeing the future. This is because they can go into a trance and have visions that allow them to foresee what will happen.

  5. The next type of witchcraft is Santeria
  6. Another type of magic and witchcraft that are currently still professing in the world is Santeria. It is a religion originating from Africa. This religion was spread throughout the whole world during the era of slavery. One characteristic mark about it is that it is a fusion of Catholic and African traditional religions.

    These European and African elements go hand in hand in Santería, a religion of the Yoruba people and who believe in the existence of a God who is known by the name of Olodumare. Energy, which is known as “ashé,” is the power of God that can be felt in our world. As in the Catholic religion, in Santería we can also find other figures such as saints, who are known as Orishas and who can guide us in our day to day.

    Through these saints and Orishas, the Santero can cast real love spells by invoking the spirits through prayers, dances, offerings, and so on. It should be noted that in Santería there is a tradition of offering animal sacrifices to saints and the Orishas.

  7. Another form of witchcraft is voodoo magic
  8. Voodoo is another type of magic and witchcraft that we find in the world today. It is also an African religion that developed during the time of slavery in which Africans were taken from their homes and moved to America and Europe. The combination of the original beliefs with some foreign elements is where the characteristics of Voodoo are founded. Today there are many types of voodoo and real love spells cast using voodoo power because it is a religion that has spread to many parts of the world.

  9. Then there is also white magic
  10. White magic is usually regarded as a “good” magic and refers to all those supraternal abilities that some spiritual leaders have as priests, santeros, shamans, and so on. In order to perform white magic or real love spells using white magic, some rituals are usually carried out to invoke the supernatural beings to come to the rescue of the person in of help.

    White magic usually pursues positivity and it is beneficial for someone who has a “good” purpose in whatever he or she is seeking. What I mean here is that white magic is not intended to harm. One of the main reasons why people turn to white magician is to drive away bad luck and to attract goodness and abundance to their lives.

  11. Here is another king of magic – Black magic
  12. Although many people regard black magic as bad, it is not that per se. Like white magic, it is a type of magic that is performed through different spells or rituals. Many real love spells casters use this type of magic to perform the strongest and the most effective forms of love spells, protection spells, healing spells and spells to solve problems. Normally, this type of spell is usually performed by sacrifices or blood rituals.

  13. Finally, we also have Wicca
  14. Many times the word “Wicca” has been confused with witchcraft. However, they are somewhat different conceptions.
    While it is true that they start from the same point, it is also true that they have important differences that are worth knowing. On the one hand, I must make it clear that a person can follow Witchcraft but not be a Wiccan. It is the same as a Christian person who can be without being a Baptist or Catholic. Wicca is a Neopagan religion that was cultivated by Gerald Brosseau Gardner. It is a type of religion that believes that the world is created by a duality, something that is represented by masculine and feminine energy, therefore, they believe in a God and a Goddess.

    Today, Wicca is considered a religion, something that Witchcraft has not yet achieved. Wiccans are good at casting real love spells and the best spells to solve all problems. If you have any queries regarding this subject, feel free to get in touch with me.

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