6 most effective simple love spells you must cast

6 most effective simple love spells

There are 6 most effective simple love spells that an individual going through life must not do without. This goes for every breathing human with a soul regardless of what religion you subscribe to.
These 6 love spells are the nutrition required by our souls if they are are to live in peace and love with nature. It has nothing to do with modern religion – these are love spells/ rituals that have been performed for thousands upon thousands of years by our fore-parents.

1. The Love attraction spells

Out of the 6 most effective simple love spells, the love attraction love spells come first on my list and are so for a very good reason. These spells before being cast require that you are purified first. The purification process involves a thorough cleansing by use of animal sacrifice (forget burning of candles and making meaningless chants) to the ancestors. The ancestors love to be offered the finest meat, harvest and brew.

Once a person is cleansed thoroughly, they put on a very new fresh spirited aura that draws to them only love energy from their surroundings. A person like this not only attracts sexual energy but also attract energy for being employed, etc. – they are generally loved by everyone.

Individuals that do not get their aura cleansed not only have a mental block but also have an aura that makes most people resent them and that leads to self hate and other addictive behavior like drinking and doing other drugs.

A man once said: “I thought the worst thing is ending up alone however, I realised that the worst thing is ending up with someone who makes me feel alone” – Attract the right person in your life.

Why are some people ‘naturally’ hated wherever they go?
Humans are spiritual beings having a physical experience – that’s what a human is and not the other way around. Although we as humans are billions of times more complicated than any artificial creation of man, I would like to draw a comparison between a human and a computer – Computers need to be refreshed and restarted in order to get rid of clogged memory and that’s the same thing with humans.

We restart everyday by having a night’s rest however, that usually only rejuvenates our physical energy.
The most important restart/refresh is our spiritual element.
Restarting the spiritual element
The body hosts the spirit/soul and unfortunately, there are tons of bad souls/energies/spirits that roam our universe and our spirits being like a radio antenna, attracts all sorts of bad and good energy. At times, bad/ evil hackers (spirit medium practitioners) attack our souls and inject in it evil energy and it is for reasons like this that a cleansing is required every now and then otherwise the spirit will be so tainted that it morphs into something else that’s beyond our conscious control.

This has been a very long one but it’s why you should cast the love attraction spell to cleanse you out completely and give you a fresh restart.

2. Love binding spell

What does the love binding spell spell do?
Well, it is the second spell out of 6 most effective simple love spells that is worth casting in a life time.

This love spell is one that seeks to cement the love between or amongst two or more people.
One has to note that the love binding spell does not violate another person’s freewill. It simply tunes and aligns your frequencies so your spirits vibrate in resonance with each other at all times.

This synchronised vibrations keep the positive/love energy oozing and thereby disallowing any infiltration of an unsynchronised vibrations and this keeps the mind open, free, loving and the body energy-filled. Two people bound together will never part ways unless it’s through the very hard works of a powerful spiritual medium practitioner.

Breaking the love binding spell usually is done when a person (such as a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, child, etc.) you have shared your energy with before, gets involved in the process.

The love binding spell is highly recommended for family bond, friendship bond and for lovers who have decided that they want to stay together for eternity (yes, eternity – even in the afterlife for the soul doesn’t die)

3. Love Protection spells

Of the 6 most effective simple love spells, Love protection spells come third in line: Love between two or more people is an investment that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Just like every highly valuable thing, love needs a fence around it. Jealousy, infidelity, spiritual works by other people and roaming spirits are just a few of the things that will attack your souls and misalign your energies.

The love protection spell therefore, is the armour that you need in order to keep these negative forces away from attacking your investment/ love. The love protection spell in African culture is performed at the shrine of the ancestors. This performance is done in accordance to very strict rules aimed at protecting not only your love, but your life from negative energies that would hurt you.
It usually requires a white sheep, goat or hen or pigeon amongst others.

My advice based on 30 years in this realm is that young lovers need to protect their love and focus on other developmental aspects of their lives.

4. Marriage Love Spells

Marriage is a sacred union between a man and (a) woman at least in African culture. Due to modernity, marriage in other cultures have taken another dimension and that too is accepted in their culture and should be respected by peoples of other cultures. Marriage does not exactly mean love. Two married people are not the same as two lovers.

So why is marriage important?
The sex energy is one of the most powerful energies there exists between two humans. It’s an energy that can make or break a human. Marriage therefore, is an institution aimed at taming that sex energy and re-directing it towards constructive purposes.
When two people are married, there exists immediately assurance of one’s commitment to each other for there’s nothing more emotional than having and knowing that you have another human being who’s there for you through thick and thin.

Stubborn people stay in love for a long period of time without finding the need to get married and that’s not good for your spiritual alignment for there’s always a feeling of uncertainty in one of the parties involved and that throws out the vibrational resonance which in turn is not good at all for your soul and self.

5. Wealth spells

For the 6 most effective simple love spells, this par se is not a typical love spell however, it’s an appendage that drives love – It should be noted that, I am not saying that it determines love between two people.

Humans are meant to have abundance without any forms of apology. As earlier on mentioned, the wealth spells though not the typical 6 most effective simple love spells, it’s the mortar that love needs to stay healthy and thrive. The soul must be nursed, must be fed, must be treated with abundance and it’s only human that you must have wealth.

Those that are not adorned with abundance always tend to curse themselves for it however, that’s like the proverbial adding salt to an open wound – It irritates more instead of mending the brokenness. Take off some time and do a thorough spiritual auditing.

6. Spiritual Health spells and aura cleansing

Of the 6 most effective simple love spells, the last two, this one being the last are appendages to the growth and thriving of the love spirit.

Health, whether spiritual or physical is no doubt one of the most important entities of the human, animal, plant nature. I will however, talk about spiritual health here.

The spirit needs to be nurtured in a clean positive spiritual environment and that takes a lot more than burning red candles and doing chants. You can physically see the rhythm of the spirit in a medium such as an animal tissue after a cast is done.

Therefore, take no chance when dealing with your spiritual health.
What causes spiritual ill-health?
Many things that lodges in what we now named the subconscious can cause damage beyond the spirit in a person – this kind of damages are usually self-inflicted. The damages to your spirit may also be caused by another rogue spirit getting into your body – spirits/demons, etc roam the universe looking for where to settle and many people are not aware of how many demons they carry within themselves.

These demons brings in all sorts of misfortunes that if you do not get rid of in time, sooner or later will reach for the core of your soul and damage it altogether.

One therefore, must consider thorough aura cleansing every once or twice in 3 year periods.
The 6 most effective simple love spells above are for your education and to apply it, there’s always a friend like me who can help align your love, fortune and health. Feel free to discuss with me today by sending me a message using the form below.

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