African Black Soap

The Magical African Black Soap Kuwait

If there is one thing that stands out from the continent of Africa, then that thing is the power of African magic. Africans, in whatever they do; usually blend magic, witchcraft and African sophistry to make everything around them perfect. The quest for perfection is not only exhibited in the daily work lives of the inhabitants of the continent, but it can also be seen in how they manage their relationships. Beauty, being one of the most important aspects of love attraction in relationships, is at the core of beauty supplements that are made from Africa. The African black soap Kuwait combines the elements of herbal magic from Africa derived from millennial wisdom and beauty magic that has often been transmitted from one generation to another.

But, what exactly is this African black soap Kuwait?

What is African black soap? African black soap (also called African soap or black soap) is the latest skin care product that has achieved “holy grail” status, and for good reason. Proclaimed as a solution for breakouts, hyper-pigmentation, stretch marks, and everything in between, black soap is the best beauty choice for those on a budget. Unlike synthetic soaps found in the pharmacy, authentic black soap is handcrafted from plant ingredients in Africa. Every fair trade purchase supports sustainable production and, in some cases, directly benefits communities in need.


If you took a tour around the world, you would discover that black soap is more commonly used in oriental aesthetics. It benefits the body in many ways. It is made of extractions and herbal concoctions from natural plants which benefit the body in such a way that they allow skin exfoliation. You can obtain many benefits for your skin when you choose to use African black soap Kuwait. It exfoliates the body, hydrates the skin and softens it. In addition, the herbal magic that is embedded in it will also ensure that all the negative energies and aural slime are gotten rid off.

The History of African black soap

Many people of African descent are familiar with African black soap Kuwait because of its skin care benefits. It soothes the skin, heals irritations and other skin diseases like psoriasis and contact dermatitis. For centuries, this soap has been used by Ghanaians and Nigerians for bathing and eliminating bad skin odors. From times past, it has been used as a hair shampoo that works effectively to alleviate scalp irritations and itchiness. From the beginning of its invention, the African black soap Kuwait has been used to relieve certain skin conditions like eczema and acne; as well as relieving oily skin.


During and after pregnancy, traditional African women would use this African black soap Kuwait to alleviate dry skin, remove stretch-marks and other conditions of the skin that arise as a result of the hormonal changes. Olden-day women also used the soap on babies because it was considered pure and gentle on sensitive skin.

The Yoruba people in Togo, Benin and Nigeria were the first makers and users of this African black soap Kuwait. The words “Ose” and “Dudu” are Yoruba words that are literally translated to mean “Black” and “Soap respectively. It is from this that the phrase, Ose Dudu or “Black Soap” is was actually coined.
In Ghana, this soap is called “Alata Samina”. The word “Alata” is literally translated as “Spicy”, in the Yoruba language. According to historical accounts, the women traders from the Yoruba land who were dealing in the sale of peppers and tomatoes were the first to introduce this African black soap Kuwait in Ghana. Being traders in spices, the Ghanaians would call these women Alatas (Pepper Traders). The term “Alata Stamina” was therefore coined by Ghanaians to means “Pepper traders who also dealt in soap”

In the land of the Yoruba, during the pre-colonial times; women played women played a very unique role in agriculture. They would process raw farm produce into goods that were ready for sale. The most common chores that they engaged in were harvesting fruits and berries from trees, tending gardens where peppers and vegetables were grown and selling the same produce as well as African black soap Kuwait.

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Types of African Black Soap

Traditionally, African black soap is made of a mixture of water and plantain skins, ashes, palm oil, cocoa pod powder, tropical honey, shea butter, coconut oil, palm oil, shea tree bark and ashes of palm leaves. Today, many village women in Western Africa still engage themselves in making this soap locally. This soap comes in over 100 varieties. The recipes that are used in the making of this soap have been passed down from mothers to daughters. Although the ingredients used can vary from one region to another, the unique product that later comes out is this African black soap Kuwait

How the African black soap Kuwaiti type is made

In making this African black soap Kuwait, the manufacturers collect and dry plantain peels under the sun. They also collect and roast cocoa pods and palm leaves in clay ovens until ash is derived out of them. They then add water to the ashes and whole mixture is filtered. Later on, ingredients like cocoa butter, palm kernel, coconut oil and shea butter are heated and added into the mixture and stirred for a period of about 24 hours. After that, the soap will solidify and float. Later, it is scooped out and it is set in a place where it will cure for 2 weeks. It is at this point that the soap is prepared and readied for sale.

Companies that deal in cosmetics often buy African black soap Kuwait and add some ingredients to it. Some of the additives can be natural like aloe vera gel, lavender oil while others can add irritating fragrances to it. As a buyer, you need to be aware of this type African black soap Kuwait because it is more beneficial to consume it in its raw form than when it has been processed.

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Ingredients found in African black soap Kuwait and their properties

The African black soap Kuwait, also popularly known as Dudu Osun, Ncha Nkota, Sabulun Salo, Alata, Anaga Soap or Osse Dudu originally comes from Ghana. There are about five ingredients that are used in the making of this soap and they include shea butter, palm oil, cocoa leaves, plantain ash and palm leaves. Let us take a look at these ingredients in detail.

  • Palm leaves
  • Palm leaves, when sun dried, contain high levels of Vitamin E and Vitamin A. These are the two basic nutrients that the skin requires to increase collagen production and to remove oxidants from the skin. In addition, palm leaves also contain Allatonin. This ingredient works very effectively to moisturize the skin and also increase its smoothness.

  • Plantain Peels
  • Plantains almost resemble bananas, however, it is not a fruit. There are many good ingredients plantain leaves that are beneficial to your skin. Plantains contain a lot of potassium, riboflavin, thiamine, protein, antioxidants, Vitamin C and vitamin A. these ingredients can help minimize skin scarring, foster quicker healing and provide relief rosacea and acne. It is one of those powerful ingredients found in African black soap Kuwait.

  • Cocoa Pods
  • We can say that cocoa pods are simply the shells that house the cocoa beans. The ingredients found in these pods have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Palm Kernel Oil
  • In addition to the fruits and the seeds they have, palm trees also have many benefits. The seeds that they produce are used in the production of kernel oil, which is also sometimes known as “sodium palm kernelate”. In skin care products, the ingredients of this oil work as a moisturizing surfactant. Sodium palm kernelate also contains high levels of lauric acid which has antifungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is one of those ingredients in the African black soap Kuwait.

  • Palm Oil
  • As an ingredient in African black soap Kuwait, palm oil is a product extracted from the palm fruits. Naturally, it is loaded with high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. However, the one that has the highest concentration in it is Vitamin E. In addition; palm oil also has lots of fatty acids that can offer many benefits to your skin.

  • Shea Butter
  • We all love shea butter, don’t we? Shea butter, which is derived from the fruit of the shea tree, is rich in Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and lots of beneficial fatty acids. These ingredients that are found in high levels in the African black soap Kuwait can help repair damaged skin tissues and generally improve your skin texture. In addition, they also increase the body’s ability to make more collagen.

  • Coconut Oil

This is one of the most used ingredients used in the production of African black soap Kuwait. The beneficial properties of coconut oil are that they can help boost collagen production, moisturize the skin and clean it.

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Uses of the African black soap Kuwait

The first use of this African black soap is in washing the body. Many people also use it to cleanse the face, as a shaving soap or as a shampoo. The soap also gainfully works with cases of razor bumps. In addition, you can also use the soap to:

  1. Boost exfoliation: if you are to buy this soap for use as an agent to promote skin exfoliation, then it is better that you use unprocessed black soap. This is so because in its raw form, the African black soap Kuwait is a natural exfoliant.
  2. Minimise the occurrence of dry skin: Are you or your family member suffering from psoriasis? If so, then the liquid African black soap Kuwait really works well for this.
  3. Balance skin oil production: African black soap Kuwait is very beneficial in a way that it can help balance the way your skin produces oils, without decreasing or increasing the production levels.
  4. Reduce skin wrinkles: the oils in the African black soap Kuwait and the shea butter in it work well in plumping the skin. As a result, reduces wrinkles and the fine lines. In addition, the ingredients found in the product may also help minimize stretch marks and scars in the skin.

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Spiritual uses of the African black soap

The African black soap Kuwait is commonly used in ritual baths and spiritual baths. Spiritual baths are practiced in order to eliminate negative energies that you may get in contact with during the day. Because we all have a field of energy, one way of strengthening our aura is by carrying out a spiritual bath. In Latin American countries, they use a herb called rosemary for such purposes. It is applied on the whole body after being mashed up completely and blended. Usually, spells casters, shamans, voodoo priests, witchdoctors, traditional healers and Sangomas prescribe spiritual baths depending on the problem that the person may be facing and how it should be solved.

The African black soap Kuwait is definitely the most excellent product that you can use in carrying out spiritual baths. Black soap, also known as Ose dudu, Alata Simena or Anago Soap has been since time immemorial to heal skin problems. Because of its healing properties, the African black soap is an essential item that you can use to wash away any negative energies that you may come into contact with as you perform your daily activities.

For whom is this African black soap Kuwait recommended?

It does not matter whether you have dry or oily skin; a combination of both or blemished skin. The African black soap Kuwait works on all of them. This versatile skin cleanser also has the capability of exfoliating your skin gently and leaving it hydrated with a delicious touch. For this reason, it is a powerful tool that you can use to eliminate fine lines, eradicate blackheads and fight against eczema and many other skin irritations.

However, before you think of purchasing this African black soap Kuwait, it is important that you learn about what this miracle African black soap Kuwait has done in the lives of West African women – especially Ghana. Created from ingredients that are locally harvested by hands, this wonder soap is an artisan one. Some of the ingredients that we have already mentioned are either sun-dried or roasted before the start of this millennial alchemy that has been transferred from one generation to another.

We all know how important shea is in preventing swellings and burnings. There is no other cream that can protect you from sunburns experienced in your beach escapades than the shea nut cream. With all the aforementioned components, the African black soap Kuwait is therefore a very powerful ally in keeping the general wellbeing of your skin. In addition, when using it, we impregnate the epidermis with a mixture in which natural sources of iron and vitamins A and E are found. No wonder, therefore, that it is even a powerful agent against skin blemishes and even that it limits acid body odor.

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Where to buy African black soap Kuwait online

Have you been searching for where to buy African black soap Kuwait? Well, you can do so from a local store or supermarket around you. There are also very many offers that you can benefit from online, including the possibility of ordering for fresh supplies from West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana) online. This means that you can buy African black soap online from the comforts of your living room. The African black soap is one of those products that are here to stay, especially if you have problems with superficial skin imperfections such as pimples, slight spots or the classic glitter on the nose and if, in addition, you like bar soaps with a sweet smell; then surely they will love this product as much as many people do.

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