As you initiate the spell casting process, light up the blue candle and dedicate it to the Virgin Yemaya. Write your name and that of your partner; including your date of birth, seven times on a plain piece of paper using a red pen. Behind this paper, write your petition, or what you would like Yemaya to do for you. If you want a wife, write that. If you want a girlfriend, do the same.

Requirements for casting the Yemaya spells are: 1 melon, blue candle, Cane molasses, brown sugar, Vanilla extract, 2 blue ribbons.

Cut an opening in the melon; insert the paper that contains the name of your partner, your love wish and your date of birth into it. Ask mother Yemaya to sweeten your love and so on. Pour all the ingredients into the melon, patch it up with a tape and tie the two blue ribbons around it. Keep it next to the candle until the candle burns out.

Carry this as a dedication to The Virgin of The Sea and leave it there with 7 cents (Cuban cents). Do not look back when you leave this offering. There will develop love in the heart of your wife or husband. The virgin will grant your request. You will attain great love luck with this free easy love spell that works.

After the spell has been cast, give thanks to mother Yemaya through a prayer said from the bottom of the heart.


Yemaya is a great mother goddess who rules the seas and lives in it. Without goddess Yemaya, life on earth wouldn’t be easy. We would have no water, no fish and other things obtained from water. Those who have often sought help from Yemaya won’t get disappointed. Her motherly instinct, generosity, and compassion make her a great mother. She is always willing to lend an ear to those who ask.
Her bounty is boundless. Her power is demonstrated by the waves we see in the waters. Her dance can sometimes be violent though and can even cause a storm.

The Yemaya spells for love is a simple love spell that anyone can perform. However, it should be noted that it limits its performances to places where the seas are. Never try it out in places where you can’t access the sea. This easy love spell should be performed on a Saturday, a day dedicated to Yemaya.

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