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The Change your life spells give you a second chance to Restart Your Life

Change your life and love life with spells designed to give you a chance to start life anew. Spells are very powerful for making changes in our lives since we are spiritual beings simply having a physical experience.

Because spells work at the metaphysical levels, they are the best at changing our lives from within the inside to the outside.

In today’s change your life spell reviews, I would like to talk about how you can give yourself a rebirth using change your life spells. Become a completely different person, restart your life and become a totally new being.

Change your character, your ways, your conduct and your habits using this magic spell that works. You are tired of your old self and personality. Your lover hates you because of your current personality. You want to become a new being that everyone will like and admire? That is the kind of thing I am talking about I this change your life spell reviews.

Change Your Life For The Better Today Using My Spells

When your life stagnates, there could be something wrong. When your yearly plans and resolutions do not lead to fruition, you could be under a string of demonic attacks. Have you been without a job for the last many years?

Do you want to have that breakthrough in your life? Are you tired of being laughed at and scorned because of your financial situation? Forget everything today and cast this spell to change your life.

Really Working Spells By Dr. Nana To Restart Your Life

Change your life spells work to treat all difficulties and problems surrounding your life. It could that you have been sick for many years and no doctor has cured you. It could be that your business is not progressing.

Such situations often arise from evil eyes and bad wishes, including spiritual influences. Real working spells like life changing your life spells are spells that really bring a transformation you have been waiting for. A few of such spells for changing your life are listed below.

Love Spells, Protection Spells and Healing Spells

protection spells to change your life
Change your life with protection spells by protecting your life, business, family, amongst others.

Are you finding it hard to keep your man or woman under your roof? Do you feel that your relationship is on the verge of breakup or you simply want to seduce someone? If so, then casting a love spell is the only viable solution. Before I get to that, let me first explain to you what a love spell is so you can grasp and internalize the love spells meaning.

A love spell, also known as a love charm is a spiritual practice that involves the invocation of spirits and entities so that they can provide power to solve a problem.
By using a love spell, you can switch the emotions of your lover on and off. Love spells also have distinctive ranks and classes and users can use them according to their particular preferences.

In a nutshell, here’s the love spells meaning: they are a collection of incantations that have been made to help solve problems that disturb men and women in relationships. The main benefit of using love spells is that they provide solutions to love problems and also help shape the destiny of love.

According to studies, it has been discovered that love spells are mostly used by young people and women. Since the focal point of love spells is love, it therefore targets the main organ that controls love and feelings – the heart.

Casting love spells is a method that spells casters, shamans, seers, voodoo priests, psychics and spirit mediums use to circumvent good feelings and turn them into better love feelings.

In the end, they can help to attract love, revive the love of a person who has abandoned you and make them to change their feelings and start loving you. If you are in a relationship with a man or a woman who seems not to be loving you the way you want him or her to, love spells could be the best remedy for your situation.


change your life spells for finances
This powerful money spells is one of the ‘change your life spells’ to make sure you are financially stable.

Knowing whether a love spells manifesting or not is what users of spells are often on the lookout for. After casting a love spell, its results can manifest in different forms. Normally, the person on whom it has been cast will feel weak at the onset of the spell. The spell makes the person to develop the urge and craze to want to see the person who has cast it on him or her.

His or her thoughts and dreams become filled with the presence and the image of the one who made the spell. But, remember that the best results of a love spell can only be attained when the practice is entrusted in the hands of a professional magician.

Sometimes, love spells manifesting can be a little drastic. In extreme cases, the spell can make someone to start stalking a lover. Whether he or she goes to a workplace, they will not be in position be able to concentrate on work until they see you, talk to you or sit near you. However, this is not bad in any way, because the end point is that you will have achieved the desires of your heart.

Would you like to quickly resolve your troubles? If you desire to do so at the moment, I would like to help you through my rituals of magic to help find a solution to the problem that gnaws your heart. A special change your life spells designed around your personal needs. You will see how the results will manifest quickly.

Relationship problems always emanate from the negativities, demonic influences and third party interferences in relationships. Weak individuals often choose to give up when they come face to face with a crisis in their relationship. However, the confident ones – those who believe in the power of supernatural human beings – often find solace in powerful spells that work fast. If you desire to cause change in your life or love relationship, this is the only positive direction to take.


change your life spells and lost lover love spell
Lost lover love spells are a very spell kind of love spells that are usually used for restoring a past love relationship.

“Magic” is a word that many people often misinterpret. A great number of individuals associate it with negativity and, thus, frown a lot when the word is mentioned. But, what exactly is magic? The word magic is literally translated to mean “power”. If used in the context of love, “love magic” is spiritual power that a spells caster uses to revive lost love, attract someone’s love and remove obstacles that prevent love from manifesting.

The use of love spells is an age-long activity that humans have often engaged themselves in. Human beings perform love magic to bring back happiness and for this reason, many people enjoy doing it because of the satisfaction it offers. They are so powerful that some can even manifest results on the 7th day.

But, what are some of the reasons why people cast love spells?

Different people have different inner reasons for using magic to resolve issues in their relationships. Many times, it turns out that although partners may greatly love each other, there may not be any harmony in the relationship. This consequently leads to the collapse of the said relationship.

There are magic love spells – the most powerful of which can manifest results on the 7th day – that anyone can use to fix a situation of this nature. Through spiritual energy, voodoo and magic, I have been helping many individuals across the world to harmonise their relationships. If there is no happiness in your relationship, there is a way to bring it back or restore it.

My experience, understanding and mastery of magic is something that you will find incredible

I have made extensive travels across the world seeking knowledge from different continents. With my deep knowledge and experience, I shall unravel the reasons why there is a lot of mayhem in your relationship. One thing that you should know is that many relationships often fail because imbalance – emotional imbalance, love imbalance and lack of reciprocal love. if this is happening in your relationship, I can help you get rid of that. more so, that will happen exactly on the 7th day after casting the love spell.

I know how to apply magic so that potential partners can be attracted to each other, find true love or be reunited with each other. However, I offer this service to people whose karma and souls are directly linked.
This implies that souls that are connected at the karmic level can experience a lot of joy and balance. Like I said, you will experience that change on the 7th day of casting the spell.


do change your life spells work
It sounds stupid for me to be asking this kind of question again, given the fact that I have almost done all the explaining I have to do regarding the efficacy of love spells.

In 2003, the US Army conducted a study in Afghanistan on the efficacy of psychic power in military strategy.

Two Army officers who claimed they had been born with a “third eye” had said they were capable of detecting the presence of an enemy force that was stationed 50 kilometres away. They were engaged and it turned out that their “visions” were correct. Using drones, the US was able to target such enemy bases based on the “visions” that these psychics had received. This was very instrumental in the achievement of victory for the US Army.

But, as you can see, the above testimony is in no way related to love and love spells. Here is another testimony!
In 2014, a famous Ghanaian fetishist by the names of Nana Kwaku Bonsam was able to cause an injury to Christiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese football star. He did so by offering six living dogs to his spirit god – Kawiri Kapam. What was the result of this? Ronaldo indeed was unable to play many crucial matches at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

All these revelations point to one thing: there are powers that we cannot comprehend. These powers do not exist in our natural world, but they can help us when we have challenges in our lives. Love change your life spells work in the same way. The power of love can be transmitted across borders by making sacrifices to the gods, invoking benevolent spirits and casting powerful love spells that work fast to change your life. Do love spells really work? I believe you have the answer now.


do easy change your life spells that work
Easy love spells for beginners are simple spells that you can do from the comforts of your home. Many love rituals and lobe spells can be enchanted when you are alone. For example, there are change your life spells for work, health, money, luck and love that you can do in order to attract the aforesaid to yourself. Some red magic rituals also permit the use of sorcery, especially in rituals that you do in order to find love.

Most love spells for beginners use photographs

A picture is one of the main elements that mages use in rituals. It is a support tool in magic practice because occult studies and experiments have revealed that energies of love can be easily transmitted to another person using a photograph as a medium.

For this reason, it is recommended that you use a high quality photograph while casting the spell. If you cannot find the photograph of that person, you can substitute it with a figurine representing the person on whom you would like to cast it. You can buy them from specialised stores or esoteric centres.

But, before I go any further, you should not confuse a figurine with a voodoo doll. A voodoo doll is only customised for voodoo rituals. Although there are stores from which you can buy voodoo dolls, you should be careful about such dolls. Voodoo is not magic for beginners. It is for those who have been initiated into the practice of black magic, voodoo priests, shamans and Sangomas.
Here is a simple love spell for beginners using a photograph

Before you start casting a love spell on the guy in the photo, you need to first actively prepare the photo. To do this, look at the photo for three consecutive nights before going to bed. Drench it with your fertile energy of positive emotions and when you go to bed, place the picture at the end of the bed or under the pillow on your bed. Then, on the actual day of the spell, do the following:

  • Arrange a table, put the photo on it and look at it with lots of love. You should do this, preferably, at sunset. For a minute, meditate and imagine spending a lot of time with the person in the picture.
  • Then, on the back of the photo, write your name and your date of birth.
  • Fold the picture and stitch it with a red thread. Pierce a needle through it and say the following incantation while a red candle burns:

“You are mine. Feel my love in your heart.
By Eros and Venus, our love is sealed”

Pick the photo, insert it in a clay pot and bury it under a rose tree.


candle love change your life spells

One of the strongest love spells that anyone can ever cast is the love spells hex using a candle. To do this, on Sunday, you must come to the temple and buy a medium candle. Illuminate it for the health of your loved one, and offer prayers to all the saints until the candle is completely melted. You should then wrap the candle in a white cloth, living a tip out.

When you get home, make a wick using the fabric that you had previously wrapped up the candle with and attach it to the previously melted wax of the candle you had bought from the temple. Light it up and allow to burn, while you say prayers through the saints. After it has cooled, place the melted wax in water that you have poured in a small container. Cover it with a lid and put another candle on top of it. Light it up and as it is burning; do the following:

  • Put on a white dress and wear a headscarf, which symbolizes marriage.
  • Slightly lift the lid and touch the water in order to create some vibration. While doing so, ensure that the candle doesn’t fall. After then, pronounce the following spell:

    “The candle is holy, the water is cold, I do not know sadness, I want my beloved to love me”
    A week after this spell, you must give your lover a gift. You should be careful when choosing a gift to give your man. Do not buy for him a knife, a pair of scissors or any other article that can create negative energy. And then, every time you meet him, talk about lover.

    These love spells free that work fast sometimes have a long period of energy impact. So, if yours doesn’t work immediately, you will have to wait a little longer for your love to manifest. But, results can also be obtained from these spells in a period of between 3 to 4 days.


    free change your life spells
    They all point towards one direction: love spells work and that magic has the potential to remove all odds in the relationship. I have been in touch with clients that were not able to enjoy marital bliss, despite their attempts at doing so.

    Many of them contacted me because they had difficulties in their relationships – infidelity, boredom, monotony, lack of commitment, fights, quarrels, third party influence and many more. However, the moment they allowed themselves to be immersed and drowned in the power of magic, they were able to tell many love spells stories later.

    What are the causes of problems in relationships?

    When you find yourself searching for love in vain, sometimes you may not have to blame yourself; consider my change your life spells. I know you have done your best to make your partner what you want, but things are not turning the way you desire. The truth of the matter is that there are inner and outer barriers/stumbling blocks that usually restrain the evolution of true love.

    I can remove all these barriers through powerful magic. What you simply have to tell me is the magnitude of your problem and I shall transfer enough spiritual power – big enough to dissolve all those barriers in your relationship.

    The process of casting love spells goes through states and the first stage is that of eliminating stumbling blocks. As soon as I do that for you, love will flow into your life in a natural way. Balancing a relationship not what a sorcerer, psychic or shaman can do in a single day. However, when done, it will definitely bring long term happiness into your relationship.

    Love spells stories do not just come from the blue

    change your life spells rituals
    They are inspired by true testimonies that satisfied users of spells often tell. The reason why people resort to love magic is because they want to become more attractive in the minds of their lovers. But, one thing you should know is that drawing two partners together is not a preserve of magic alone. The person requesting the magic should also fully cooperate with the spells caster if they are to obtain credible results.

    At the time you meet your – prior to casting the love spell – you should be attractive, strong and balanced! For this reasons, you have to take the personal responsibility of working on yourself.

    As my client, my work is to guide you so that you can increase your attractiveness. After, I shall take the personal responsibility to ensure that your outer and inner wellbeing are solid and stable – before you tell your love spells stories!


    love spells that work in 1 minute

    These change your life spells are for beginners in the world of magic, as well as those who not yet ready to pay a spells caster to cast for them a spell.

    However, the process of drawing love is so complicated that amateurs may not be able to handle the vibrations associated with it. If you are in a relationship with someone, but you have discovered that there are problems that are hindering the smooth evolution and flow of love, you can apply free love spells that really work in 1 minute in order to restore love, charm and harmony into the relationship.

    What can these free love spells that really work in 1 minute do for you?

    First, these change your life spells will relieve you off the stumbling block that have been in your personality from the time of your birth and those that may have surfaced from your other previous relationships. Even if the two of you are already apart, you do not have to give up.

    You can still restore that relationship using magic. In case of separation, here are the two things that you have to do regularly in order to enable me to successfully bring the two of you together again:

    • You should communicate with me regularly. In addition, you should also be very open about the things that are happening in your relationship. Without your full cooperation, I shall not be able to cause that love to exist or reunite the two of you.
    • As a client, I expect you to be very keen on the instructions that I shall issue to you from time to time. These may include meditation and reading books that I have recommended with understanding and openness.

    You can find many of this free love spells that really work in 1 minute here on my site

    Now that you are already on this page, you do not have to continue scrounging the internet in search free love spells that really work in 1 minute. I have the best of the best – to help you attract the attention of your man or woman and ensure that your relationship lasts for eternity.

    These spells for changing your life will disseminate a lot of spiritual energy to the person you love. The resultant effect will be that that man or woman will change his or her behavioral model and become positive in all aspects. It will restore self-confidence into the relationship, elicit strong feelings of love and passion and make the two of you to start thinking about each other nonstop.


    free love spells

    In attracting two people and making them to love each other, love charms and love magic have to be constantly used. This practice is also closely connected with detailed knowledge of psychology, the unconscious state of the human mind and his thought processes.

    Before casting free love spells that work for real, the spells caster has to ascertain why the separation took place or the person in question is unable to receive love. This is exactly where psychic services and tarot reading have to be employed.

    But, even if the relationship has broken up, there is light at the end of the tunnel

    Many of the reasons why relationships break up today are mostly due to lack of communication and misunderstanding between the two lovers. When two people decide to stay together, both of them expect to receive respect, love and help. However, sometimes these may just be shown by only one of the parties in the relationship.

    Some of them just watch passively as their partners falter in terms of behaviour and decision making. A failed love relationship can be compared to friendship between two beggars – when they meet; they both expect understanding, love and help. However, neither of them has anything to offer. Because of this, they both end up separating empty-handed and disappointed.

    Although we can all access help, understanding and love any time, we cannot do so from someone else. Not even our best friend or partner can provide us with the help, love and understanding that we need. These things can only be found when we take a closer look into ourselves and seek help from God. If you are capable of discovering these gifts from your inside you, you will never remain a beggar.

    Loneliness comes about when people distance themselves from you or pay little attention to you. However, when we stick to God and the spirits, we can obtain whatever we want in life – love, care, friendship and company. To evoke these spirits and gain their support, there are free love spells that work for real that you can use to get whatever you want in the field of love. Browse this site or simply contact the spells caster here for more change your life spells.


    candle love spells
    This now takes us to another aspect in this article – the different types of spells that can be accessed from the world of magic. There are a variety of love spells. Many of them are premised on love attraction, while others are there to restore love, rekindle passion or restore calm in a marital union. Spells casters also use different types of magic like white magic or black magic. Some change your life spells require materials like incenses, body fluids, blood, oils and candles. With candle spells, a practitioner can simply light the candle and cast the spell following the guidelines stipulated.

    As spells caster, these are the things I do

    Tips on how to cast change your life spells
    While practicing love magic, I help the people who seek help from me to let things go. However, this does not mean GIVING UP! When a person gives up, he or she resigns. To “let things go”, in this case, means calling those supernatural forces to intervene into our situation and resolve our problems.

    Although this is the most reliable step, it can sometimes be very scary as we shall be dealing with forces that are hidden and unknown to us. In addition, the person in this situation might have the fear that his or her lover might disappear forever and they will remain in agony.

    However, as a spells caster, what I know is that letting go can be the only way to attain a relaxed mind. It helps us to attain freedom, allowing energy to flow into us and regain our true identity. This is what I always want my clients to understand and once they do so, they can clearly experience this truth.

    As my client, this will give you the opportunity to gain more confidence, love and understanding. By the time I light the candle to invoke the spiritual forces, you will have gained the power to emanate a powerful attraction force which everyone will notice and accept unconsciously.

    In love spells casting, the person requesting the spell unconsciously seeks something that belongs to his or her partner – the soul of that person. Knowing that the soul can be the hardest of all parts of a human being to be accessed, love magic and love charms can be the only way of achieving this purpose.

    If there are problems in your love life – disharmony, fights, quarrels or contention – do not call it the end of the world. It does not matter whether you have broken up with the person you love. I have, very often, solved these problems. What you need to do is to contact someone who is knowledgeable in matters of the occult and magic. I know I can do something for your relationship the moment I light the candle. Call me now because I am waiting to help you.


    Every woman knows the feeling of being in love and how painful it is when a man does not reciprocate their love. In today’s world, desperate lovers do not just sit and watch as love slips away from their hands. Many are already doing love spells youtube to make the man they love with all their heart to fall for them totally.
    These change your life spells are very safe and can never harm you in any way. With these easy love spells, you can attract a lover to yourself and make him start having genuine feelings for you.

    If your man is stubborn, the love spells youtube with tame him

    First and foremost, one thing I would like to tell you is that men do not like cheap women. If you are this kind of woman who likes stalking a man and desperately showing him that you like him, he may not want to start a relationship with you, thinking that you are cheap.

    Secondly, love is energy which is spiritual in nature. It has no beginning and no end. When love is created, it will flourish.

    Unfortunately, love does not thrive in an environment where there is negative energy. So, if you are surrounded with a veil of negative energy, your love energy will not penetrate into the heart of the man you want.

    Easy change your life love spells will first eliminate these stumbling blocks of negative energies, demons and spirits that prevent you from receiving and transmitting the kind of love you have for your man. In the end, it will make the man to receive your love in his aura and reciprocate accordingly.

    There are several love spells youtube. There, you can watch videos of instructions on how to cast a particular spell and know about the necessary materials required. If you are interested in such, browse my youtube account and take your pick.


    custom love spells
    Love spells are not generic in nature. Since different relationships have different problems, spells casters usually tailor magic spells according to the need and the degree of seriousness of that problem. But, if you study the kind of problems in relationship, hey all emanate from one source: the influence of negative energies.

    Quarrels, fights, disagreements, dispassionate relationships and many others are usually associated with spiritual intrusions by demons and evil spirits. In this case, custom love spells can be used to eliminate such energies and restore calm into the relationship.

    Like I already said, there are different types of love spells. The easiest and the safest are white magic change your life spells. These spells are cast using simple ingredients like candles, incenses, oils, herbs and body fluids. However, their efficacy in solving complicated problems like the restoration of love after breakup may not be viable. In other words, we can say that they are custom love spells meant to handle simple love problems like sweetening love, restoring passion and rekindling intimacy.

    On the other hand, black magic spells – the most powerful and also the most dangerous – are recommended for situations in which the person finds himself or herself giving up because of a love problem. For example, if you have tried in vain to win love, to convince your man to love you again or to break the third party relationship your partner is in; these custom love spells using black magic are the most recommended.

    Therefore, do not just order anything in the name of a “love spell”. I recommend that you consult a professional magician or spells caster, explain your problem to him and allow him to recommend a spell that can cure the problem. Casting a change your life spell without consultation is like taking medicine without a prescription from the doctor.


    powerful love spells

    The science of magic is the oldest in the world. It derives its force from nature, spirits, gods goddesses and other entities. For thousands of years, man has been using magic and spells –power that allows him to do things that he himself cannot sometimes explain.

    In the past, our ancestors would perform different magical acts during times of hardship in order to make life easier. With time, they discovered how to muster spirits and other forces of nature in crafting solutions to problems.

    In the ancient days, human beings generally used magic to protect their children, rid themselves of evil spirits, wealth attraction and many other areas. There are rituals that have often been practiced to attract positive energies – especially that of love. It is not surprising that magic is more used in love life today than it is applied in any other field.

    Difficult situations in relationships can be tackled using powerful love spells that work immediately. There are individuals who have skills in this art – they know how to use magical tools to attract love, restore love, remove obstacles in a relationship, rekindle lost passion and love and foster intimacy in a relationship. Here, you will learn more about these change your life spells and how to effectively use them to change your love life.

    There is a variety of love spells: spell to make your lover loyal, spell to make your lover dream about you and spells to attract a perfect lover. In casting these spells, magicians and spells casters often use things like body parts of animals, body fluid (blood, urine, semen), rituals, incantations, amulets, herbs, minerals, articles belonging to a particular person and crystals. Spells casting also brings to play powerful energies and for that reason, it should not be treated as something very slight. I personally do not encourage you to cast spells on your own because they have very severe, consequential repercussions.


    quick break up spells
    Many people do not always have a clear understanding of what magic is. For example, they think “magic” is about women dressed in black and wearing long hats – pinning nails on voodoo dolls and photos – , invoking evil and many other countless assumptions that are very far away from reality. But, one thing you should know is that love rituals and love spells are designed to help you get rid of obstacles that stand on the way of your happiness and bring love, happiness and prosperity into your life. When energies are properly channeled, they can help you accomplish anything in life.

    Relationships are not of the same type. There are peaceful ones as well as violent ones. There are loving ones as well as non-loving ones. Whatever type of relationship you find yourself engaged in, you should work towards keeping it, maintaining it and strengthening it. If, however, you are in one that you can’t stand any longer, you can break it up and start your love life anew. Imagine being in love with a man that beats you up all the time.

    He doesn’t respect you, ignores you and mistreats you. Unfortunately, you tied the knot with him. You are thinking of how to get out the relationship once and for all. Do not even waste any single time. Break up love spells are here for you.

    Many times, our relationships can be marred by the influence from third party. A man that you love may be taken away by a woman who cannot even evaluate the much you have spent in building that relationship up. As you are busy taking care of the children at home, you can one day be surprised to hear that the man you love has impregnated another woman from the neighbourhood. If you have discovered that your lover is cheating on you and you would like to break the illicit relationship, break up love spells can be of great ally.


    love spells to make a man fall in love with you

    Now that I have discussed so much about love spells and their benefits, let me touch something related to human ethics: the use of the love spell vs religious belief and ethical questions. Whenever word is made mention of “spells” or “magic” in the circles of Christianity, many people often frown. We have all been made to believe that magic is “evil”, “bad” and “satanic!” The chief propagators of this line of thought are the Hollywood actors and actresses, including film directors. In Christian churches, especially the Pentecostal Movements, pastors preach against these practices, condemning and literally sending their practitioners to hell.

    We, in the world of magic, have a different view. We believe that Christianity, voodoo worship, Wicca, Candomble and Santeria exist alongside each other. We all use the same methodology of invoking their powers and spiritual energies as we seek interventions to problems that confront and challenge us.

    There is a similarity between spells casting, invocation of spirits and Christian worship – the use of candles, prayers and “special books” from which teachings and references can be derived from. The Christian God, Allah, voodoo deities and other gods and goddesses are all invisible beings from a different world. So, as we all worship and consult them; we should also learn to exercise the spirit of coexistence.

    Is magic bad? Between love spell vs religion, what should we choose? Magic per se is neither bad nor good. Let me compare it to atomic energy. This energy, when used in the generation of electricity can be a solution to all the energy needs of people.

    However, when used to make a bomb that kills in masses, that may be negative – though a soldier will argue otherwise. It is your volition to either choose religion or use love spells. In reality, you can go to a church, mosque or synagogue and pray for love in the same way as spells casting is done.


    The law of 3-fold return

    The law of threefold return is a rule of thumb in the practice. It states that whatever you wish someone will come to you three times. Let me even make it simpler: when you curse someone using a spell, the curse will come back to you when it is three times in terms of intensity. When you cast a spell seeking love, you will also receive love in the same manner. This is one thing that makes many people to get scared of magic.

    However, there is nothing to fear because the law of threefold return only affects those with bad intentions

    When you use magic to attract someone that you love, nothing bad is bound to happen to you. The fear of negativity, I think, has its root in the belief that love magic is manipulative and, therefore; bad. Magic can be compared to electricity. It can make your life good, though it can also harm. So, what is the difference between using electricity in a good way and its bad use? This is determined by the intention if the user.

    If someone plugs a cable in a live socket and dips it into your bath tub, I guess you know what he wants to do. If the same person connects power to a dark room so he or she can see everything, then that is good! The law of threefold return only affects those with bad intentions, REMEMBER!

    All love spells users are asked to be ethical in all their magical practices. In this case, if your actions contravene the stipulated guidelines; magic can be harmful in this case. So, how can we judge that magic was used in a good way?

    By assessing the impact or outcome of that magical practice. If both partners can attain happiness, positivity and “good for all” at the end of everything, then magic will have been used in a good and ethical way.


    law of attraction
    Understanding love spells and law of attraction. Today, I am going to show you how you can attract your heart’s desire by telling a simple story. Once upon a time, there were twin brothers. The two were totally identical look-alikes. It was hard to differentiate one from the other. Since they were twin, they used to do things together: walk together, bath together, eat together and even hang out together. They even went to the same school.

    One day, they all went out in search of jobs and they were all lucky to find vacancies in the same company. The first twin brother was more interested in this vacancy than the second one, so he communicated with the company’s human resource officer so that he could arrange an interview for him. The second one also vowed:

    “This is my only opportunity and I shall do my best to snatch it. However, if I do not succeed in getting this job, maybe I can try somewhere next time. I know I shall succeed somewhere else.”

    Who, of these two, do you think will get this job? OF COURSE THE SECOND BROTHER. Do you know the reason why? The other first brother did everything under pressure because of his desperation. In doing so, he lost all his balance. He had sleepless nights, was scared and nervous.

    Although he was qualified for the job, he was tensed up and unnatural. At the time of doing the interview, the other brother was relaxed and because of that, he was able to get the job. His disposition and behaviour was natural and all his actions were devoid of fear or anxiety.

    This is exactly how relationships also work. if you are desperate about making someone to love you or make your lost love to come back, you will be like the first brother you have read about in this story. Your actions will look unnatural because you are afraid of failure. You will spend sleepless nights and fill your whole being with anxiety.

    This is one of the stumbling blocks in relationships. What you are afraid of is what might turn out to become a reality. If you are afraid that the person you love will abandon you, your worries and fears will turn the situation into reality. Love spells and law of attraction work that way.

    With magic, you should never act under pressure because magic is like an amplifier. It amplifies the whims and desires of your heart and creates the opportunities for you to get something new. But, do you think this chance can be of benefit to you when appear before someone reeking in sweat, exhausted and anxious?

    So, if you meet someone, do not act under pressure. Take your time, chat with that person, take them out and enjoy the best of your time with him or her without appearing to be pushing and shoving things around. That is how the love spells, change your life spells, and law of attraction work.


    love spells without ingredients
    Of all the rituals that mages practice all over the world, love magic and love charms are the most used. This is so because there are many love and relationship problems that couples normally experience. Many of them sometimes get lost in the world of desperation, anguish and suffering – unable to know what step to take in order to restore love into the relationship.

    However, those who have often embraced traditional wisdom and knowledge of the occult know how powerful these powers of magic can be when it comes to love attraction, maintenance and restoration of love. That is why they resort to easy love spells without candles.

    These easy love spells without candles are just as effective as those that use elaborate ingredients. The difference is that they make use of the power of the mind – the mental and spiritual strength of the person casting them. Usually, a mage will cast any of these spells through meditation or psychical manipulation of energies.

    By concentrating a lot and thinking about what you desire – without any distractions – you can create very powerful energies. These energies can then be transmitted to the situation that bothers you, to someone that you want or to correct someone’s behaviour. That is how these easy love spells without candles work.

    Many mages have also mastered the power of the word in casting easy love spells without candles. The Bible, in the book of James, says that the tongue has the capability of setting a forest alight. Many curses often emanate from the tongue. Your wishes, desires, whims and anxieties; when put in the forms of words and voiced can be so powerful that their outcomes may be unbelievable. However, the art of mediation and impregnating thoughts with magic is what few individuals have mastered. That is why you will discover that it is only professional spells casters who can do these easy love spells without candles with a lot of competence.


    love spells with papers

    Late in the evening, on a Friday night (Full moon night), go to a very quiet room an set up an altar for casting the spell with pieces of paper. Drape your altar (which might be a small table) with a white piece of cloth.

    For this spell, you will need the following:
    4 Red candles, 2 Pink pieces of paper, Red piece of cloth, A golden ring, White cloth, Red Marker pen, Small clay pot

    Draw a pentagram on it using the marker pen and place the four red candles at the four cardinal points symbolizing East, West, North and South.
    Get the two pink piece of paper and write the name of the person you wand on it. Draw the shape of the heart around the name. On the other piece of paper, write your name and draw the heart shape around it. Fold the two pieces of paper together and insert it into the golden ring.

    Now, tie both the ring and pieces of paper in the red piece of cloth and light the candles. While the candles are burning, say the following incantation 75 times, with desire for love and happiness.

    “ Lika leku lalatum laba-laba (mention name of your lover)
    Sinia salima selele salem sasolo
    Mazima meket muko makabala

    After the candles have completely burnt out, say a word of thanks. Keep the package wrapped in the red cloth in a small clay pot under your bed.

    Why you must cast easy love spells that work

    Many people often form thoughts of the characteristics they want from their future partner. But, one thing is common in all these thoughts and desires: the fact that we all want someone to love us the same way we love them.

    We all want a passionate, caring, loving, compassionate, lively and strong lovers. Although we all have these character sketches at the time we start searching for love, many times it turns out that our wishes may not be fulfilled. The person you want may not be the one you had formed a character sketch about! That is why most people turn to love spells with pieces of paper.

    Today, young and old people alike use love magic rituals to attract partners. This is so because love is one things that brings happiness. More so, it has become increasingly hard to convince someone to love another genuinely.

    In the world of magic change your life spells, mages, spells casters, shamans, psychics, seers, tarot card readers and voodoo priests know that love is energy and not just MERE ENERGY – but a spiritual one. Since a human being himself has a spiritual component in him, he can put it to use in the same way as he does when he wants to have something done physically. The love spells with pieces of paper are cast using this ideology – the fact that you can transmit the energies of what you want into the universe and the universe will send it to you.


    powerful love spells
    In bringing lovers together, reunion of lovers and love magic, the rituals that mages use to achieve these purposes are of different strength levels.

    They range from simple love spells, love spells, hoodoo spells, love charms to voodoo rituals and strong love spells using black magic. The powerfulness of these love spells and rituals also depends on how complicated or simple the problem is. When spells casters cast these spells, they have one basic rule: the spell used should bring harmony health to the two people involved in the relationship.

    The love spells without ingredients are customised to make true love a reality

    Sometimes, two people may fail to love each other because there is no understanding between – in reality, they do not understand each other because they equally don’t have love for one another.

    In The Bible (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10), it is written: “Two people are better than one because they can benefit from each other. If one of them falls, the other will lift up the one who has fallen; but when one stays alone and he falls, there is no one who will come and lift him up.”

    “Again, when two people share a bed, they can warm each other; but how can a person obtain warmth when he lies on his or her bed alone?” And if a man attacks another who is alone, two people shall stand up against him, and a third will join, form a cord that cannot be broken quickly.”

    Love spells without ingredients can be one way to make your love dreams come true. By “without ingredients”, I mean that you may not need candles, oils, incenses, body effluvia or any other ritual materials in order to attract or bring back lost love. For example, you can simply pray to God to bring the person who has abandoned you back or make that man or woman to revive his or her feelings for you.

    Do you have a problem that is bothering you in your relationship? Do you feel sick and experience a total lack of energy? If you have tried with all your strength and might to make that man or woman love you in vain, contact me so I can help you solve that problem.


    tarot cards
    Powerful love spells using tarot cards involve the use of clairvoyance, fortune telling and tarot card reading.

    What is the benefit of using tarot cards? Tarot cards are useful because it helps the person using them to see the circumstances of the person suffering from the karmic and spiritual perspective. This then makes it easier for that person’s problems to be solved. If you would like to know about the future of your relationship, card reading and consultation is the first most recommended thing for you.

    I offer counseling services and problem solving with the help of astrology, tarot card reading, runes and other magical means so that you can pave the way of your future. Through astral level and clairvoyance, I can help you shape a life, love relationship or romance with more balance, peace and joy.

    When you contact me, the first analysis and counseling regarding the problem which is afflicting you is free of charge. Here, I simply answer any one simple question regarding your problem. However, if you are a client who desires a detailed analysis and instructions that will help you sort out the mess in your life – health, love, love, money, work – you will be required to pay for the service.

    Love spells using tarot cards incorporate card reading. Through fortune telling and card reading, I can predict your future or that of your relationship so that you can prepare for certain events and eventualities – be they good or bad.

    But, remember that I do not have the power to change everything that will happen in the future. There are things that have to happen and as a magician, I am supposed to exercise the highest degree of honesty. We all are not the same and the same applies to all situations. I only look for the forthcoming events in your life and advise you about why they are to happen and how you can face them.

    Are you currently held in a state of confusion and you do not know how to approach the future with confidence? I can help you know about the future so that you can formulate a guided approach as you await the happening of those events. Think of the many things you would have had different approaches to, had you known what their results were going to be! Now, you no longer have to bother yourself about them. I am here, waiting to assist and guide you.


    hoodoo love spells
    Hoodoo love spells love spells are very much similar to white magic spells. They follow the same rule: magic should be done for the benefit of all. All living creatures, in whatever form they may be, are moved by love. In other words, it is very correct when one says that love is as vital as air and water. From ancients, hoodoo love spells have been used with the purpose of returning lost love or attracting the love of a soul mate

    In theory, we all have the capability of doing charms and spells, since it is believed that all human beings have some element of magic in them. The effectiveness of magic only depends on the method you use for channeling energy from natural elements or from the universe. Although people can talk of hoodoo love spells, black magic spells or white magic spells, magic doesn’t have any specific colour distinction. The colour stereotypes that you often read about are human creations – a distinction that is sometime prejudicial and unfair.

    When to talk to people about magic, they will straight away tell you that magic is bad. However, that is not really so. The badness of magic, like I already said, is a mentalised, prejudiced and diabolized version that the Hollywood movies try to portray. In reality, its goodness or badness can only be determined by the intentions of the person using them. Furthermore, it is karmic in a way – every action as a consequence and you can pay a price for whatever you.

    Hoodoo love spells are some of the most powerful rituals because they resonate with the most intimate and the deepest desire of human beings – LOVE! For this reason, users are particularly advised to be cautious when using them because their risks can sometimes be graver than the desired effects.

    Practitioners of hoodoo love spells believe that love magic should have only one end – the attraction of positive energies of love, passion, desire and lust. If they are cast to fulfill desires and whims that are contrary to the above intentions, they can only end up evoking love and passion that might turn out to be destructive.

    In this case, the one who cast the spell could have contradicted the initial intentions of the spell, thereby working against the natural laws of cause and effect. This is usually what causes devastating consequences.

    That said, you should never refrain from trying hoodoo love spells

    hoodoo love spells
    Before you start casting hoodoo love spells, you should first erect an altar in a very suitable place. This should be a place that doesn’t experience constant intrusions, interruptions or crisscrossing of energies. The altar can be a wooden board, a chair or a table. While erecting this, you should be very serene, quiet, calm and having only appositive attitude.

    You can then make a simple statue that represents a man and a woman conjoined, embracing or hugging. This, you can buy from an esoteric shop. However, do not use a photograph in the process of casting this spell. you can just acquire a simple red candle was statue. Red is the colour that most mages use in love spells casting and for this reason, it must find its way on your altar in the form of a candle.

    In order to link your energies with the universe, find symbols that represent the for natural elements and put them around the two candle-wax statues, each at the four different cardinal points. A tune for air, a white candle for fire, clean water in a small bowl and a handful of soil from a jungle or forest.

    To start this hoodoo love spells, light the candles and meditate deeply as you see a fireball of love energy being created. Once the fireball has been created, transfer it to the person you love and imagine that person coming around to hug and kiss you. strengthen the energy of love through your meditation and once you feel deep inside you that you have received it, end the spell with a word of thanks to the entities. Pick up the candle remains and put them under your doormat. Keep the statue under your bed until that person comes and starts loving you.


    free love spells
    Woman, do you want your man to love you for eternity? Do you want him to be yours until you rent a cavity in which you both die of old age after? Do you want him to stick to you the way a leach sticks on the body of a human being? Do you want to be his cherry tree so that he can eat only your cherry? The answer to these questions is SIMPLE!

    Make love spells for free! Seriously, do not just dress up in a sexy outfit and think that man will be lured by that! Be a witch! The sexy bit of your predisposition will not matter so much the moment you make a spell to attract his love. Yes, girls, you must be a little bit satanic is you are to all the goodies from your man.

    Here are some love spells for free that you can use on him

    I have compiled a list of magical formulas that have been used from ages past. Let me share with you the wisdom of our ancestors, witches, change your life spells casters, sorcerers, voodoo spriest, shamans, seers and psychics.

    Coffee for your man with a drop of your menstrual blood in it

    According to Elisa Schtensdfkargasdfaw, a practitioner of black magic, menstrual blood has hallucinogenic properties. She says that if you incorporate it in magic, it will make your man love you with madness and extreme craze.

    The procedure is simple: simply wait for your cycle and when the first blood drops, collect it and add it to your man’s coffee. The moment he takes it, you will start seeing the signs immediately. His love for you will become more intense than you had ever imagined. The other alternative is to apply a drop of this blood in his ears while he is asleep and put some around his genitalia.

    Love spells for free using onions

    onion love spells
    You will need an onion for casting this particular spell. Get a big onion bulb and write the name of the person you love on it. Leave it to rest under a full moon night. Early the next morning, when the dews are just starting to fall; go and plant it under a rose tree. While you are planting, call Mather Nature using the following incantation:

    “May this plant catch roots and grow buds.
    May the buds grow and become leaves
    And sprout flowers
    May this flower be my love
    The one whose name is (name of the person you love)
    Be the flower
    That I shall pick
    May the roots be firm, and the flowers beautiful
    Or I know that is my love
    So be it!”

    Repeat the chanting until your reacts. As soon as the onion germinates, so will the love that person has for you manifest. When it flowers, his love for you will blossom in the same manner. Remember to exercise much patience while casting this spell.

    Easy love spells for free to create eternal love

    skirt terrorist

    What happens if you love that man, but he doesn’t want to reciprocate the love you have for him? No matter how passionate you are about him, you have heart rumours that he is secretly dating your friend.
    At his work place, they have already branded him a “skirts terrorist”. You are afraid that he will abandon you soon and the relationship you share with him will fall to pieces. Woman, worry no more. There are love spells for free that you can use to attract his attention. Here, I am going to present one that you cast on him so that he can love you forever.

    For this spell, you will need a lock of hair from him. If can’t manage a lock, just get a few strands that you can access from the comb he uses. You will also need some incense.

    Here is the whole procedure of casting this powerful spell that works:

    • Light the incense
    • Allow it to burn until the room smells as though you were in church.
    • Repeat the following incantation and add the name of the person you love at the end:
      “Love me now that I love you too.
      Mugurel gogu vasilandru
      (Name of the person)
    • Now, burn his hair carefully without setting the house alight.

    Woman, have you seen how easy it is to make the man of your dreams love you until death? Get in touch with if you would like to know more about these love spells for free and other powerful love spells that work immediately.


    love spell book
    The love spells book could as well be referred to as the Bible of love spells. The most famous spells books are those that archaeologists discovered in Mesopotamia. They contained instructions on how to cast spells and the ingredients required in doing, proving to the modern world that love spells are as old as civilisation.

    Of all types of spells in the world of magic, the most used of them are love spells. Many people, when disappointed in love, tend to entrust their fates and destinies in the hands of practitioners of spells and magic rituals.

    It is amazing that love spells are more cast than money spells by those who seek refuge in occultism. These spells work by manipulating the supernatural forces and invoking them to come and help in the solution of a love problem. Today, women use love spells more than men. These are women who are tired of living in dispassionate relationship, want to conquer a lover or just want to make a man who abandoned them to love them again. Many of them turn to love spells book for these change your life spells.

    But remember, not everyone can practice magic

    Although anyone can access a love spells book from anywhere (including the internet), special caution must be taken before starting to practice any of these spells. Magic, ritualism and spells casting is a preserve of those who have received training, initiation and have attained a considerable experience mustering the powers of the occult.

    In addition, spells casting also requires that the person doing it be calm, composed and positive. Imagine you have just lost someone. By the time you think of casting a spell, you will emit a lot of negative energy that might even prevent the spell from working. For this reason, it is wise to allow the masters of change your life spells to do their trade.

    Before you resort to love spells, you should also maintain contact with the person of your desire

    If you have not seen this person more than THREE months, the chances of conquering the love of this person are only FIFTY percent. You should maintain a line of communication with the person. if you talk less with the person you want to attract, the chances of winning his or her love will be very slim. In fact, it less than 50%! For supernatural forces to work on a relationship effectively, there must be an emotional attachment between you and that person.

    Here are some free love spells from the love spells book

    free love spells
    If your partner has started showing you a cold shoulder, you can try this spell using the rose petals. For this spell, you will need:

    • 3 Red petals, cut from the bottom. They should not be broken. You will sink these petals into a salt water solution in a silver or glass container.
    • If your husband is cheating on you with another a mistress and you want to separate them, you should use yellow petals.
      As you dip these flowers into the water, pronounce the desires of your heart (what you want to see happen) with a lot of faith and conviction. This powerful spell is more effective if cast on a Friday night, when the moon is in her crescent phase.

    Easy love spell to conquer the love of a former boyfriend

    If your intention is to reestablish a broken relationship with your boyfriend, try using this candlestick spell. You will need:

    • The icon of St. Nectarius. (The protector of love).
    • Three candles (white, red and yellow)

    Say a love prayer through Saint Nectarius while the candles are burning. Ask him to mediate for you. Also, pray for the spirits of earth, water and fire to come and help you re-conquer the love of a boyfriend who has abandoned you. End the prayer by saying, “AMEN”.

    Powerful love spells book love spell to conquer a stubborn lover

    Despite the fact that you have shown interest in him, he is constantly ignoring you. Will you just continue burning with desire for him? You can cast a spell on him so that you can conquer his love. here is a simple spell that you can use.

    To cast it, you will need the following materials:

    • White sugar
    • Sheet of paper
    • Red candle

    Begin the spell by writing the name of the person on the sheet of paper. After that, light the red candle. The moment it starts burning, hold it and tilt the tip downwards so that the melting wax can drip on the sugar while doing this, think about the love that you want your man or woman to feel for you. You will receive immediate results once you practice this powerful spell that works.

    Simple love spell to separate two lover

    In casting this spell, simply write the names of the two people you would like to breakup. Fill a glass cup with water and cover it with a black cloth. Bind cloth to the mouth of the glass using a black three and keep it in a dark place.

    On a crescent moon night, go and climb on top of a hill in a jungle. Take of your clothes. Raise the glass high up and call the names of the people in the relationship while pronouncing a curse on their relationship. When you are done, walk naked till you reach home, still pronouncing the curse.


    Fast working love spells
    There are love spells pdf that you can just download and cast on your own. Instead of spending money on buying a love spells book, you can get access to these love spells pdf and enjoy the same benefits that love spells over.

    You can have money, fame and success, but without love, you will never experience true happiness. Love is one of the most mysterious subjects. It has two aspects – the spiritual and the carnal. The most ideal situation is when someone loves you fully, tenderly and with all the heat of his or her body. This is what women are always praying for and the same applies to men, though they do always want to admit it.

    For many centuries, humans have been inventing many special ways of arousing feelings. Some of these methods affect the mind and they are referred to as magical ways. Some of them affect the body and they are called aphrodisiacs.

    Modern scientists have also not fallen asleep – they have studied the human body in detail and discovered the parts that be tickled in order to arouse love. However, love is one thing that has beaten the brain of man because it unites the soul, the spirit and the body.

    We can only access millennial knowledge to try to understand the subject of love and many of them have been published in the love spells pdf e-books. In most editions, you will discover the most magical ways of making a person to develop love feelings for you as well as how we can use natural articles like stones and herbs to attract love.

    You can discover the oldest magical recipes in the love spells pdf ebooks

    love spells PDF

    Here, I shall only point out a few examples here and there. For example, amongst the Sumer people a man who wished to woo a woman would mix fat and milk of a holy cow in green dish designed for the purpose. He would then carry the concoction and when he met the girl, he would sprinkle the mixture on her breasts.

    In the Middle East, it believed the human liver is the seat of love. For this reason, if someone tragically dies, part of his or her liver is used for making a love drink. You can find more in the love spells pdf ebooks online.

    Long ago, in Greece, the udders of a hyena were used to evoke fiery love – the one that makes the person concerned to burn with sensual sensations. In ancient Rome, the making of love potions was forbidden.
    However, desperate women would still cast spells on the men. Famous spells casters then included Lucretius and Lukullus. You can learn more about such magical practices by downloading a free love spells pdf Ebook.

    How are love spells cast?

    Love magic operates in two ways:
    Contact spells and love dolls. With contact spells, the spells caster, witch, sorcerer or sorceress uses something that belongs to the person on whom the spell is being cast.

    This may include body fluids, hair or nail clippings. Today, there are spells that are cast using figurines. In ancient Greece, a figurine would be made using wax. It would then be slowly heated in the fire. If it melted, it was a sign that the heart of beloved had melted. If it did not, it implied that the person was not interested in love.

    Women who want their love to be reciprocated have also been doing many things. Such a woman can go to a cemetery where a man has been buried nine days earlier. She can exhume the man and strip his skin from head to foot.

    If she successfully does so by dawn, she carries the strip of skin to her own. It is believed that being in possession of a strip of skin from a dead man’s body can make a man love you as long as you possess the strip of skin.

    The love spells pdf Ebook is a resource that everyone must possess. You can read about the different love spells practices from the different parts of the world and maybe, whet your magical skills.


    protection spell
    Spells are not only confined to love and relationship issues, although those are the areas of frequent application. Protection is vital, even in love relationships. When people see us doing well, they may not be happy with us.

    Third parties may come around and what they do may turn out to be disastrous to the relationship you enjoy with the person that you love. If you are the kind of person who desires a strong wall of protection around yourself – family, love life, work and career – then protections spells are well suited for you.

    In this material world, we are all closely knit. However, our spiritual worlds are very different and our human senses cannot directly see them or perceive them. Different energies and forces influence and interconnect us, either positively or negatively.

    My mission, using protection magic and protection spells is to get rid of negative energy influences and bring back a balance into the life of people who always call me for solutions to their problems. I offer magic for protection, aura cleansing, removal of black magic, exorcism and freeing affected individuals from negative influences.

    Are you currently living with the suspicion that someone may have put black magic on you? Has your doctor diagnosed a disease which you did not expect him to find in your body? Do you experience nightmares, bad dreams, hallucinations, or hear strange voices at night? I would like to discover the source of your problem and offer you appropriate advice.

    Allow me take charge of your problem and help you. As human beings, we are all charged with the responsibility to participate in the elimination of evil and ignorance. How? By embracing the fact that evil can only be destroyed when we do good. But one more thing to emphasise: I can bring improvement into your life when you follow the instructions that I issue you to the dot.

    We all can contribute to the elimination of ignorance and evil. How? By realizing, that evil is destroyed by the growth of good.


    business protection spell
    All human beings are surrounded by a magnetic field called an aura. This aura is very strong and it is there to protect a person from entities and influences – the negative ones. Negative emotions, drugs, stress and diseases can harm the aura of any person and once they have weakened it, a person becomes susceptible to attacks from negative energies, spirits and demons. However, to some extent, you can recover and recreate your aura.

    This, you can do, through proper nutrition, spiritual and physical exercises. Reading holy books like the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, Ramajana, I Ching and many others can also help.

    Religions offer us a lot of wisdom, irrespective of their sources. However, in all religions, there are half-truths. As a spiritual human being, you should use your feelings to differentiate truth from falsehood. If you want to strengthen your aura, then you should meditate and pray regularly.

    I can get rid of maledictions, spiritual blocks, demons and evil spirits that are currently wrecking havoc in your life. By invoking divine powers, I am able to “construct” a wall of protection around you. This was will help you to live a healthy, confident and sustainable life.

    Protection spells will surround your aura with a strong protection wall – the one that health people do not actually have. After I have created it, it will last for many years and no negative energies will ever find their way into your life again – FOR DECADES! This means that you will enjoy more balance, positivity and harmony in your life. In a nutshell, protection spells are worthwhile. Try one today.


    voodoo spells
    Before a spells caster, shaman, psychic, seer, voodoo priest or witchdoctor recommends the casting of a particular spell, he or she must first understand the problem that has to be solved. The way a client looks at the problem is totally different from the way a professional spells casters views it. His (spells caster’s) perspective is wider and investigative.

    This means that he has to find out what caused the problem and make a decision basing on the facts of his findings. After that, he can then choose a ritual or spell that best suits the problem.

    When a client confides in the spells caster, the latter will understand the problem in detail. Most problems that clients present before me are connected with inner blocks/barriers. It is important that the mage gets to know the client better before solving his or her problem. But, the spells caster does not solve the problem on the basis of the information that the client gives him. He further goes ahead to contact an oracle, invoke the spirits and perform a ritual to a specific god or goddess.

    Sometimes, he has to make an astral trip in order to get a better perception of the problem at hand and find answers and solutions.
    Of all those mentioned, the very first thing that he does is to take an astral trip. In doing so, he or she can clearly see the source of the problem and know why they have taken the current direction.
    It is only after knowing the exact source of the problem that the spells caster can choose a particular spell or ritual.

    What is white magic?

    white magic spells
    White magic, sometimes referred to as “good” or “benevolent” magic is the simplest and the easiest magic to practice. Its practice usually involves the performance of simple rituals using candles, incenses, oils, photographs and other day-to-day materials that anyone can have access to. With white magic, magic is intended for good intentions only like attracting love, bringing harmony, eliciting desire and passion and restoration of love. White magic is not for revenge or cursing others!

    Laws of white magic: The Law of Resonance

    The word “Resonance” (which is quite related to “attraction”) has its roots in the Latin phrase: “sound back”. Whatever you dispatch or send out will find its way back to you in one form or another. In simple words, you are what your surrounding is. All human beings are capable of attracting things, situations and people whom they resonate with – the ones they share the same vibrational frequencies with.

    The environment that we live in also reflects what we radiate. If you behave aggressively or hatefully before the people around you, that is exactly what they will also show you – you will never receive love! When you cheat on your wife, she will also cheat on you. if you keep on worrying, the same worries will confront you. But, when you allow yourself to be immersed in love, joy and happiness; you definitely will receive the same.

    The Law of Karma

    The word “Karma” is a Sanskrit derivative meaning “action”, although it also refers to “cause and effect”. Everything that happens goes through one chain – Action and reaction.

    This means that whatever you do has to have a consequence. Thus, the energies that you send out will bounce back with cause because energies have an eternal life. When you hit someone, the person will hit you back. When you box the wall, the wall will inflict pain on you as well. In summary, therefore; goodness attracts goodness.

    Evil is paid with evil, kindness with kindness and ruthlessness with ruthlessness. When you give someone money, that money will come back to you, however, this does not mean that the same money will come back to you in its physical form from the same person. The universe will decide on that and you will receive money from another different person.

    Karma, therefore, refers to the logicalness of evens and happenings. It means that every emotion, every thought and action can never be deleted from the strands of history. Some time later, they will return to you like a boomerang. Any bad thing that happens in your life is not a punishment from God, but it is an integral part of your journey to self realization and enlightenment. The law of karma teaches us to be responsible for our fate and to always tackle a problem until you come to its solution.


    voodoo spells
    This powerful voodoo spells booga booga is cast using a voodoo doll. Before you start casting this spell, you will first have to make a voodoo doll. The fabric that you use in making the doll must represent a sick person. Freferably, the colour of the doll should be a white one.

    You should cast this spell during the waning moon phase and ensure to do it with much concentration.

    Invoke Ghedes and loco. Blow air from mouth into that part – the whereabouts- of the mouth and the nostrils. To connect the doll with the sick person, address it using the name of the person who is currently sick. Do this 3 times and baptize it. In order to make the results more effective, ensure that the doll’s figure represents that of the person who is currently sick and suffering. You can also add hair or fingernails into the doll.

    The moment you feel the doll has been fully “animated”, visualise how you want the healing done by separating the disease from the sick person and transferring it to the doll. Then pin a nail on that part which pains the sick person in order to localize the disease on the doll. Afterwards, bury the doll or discard it in a stream whose water runs.

    However, as you deal with voodoo spells booga booga, remember that spells do not replace medication. The energy that a healing spell generates harmonises and supports subtle bodies – the spirit and soul. In order to attain physical healing, medical treatment is recommended. There is no difference between a doctor and a magician and if they are all good, then you should use both of them. Sometimes, we fail to attain healing because there is a block in our mind. Voodoo spells booga booga for healing can help remove this block so that the physical body can initiate the process of physical healing.


    A white magic healing spell healing has one specific goal: to harmonise human beings with the universe. In magic, sicknesses and illnesses are understood as disharmony, the sum total of unequal forces within a human body. Regrettably, magic can also sometimes work in the opposite way. When a person attacks another with black magic, it can cause disharmony in the body of that person – leading to disease. Here is a magical formula that you can use to start the magical process of healing: say it with faith, conviction and confidence.

    In my body, there is power, health and joy
    Every, I wake up knowing that I shall be healthy forever
    As the moon wanes, so will my disease
    I am power, health and joy.

    The above magical change your life spells formula is a white magic healing prayer. You can replace the word “disease” with the actual name of the disease the person is suffering from – the one you would like to heal. You should articulate what you want to see happen, confine the disease into the words and command it to disappear. You should remember to perform this healing ritual in an appropriate place. For this magical formula, you need the following requirements;

    • Sky blue candle
    • Incense
    • Blanket
    • Altar table
    • Bell
    • Devotional image

    Dress the table with the blanket in question and put the devotional image on it. light the candle and incense. Ring the bell, both at the beginning and at the end of the spell. If you are unable to find a bell, then you can use an instrument that produces a similar sound. Avoid all forms of interruptions before, during and after the magical formula. Put your telephone off and close the door because the healing process requires a quiet place.

    While performing this spell, the spells caster must conduct the healing process hand in hand with movements and making gestures. Touch the sore spot, hold the sickness in your hands and blow it away or just simply brush it off with gesture of your hand. These movements will make the magical formula stronger.

    As a form of support to this change your life spells, you can also make some medicine to aid quick recovery. For this, you will need parsley root and water. At night, put some water in a cup or jar and place the parsley root in it.

    It is known that this root grows in darkness and gets deep into places where diseases and demons reside and can deal with them. To give the magical formula a special effect, repeat the ritual many times in many days. The best time for casting this spell is the waning moon, new moon and full moon.


    I know you are here because you have been searching for love spell quotes.

    “Love is like a plant. In order for it to grow and blossom, you must continuously water and tend it. The moment you fail to do so, it withers and dies. Fortunately, even when it dies, it is a seed that will germinate in a different form.”
    Xhosa, South Africa

    “Without love, we wouldn’t all be around in this world. Show some love to someone and keep humanity alive”
    Imran Khan, Iran

    “The triumph of hate over love in this world is because good people do nothing to promote love”

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