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Being beautiful or handsome comes with its many advantages and disadvantages. The merits of beauty are that you get to meet the famous and dine with princesses and princes. However, you will also receive many love approaches because of your looks. The moment you turn down such approaches, I must tell you that human beings will use all the skills available in this world to ensnare you.
This is when you will have to stand tall and figure out the next move. Are you suspicious that someone could have cast a love spell on you? Do you want to break that spell and stay free again? This simple love spell for protection from spells cast by others is what I will recommend now. It is an easy love spell that can be cast from the comforts of your home – especially if you have a lemon tree in the compound.
What you need
–> You should be in a place where there is a fruiting lemon tree
–> 9 Lemon fruits
–> A bucketful of water
–> Bone fire
–> Chalk
The process
To defend against any spell, proceed as follows:
You will have to draw a circle around a lemon tree in the compound, or wherever the tree may be, using chalk. Dig a pit near the lemon tree and pin some nine sticks around it in groups of threes. Pour the water into the pit and ensure that there is a constant supply, i.e., the water must not drain in the course of casting the spell. Light a bonfire and pray to elemental to help you. Take a lemon fruit, dip it in the water and cast it into the fire. If it explodes causing detonation, it means that a spell had been cast on you.
Drop more lemons into the fire in groups of threes and watch the explosions. When all the three explode at the same time, you will have guaranteed your safety from such spells cast on you. However, if the lemons keep on detonating singly, reconsider performing the spell again.
When the lemons blast in threes, they break out in the astral like a bomb, destroying the works of the black magicians or any spell caster that may have cast a spell on you. You will also witness that as soon as all the lemons are detonated, the elemental will leave the tree, taking the form of a dog, into the darkness. Once that has happened, extinguish the fire using the available water from the pit. Collect the ashes and lemon remains and pour into a lake or a river.
This is one of the love spells that work and it is highly recommended for those who have been in the arena of love spells for a long time.

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