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Making a love spell with menstrual blood will do wonders for you

Making a love spell with menstrual blood is a very effective way to get the love of the person you want. Blood and magic have always been related in the tradition of witches. Menstrual blood has always been considered very powerful in everything related to love and passion. White magic has used body fluids for many centuries to make spells more powerful. From the blood, the saliva, the semen, the urine, the tears, all are liquids produced by our body that possess a high magical power.

Although it looks like a taboo, blood has been used in spells for ages

It is possible that our cultural taboos have made it seem strange. However, for centuries, it has been something normal, to use these body fluids for magic. When you make a love spell with menstrual blood, you have to know that it will be very powerful because it uses our purest energy directly. This love spell with menstrual can increase passion in the heart of the person you love. You can use it to make that lover to get more committed to loving you.

The most magical way to enhance connection is through this spell

Blood stores a lot of our essence and menstrual blood, so related to reproduction and attraction, is a way to increase that connection between us and love. That’s why this love spell with menstrual blood is so effective despite not being as popular as others. If your lover is quite distant, is ignoring you all the time and doesn’t have strong feelings for you; the love spell with menstrual blood is what you need to recover the love of that person.

Contact me now so that I can teach you how to cast this spell

There is a widespread tradition of using a few drops of menstruation to get your man to have a sexual attraction for you almost immediately. If your partner is going through a period when he has lost the desire for you or you notice that he is very tired and no longer looks attractive; just pour one or two drops of your menstrual blood into his drink or food and your loved one will again feel a great desire for you. You do not need any ritual or prayer, you just have to put one or two drops of menstruation in his coffee for example.

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