free black magic love spell

How to cast the Magic bottle love spell

What you need to cast the magic bottle love spell

Glass bottle with cap, Rose petals, Lavender scent.


  1. Hold the Petals in the palms of your hands.
  2. Squeeze then fully and add the lavender scent into it.
  3. Fill the concoction into a glass bottle.
  4. Then add some rose water and lavender scent into the bottle, close tightly with the cap, hold it with both hands and press tightly against your chest while saying the following words:
  5. “Flowers full of love, make my home a place of enchantment and deep attraction, fill my heart and those of others that come in here with great love for me”

  6. This should then be saved in an intimate corner of the bedroom or any other room in the house.

This love magic bottle can be used for attracting romantic love or love from neighbours. Whenever you sense feelings of hatred from others, simply get to where your bottle is and agitate it gently while reciting the following incantation:

My bottle, did I fill with thoughts of affection and love
Therein they are and will always be…
Permanent attractions for soft feelings and love
Today I come and I will come again
Such that I am always made lovable and loved
Help me, ye heavenly beings
So be it.


Magic bottle love spell-Many individuals sometimes find themselves hated without any cause. They may be polite, hospitable, beautiful or handsome; but are hated.
If you have assessed your conduct, behaviour and social skills, and have found them conforming to the current standards; then you ought to be loved. If this happens otherwise, something could be wrong and you might need divine intervention. However beautiful, handsome or polite you are; you will never find peace unless you cast a magic bottle love spell.

The magic bottles were common in the seventeenth century. They consisted of vessels in which hair or nail clippings or other recipients of sorcery were kept. The magic bottles were also used in the eighteenth century. They were placed between the bricks to build protection for the house. Today, they can be prepared using, preferably glass containers, such as jars or bottles, which can close well with the cap or cork.

This bottle attracts love from anyone. This could be an unknown person , a stranger or a neighbour. Bottle love spells are examples of free easy love spells that work. They are very safe and effective.

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