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Visualization Techniques for Free Easy Spells

Learn some visualization techniques that are used in casting free easy spells. These techniques and exercises will help you improve your power of visualization, a key to successful casting of free magic at home. If you want to improve your brainpower, you should do these exercises with some frequency, for example every night before going to bed, or once every two days to keep in practice and increasingly strengthen your mastery of the mind.

Visualization Techniques By the Best Spells Caster

Concentration: A first requirement of magical work is the ability to concentrate well. One should be able to concentrate at will as well as to blank the stage of consciousness, free from intrusive thoughts and images. The best way to do this is to relax and after some breathing exercises, think of a particular object. This can be a simple object such as a tennis ball, or a complex such as a chessboard. Whatever easier should be treated first, and should then progress to more difficult. When you have achieved the ability to hold the object constantly in mind for ten minutes at least, you should practice dissolving the image of the object until there’s nothing. This will be your first step in casting quick and easy spells.

All magical work is done by the imagination.
This is mainly visual imagination, but also includes hearing and even imagining through the senses of touch, feeling, taste and smell. The best way to acquire the skill is, of course, practice, and a good way is to imagine going down a street, seeing and feeling everything that is around you – after making the usual relaxation exercises and breathing. Imagination is a very key component in the casting of free easy spells. If you would like to cast your own spells and allow magic to take place, the above are some of the methods through which you can have them achieved. Thanks for reading my caption on free easy spells.

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