Many times we find ourselves unlucky in relationships. You may have had many relationships in a row that don’t fruitfully mature to your wishes. Perhaps every time you get a girl or a man, they possess character you don’t like. May be they are not loving, yet you love them. This must stop. You are an adult that must settle soon.
The love spell I present here is customised for people who have had a series of unsuccessful relationships, people who feel the world has been unfair to them. If you are that kind of person, it is recommended that you cast this easy love spell that works. It is a simple love spell that can be cast in the comforts of your living room or bedroom.
Herbs: Cinnamon and cloves.
Basic Ritual: Development of oil.
What to do
Mash a handful of fresh leaves of a cinnamon tree and a handful of cloves. You should then place in a bowl and add 250 DC vegetable oil (olive, grape or sunflower). Let the mixture stand for a week. Use the oil to anoint candles and, when you light the candle up, you will be accompanied by success in your love quest.
What you can also do
This simple love spell can be made more effective especially when one uses red candles. You can also get three red candles, a white handkerchief, a red tin and a red piece of cloth. Anoint the candles with the oil and light them up. As they burn, communicate your wishes to Venus, the goddess of love. Meditate intensely as you watch the candles burn, thinking about the characteristics of the person you want this time.
Once the candles have been fully consumed, collect the wax, put into the red tin, spit into the tin and wrap in the red piece of cloth. Keep the package under your bed until your wishes are fulfilled. Once you have achieved, burry the package at the backyard and plant a red rose where the pit is.