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Simple Red Magic Spell To Bind Love-Fast and Effective

red magic spell that works instantly
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The best red magic spell that works instantly

This red magic spell that works instantly using red magic is mostly used in the case where you would like to bind the love of a person. Remember that it is a powerful ritual that you should not do it with the intention of harming anyone, but with the intention of achieving good for both of you. I recommend that you cast this free love spell that works of a Friday, a day dedicated to the god of love.

Requirements for this red magic spell that works instantly

You will need a rounded stone which you can obtain from a better stream of water or sea, two red candles, a not too large piece of paper, a pen with red ink and some semen from your lover. The first thing to do is to get a relaxing environment. You can just look for a nice corner in your home where nobody will bother you, put soft music and relax.

First take the piece of paper and write your lover’s name with the red pen. Light the two candles and burn the paper with the flame of both. Collect the ashes and mix them with semen. Semen is very important because normally men expel all their tension through their semen and their orgasms. This leaves them lucid, for the most part, and calm.

Rub the mixture on the stone and pronounce the incantation

In this segment of the red magic spell that works instantly, you will smear the stone with the previous mixture. Pick up the stone and breathe deeply and rhythmically. Begin to inhale through the mouth, and then exhale through the nose with a long note, a constant buzzing. With each exhalation, make the note softer and longer. Release your tension and anxiety through the breath, towards the stone. When you feel calm and centered repeat the name of your lover three times follow it with this incantation:

“I assume all your tension and pain, and put it on this rock. So be it”.

My red magic spell that works instantly will make the lover eternal

Continue with the stone in your hand as you visualize as it approaches you until it becomes part of your life, until you see how your path and that of your lover come together and continue together. Stay seated and relaxed until the candles are consumed. Collect your remains and along with the stones take them away from your house and throw them away. This red magic spell that works instantly will that person yours forever.

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