Simple Envy Protection Spell By The Best Spell Caster

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Simple Envy Protection Spell Cast Against Negative People

This protection spell against negative people has been designed ward off negative people and their envious attitudes against you. There are stages in which people are in good times of their life, that is when envy arises from people who would like to be in that situation. Today, I would like to present a simple protection spell against negative people that you can cast to protect yourself from all forms of envy directed against you.

The Process Of Casting My Simple Envy Protection Spell

To perform this ritual against envy, you need a large light green candle and ashes, the ashes can be cigarettes, burnt paper, etc.

Take the big green candle with both hands. Place it over your head, lower it down the navel, and then to the left and to the right, as if making the sign of the cross. Light the green candle with a wooden match and say the following prayer against envy.

Powerful Prayer Against Envy – Dr. Nana Powers

“Victorious spirit, you who have the strength to overcome thought. I want you to overcome the bad thoughts they have about me that their mouths are mute, that their tongues hang down, that their eyes do not see me and their ears do not listen to me. I want to overcome all eyes, languages, criticism and comments about me. I say all these for the magic work of the winning spirit, Amen”.

When it is an inch and a half to finish the green candle, you should take a handful of ashes with your hands and blow the ashes to the candle to extinguish it and say:

“It is not this flame that I extinguish, but the mouths and tongues that wag against me”

Throw all the remaining materials in the trash. However, you should remember that this protection spell against negative people is just for beginners. A stronger and better protection spell against negative people can be got by contacting me. Use the form below.

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