spell to make someone respect me


My name is Louisa Adams, Texas, USA. I never believed in love spells magic until I came across this spell caster once when I had travelled to Africa in January this year for a business summit. He was really powerful and his spells conjured all sorts of situations, from reconciliations, new love, money, work, to any other similar situation.

I am now happy and a living testimony because the man I had married left me two weeks before our wedding and my life was turned upside down because our relationship had worked for two years. I really loved him, but his mother was against the marriage. The reason why she opposed our union was because he did not have a steady job. So when I came across this caster, I told him what happened and I explained the situation to him.

At first, I was hesitant and skeptical, but gave it a try. After about seven days, I returned to Texas, my boyfriend (now husband) called me himself and came to me apologizing and saying that everything was settled with his mother and family. Now he has a new job so we should get married. I could not believe it because the wizard simply asked me my name and that of my boyfriend and what I wanted to do … it was really very simple! In case anyone is in the same situation, only have hope that helps. Never doubt the power of this type of spells, and then you can be pleasantly surprised.

PS: Do not listen to people who say it’s wrong to cast love spells or that they do not. Never heed anyone who says black magic bad because it is a misconception. All traditional religions that have spells also perform love spells. I know for a fact that marriage spells and love spells can be cast safely and that they can work without consequences.