Dominate your partner
Dominion over your partner can be achieved by using these powerful spells. If you are the dominant type, this is the right one for you.

Have you ever been in a relationship with a woman who undermines you? Maybe she does not make you be able to fulfil your sexual or erotic whims. Through magic, female domination is possible. Round about the 4Th Century, there was an Egyptian man called Hermias. He was in love with a woman called Titerous. The woman was arrogant and not loving him the way he wanted.

The records in one of the Egyptian spell books reveals a curse that Hermias put on Titerous. In this curse to achieve female domination over her, he says:

Anubis, use all your power and authority over Titerous whom Sophia bore. Stop her from being arrogant. Bring to an end her calculative ways and her shamelessness.
Make her get attracted to me, to melt with passion for me and to desire me every hour of day and night. Make her to always remember me whenever she is working, drinking, eating, sleeping and conversing. Make her have orgasms for me even in her dreams.

Scourge her until she desires me graciously and with a generous soul. Make our thighs, our lips, our pubic hairs and our bellies join in ecstasy to the tune of love”

As you can see, in this spell for female domination, Hermias asks Titerous to not only have a sexual desire in him but to also become submissive. He wants access to her emotions, her property and her body. He wants her humbled by the gods, obsessed and whipped with him.

The form of this spell for female domination is ancient. However, what he wants is too familiar with every one of us. What he wants is what we all would like to enjoy in a relationship of total submission – especially when you achieve female domination over the woman you love.

As a specialist of the Greco-Roman magic, I can make a woman whipped, dragged and burned by a man through love magic. Your woman will enter a long term relationship with you once you cast this powerful female domination love spell on her.
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The love spell book is also popularly referred to as the “Gremoire”.

While this term has its roots in Europe, several cunning folks and magicians have often used Gremoires. According to Owen Davies, a popular historian; these books can be found across many societies in the world.

The world’s first spell book was created in Europe and some of them could also be traced to the ancient Near East. Most of these ancient spell books were also linked to the Jews, who were famed for being knowledgeable in magic.

Night of San Juan prayers for love

A spell book is a book, so to say, that contains details about particular spells, the ingredients needed to cast them and procedures of how to cast them. In early times, humans transferred knowledge about spells casting through the word of mouth.

However, as time went by, need arose for the documentation of these spells so that whoever possessed the book could do the spell on his or her own. That is exactly how the spell book came into existence.

Book of spells

Once you have a spell book, you have the capability of casting a spell. However, you should also remember that matters of magic should not be played about with.

There are specialists, seers and shamans who are trained to handle spirits and muster forces that are beyond human control. You should, therefore, be careful when trying these spells as they could turn out to be disastrous when used wrongly.

If you have love problems, business problems, family problems or many other issues weighing upon your happiness; the acquisition of a spell book could be a gate pass to the solution of that problem.

Through love magic and incorporation of many spells from the magic spell book, I have been helping many people across the world to find their happiness.

You too can find this happiness when you acquire a magic spell book. If you need guidelines on how to use this book, you can contact me for help.


sex magic spells
Sex magic spells heighten your libido and tremendously boost your sexual energy. Request for this spell for improvement in your sexual desires.

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There isn’t anyone today who doesn’t fancy a better life. We all want to be wealthier, healthier and happier.
We also like to be in charge of what happens to us, as opposed to being at the mercy of fate, change and other people’s agendas.

This is the basic reason why most spells casters do magic, including sex magic – to harness energy and direct them so that they producer outcomes that you desire.

Effective love spells and magic have the capability of allowing you to attract what you want most. In as much as you can do this with any type of magic, sex magic is the most recommended way of accomplishing the desires of your heart.

But, what exactly is sex magic?

Sex magic is a way through which sexual energy is mobilized with the intention of generating a desired result.

In simplistic terms, anyone can do sex magic to cause the object of your desire to happen. By harnessing sexual energy, you can unite the mind, body and soul of your lover with yours so that you can achieve all the pleasures that you desire.

Sex energy is life, and as well know; life is energy. In the basic sense, when a female and a male human being are united, this results into the creation of a physical child.

During sexual intercourse, a physical child is created. However, another identical of the same is also created at the spiritual level, irrespective of whether the resultant effect is a physical one or a spiritual one.

When you engage in a sexual intercourse with the person you love, plant seeds into the womb of the universal matrix. You, in this case, implant in the matrix what can be plainly referred to as a magical child.

black magic sex spells
Black magic sex spells are extremely powerful in generating enormous sexual energy levels.

Your emotions and thoughts are therefore the chisel and hammer that you use to create reality with from the universal raw material- energy.

About 2500 years ago, the Buddha is quoted to have said this: “Using our thoughts, we can make the world.” In reality, this means that everything that we encounter in our sensory world arises from our personal and collective thoughts.
In order to successfully perform an act of magic, your mind must be focused – and sex can truly focus anyone’s attention.

According to Anand Margot, in the book “The Art of Sexual Ecstasy,” achieving an orgasm requires the total participation of the person concerned.” In the process of getting an orgasm, a person is completely in the moment and utterly present.

When you cast a sex magic spell, you will notch up the sexual feelings of the other person. It is like throwing another log on an already burning fire.
Sex magic involves the participation of both the mind, the body and the spirit. Your mind manufactures the intention, your body fuels it and the spirit allows the results to be achieve.


How to make him think of you all the time

If you desire to obtain the love of a person you like, but the person in question does not respond; a love spell using red ink can help you.

The moment you allow the connoisseur of magic to cast this powerful effective love spells for you, it will send a beam of love energy into the mind of the person you love.
This person will feel the energy in his or her subconscious. The spell will make him or her to become more receptive to your love.

In order to cast this powerful love spell using red ink, you will need the following:

  • A cauldron or an ashtray
  • A 3X3 inches writing paper
  • A red pen
  • Four red candles
  • Rose quartz


  1. You will start this red ink love spell at night.
  2. Draw your protection circle and place the four red candles, ONE in each of the four cardinal directions.
  3. After that, set fire in the cauldron. While the fire burns, draw the shape of the heart using red ink and write the name of the person whom you would like to fall in love with inside it.
  4. Now, hold the rose quartz in your hand and stare at the paper containing the name of the person you love while envisaging a beam of pink energy emerging out of the crystal, into your heart, straight onto the paper.
  5. Saturate this energy with your love and think of them being bathed in this beam of pink light.
  6. After that, kiss the name you have written on the paper THREE times.
  7. Drop the paper into the cauldron and let the fire burn it up. As it burns, say the following incantation THREE times:

    “My heart is burning and shining.
    I send this love to you.
    If there is a place in your heart,
    Please love me
    And for the good of all
    So be it.”

  8. As soon as you finish saying this incantation, close the circle.
  9. Carry the rose quartz with you all the time. Preferably, if you can wear it or keep it in your pocket, the better!
  10. Do this for at least TEN DAYS. This red ink love spell will make that person to come to you soon and start enjoying your company.

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