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simple protection rituals
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Although they are simple protection rituals, they work fast!

Many of you have asked me to explain again some of the simple protection rituals that my grandmother used to paralyze the enemies. It is very useful, but it only works when you know for sure the name of the person you want to get out of your way. You just need a photo or copy of the printed photo of the person you want to delete from your life and a black marker…. My grandmother used to do it with a charcoal pencil, but it’s worth doing with a marker. She did the lines slowly but resolutely and angularly on the photo of the person she knew was sending us bad influences.

How was she doing it? She explained this procedure to me

Starting in the upper left corner I did it without anger, without anger, only with conviction and security. I remember having photos of social events of all the people we knew, relatives, friends. And when he sensed that someone attacked or wanted us wrong, he canceled it like this, “without harm to anyone” alone, he said, that person lost the desire to look at us and “disregarded us.” Thus his evil intention disappeared. But the person did not suffer any damage.

This simple protection rituals will help you ward of envy and hatred

Every time she would mark the stripes on the photo of the person, she entrusted the task of distancing to her gods. She would always say the following words:
“May my gods make the hatred, the envy, the wrath and the wickedness of (Here the name of the enemy speak), and let their dark intention be nullified and withdrawn from us.”
Although my grandmother spoke of her gods, I always like to entrust this task to the goddess Épona, the Celtic goddess who is destined to ward off the enemies and the evil of all those who request it.

You can, thus, restructure this spell in the following manner:

“May my goddess Epona dispel the hatred, envy, wrath and wickedness of (Here the name of the enemy is spoken) and let his or her dark intention be nullified and kept away from us.” If you do not have a photo, you can do it on a paper with the person’s written name. To finish, the paper is folded and a small salt dish is placed on top. You must keep it that way, changing the salt every week on the same day, until the next waning moon. In that Moon, you have to burn that picture in a small bonfire made with laurel leaves moistened with alcohol. If you would like to know more about these simple protection rituals and spells, get in touch with me today.

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