What Is The Best Time To Cast A Love Spell?


What Is The Best Time To Cast A Love Spell?

Knowing the best time to do a love spell isn’t something that should be treated with complications.

Casting a love spell at the right is almost synonymous to knowing which kind of spell to cast for an appropriate situation. In order for a love spell to function properly, there are many factors that should be considered. Today, I shall talk about what ton consider so that you can know the right moment for the spell to be cast.

What is the best time to do a love spell?

  • At dawn: if you find the exact position in which the sun sets, the probability of success in your love spell is 40%. This is by far the best time to do a love spell.
  • At 12:00 noon: at this time, the sunlight shines strongly and there is a great concentration of energy in the environment and this makes you have a 35% success in your spell.
  • At 12:01 at night: the odds are 20 – 25%

The above are the most recommended, however……

There are other times of the day that have been marked for the casting of love spells, those mentioned in the previous lines are the best known and used. In Wiccan magic, for example, a spell should be cast following the phases of the moon.

There are spells that you cast during the new moon, full moon, crescent moon and waning moon respectively. You can get more information about the best time to do a love spell by contacting me.

Who am I, then?

I am an expert master of love spells and I have always recommended to my clients that before starting with a love spell, purify your mind and soul. This will help you to achieve greater probabilities of making your wishes come true.

I invite you to contact me through my phone numbers. We can also have a personal conversation through the Whatsup. I will be more than obliged to give you my spiritual guidance and help.

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