Ward Off Evil Using The Power Of My Spells

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Ward Off Evil Using My Effective Spells

The great minds of the world say that evil is a balance of good, a theory similar to the Japanese thesis and antithesis of the yin and yang. Two polar opposites that are critical to keep the scales of reality in balance. The idea that a person cannot truly be a person without achieving the spiritual and moral balance of what is good and what is evil in their being. The problem with this theory is that it seems to suggest that they can be a utopia of the mind or of reality or at the very least that this scale should be achieved for it is the true goal of being. But what if a have a reason to ward off evil. To get rid of evil from my being, from my reality? Is that a hopeless pursuit?

The History Of Spells To Ward Off Evil

History has shown us the lengths of human nature and risks that man poses to himself, to others and to nature itself. So why don’t we ward off evil? According to the great religions of the earth, it is beyond our will; by some divine genetic code or by the very nature of existence itself. That evil is a journey with a number of outcomes; prime of which are that; you either lose or you win. What do such people have to say when I say I can get rid of evil attacks?

Ward Off Evil Using My Spells For Protection

Split it from a being and give them a chance to choose without influence. Build a wall that cannot be breached by the real evil that lurks in the hearts of men. I may not purify a man’s heart though to do that may not be entirely impossible because the key ingredient is will. But I can protect a person against evil spirits and the consequences that come in indulging or failing to resist their will. Ward off evil today with my spells.

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