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Prayer to St. Cyprian to Tame and Bring Back Love

This powerful prayer is taken from saint Cyprian black book. It is a love prayer that can be said to the king of necromancers. If you have lost a love or there seems to be a problem in your current relationship, say this prayer and all will be fine. This prayer will tame your errant lover, making him or her to have a sense of remorse and come back into the relationship. There is no other prayer as powerful as this one.

Say the following prayer with faith – it from the saint Cyprian black book

By the powers of Saint Cyprian and the three meshes that guard St. Cyprian, (So-and-so) will come now and follow me immediately. (So-and-so), you’re going to come from the tracks, passionate, full of love, horny for me, you’re going to come back to me and ask for my forgiveness (eg, for everything you made me go through, for lying to me …) and for Your request – eg ask me at engagement, in marriage) as soon as possible.

Prayer to Blessed Cyprian for calm and tranquility in your love life

Blessed Cyprian, make (So-and-so) to forget and leave for now any other woman/man who may be in their thoughts and love me only. Holy Cyprian, make him/her let go of every woman/man so that he/she may come to me at all times, today and now, wishing to be by my side, that he may be sure that I am the only woman/man in his/her life.

Blessed Cyprian, make sure that (man/woman) cannot live without me, that he/she cannot rest or rest, he cannot be anywhere, without always having my image in his/her mind, and in his/her heart, at all times. That at bedtime, they have to dream, that when they wake up, immediately they have to think and wish they were with me.

Thank you, Cyprian, for working on my behalf and I will divulge your name in exchange for taming (So-and-so) and bringing him/her back when he/she is passionate, dedicated, faithful and full of love and desire into my arms. I ask you my glorious St. Cyprian so that (So-and-so) returns to me, to our courtship / our love / our marriage, as soon as possible. I ask this from the depths of my heart, to the powers of the three black meshes that watch Saint Cyprian. If you would like to know more about the saint Cyprian black book, contact me using the form below.
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