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Simple Dew Spells That Effectively Work

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Free And Simple Dew Spells

Have you been looking for free and simple dew spells? Here’s one! Dew is Natural Energy. Dew has been used in charms and spells for many centuries. Its mysterious origin (as something that appears even in a clean, dry night, and disappears quickly in the morning) has a magical symbol. It was used as a remedy for many ailments, especially as a lotion for the eyes and skin diseases and itching. The ancients also collected dew drops of fennel leaves and used it in syrups for health. The average age witches guaranteed fertility and luck in love for those who rolled on a lawn with dew at dawn, in May. Every witch this time gathered dew drops in small glasses to add in witchcraft formulas.

Tradition also has it that in the New Year, the turn of the year, rolling in the grass with dew drops brought luck all the next year. It was also used as a cosmetic that guaranteed skin beauty and warranty for twelve months. If a girl gathered very early morning dew from any grass, preferably under an oak, and washed her face with it, she would be nice for the whole next year.

Lengthen Your Youth Using Simple Dew Spells

In this article, we present very powerful dew spells that you can make to enhance your beauty and prolong your youth. This elixir also increases your intuition and magical powers. On May 1St, get out of your house very early in the morning and collect some morning dew from flowers or leaves, preferably from the Beltane herb. Equip yourself with a bottle (light-blue) AND STORE the dew from the Beltane herb in it. Keep it till the full-moon phase. The collection of this dew must be done only during the waxing moon phase. Keep collecting on a daily basis, at the same time from other herbs and plants until the bottle is filled up. Beltane’s water is magical, brings harmony and absorbs. You can use the dew collection as an ingredient for other free healing spells, free dew love spells and free dew spells for removing jinxes.

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