What is Palo Mayombe? Find out Here.

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What is Palo Mayombe?

In simplistic terms, Palo Mayombe is basically referred to as “Palo”. It is one of the African religions that was spread and expanded during the slave trade era. It resembles Candomble and Santeria – a cornucopia of Spiritism, Catholicism, magic and African Shamanism. This religion had its roots in the Congo and like I said, it spread all over the world during the era of slavery and slave trade. Today, it is all over Africa, Americas and Europe.

But , what does “Palo” mean?

“Palo” means “Trees”. It is a religion whose descent can be traced back to ancient African traditional beliefs in which spirits inhabit the world. The tree, in this case, refers to the big trees where these spirits live. It is hard to estimate the number of believer and practitioners of Palo Mayombe. But, all I can say is that its practice is spread worldwide. Principle believers in the religion can be found in Africa, The United Staes, Brazil, Europe and Cuba.

Its worship and traditional practices are done in stick houses

These stick houses are also have branches that are called Kimbisa, Mayombe and Brillumba. The priest who presides during worship and magical practice is called “Tata (Papa) – if the person is male and “Yaya” (Mama) if the person is female. The temple of Palo Mayombe is called Munanso, where the “Palero” (Male priest) or “Palera) (Priestess) leads the congregants from. However, it is only initiated priests and priestesses who are given the responsibility of leading followers.

Does Palo Mayombe have a book similar to The Bible?

Yes. The book is called Ntuan and it is where most of the traditions of Palo Mayombe are documented. But, remember that the traditional aspects of this religion are oral – this, they are passed by word of mouth from one person to another. There are also many priests and priestesses today who have decided to write and publish books so that the knowledge is passed over to posterity. Have faith in Palo Mayombe and you will attain many benefits.

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