Free Love Spells That Work For Real – Get What You Want


The most effective love spells that work for real

Free love spells that work for real and magic spells that are easy to cast and actually work. These are love charms that are free to use whenever and wherever you want. You can cast these love spells for free, easily and quickly – and get the love you want, today! If you are tired of being lonely, of being ignored by a lover; these simple yet powerful love spells will help you achieve the desires of your heart. Get what you want today using these spells.

Get what you want with free love spells that work for real

All you need are the three main magical needs: words, feelings and knowledge. You understand that words are just what you need. Words are very powerful, especially if they are magic words. If you are armed with all the above, repeat the following incantation:

I give because I am generous.
Love is with me because I ask.
What I deserve is what I get.
I deserve what I need, what I need to get what I need
And so it is.

Magic spell to get what you want cast using a paper

Get a piece of plain paper and a red candle. Write what you want to happen in this paper in large print. Light the candle and burn the paper while visualizing what you want to happen. Take the ashes out and throw them into the air. If there is no wind, just throw it in the air and let the ashes fall to the ground. Then you say: “that’s the way it is.” Within no time, you will receive what you had written on the piece of paper.

Free love spells that work for real to make wishes come true

For this spell:

  • you need a large bowl with a wooden spoon,
  • a colander or a sieve.

You will also need the following herbs:

  • cinnamon
  • basil
  • clover
  • ginger
  • marjoram
  • tea
  • catnip
  • jasmine
  • ginseng
  • lavender
  • pine
  • sage and clove

This is inherently a simple spell, but you can make it a total ritual.

It should be done when the moon is waxing if you want to get rid of a problem.

  1. Put all the ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Grind and mix until all is mixed into one raw material – no large pieces.
  3. It must be sandy and almost dusty.
  4. Empty the ingredients into the strainer or sieve and gently shake back and forth into a second bowl.
  5. The finest dust obtained will through the filter, but the large pieces will not. What you need, when you finish at least will be a bit like herbal powder. Make sure you choose a good day to do the magic. Get a handful of the powder and throw into the air as you pronounce your wishes. Those wishes will come true.

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