Black Magic Enchantment Love Spell Using An Apple

Black Magic Enchantment Love Spell Using An Apple

This is one of the most powerful dark enchantment spells that you can use to make the person you need the most to love you back. This spell works by using your will to effect and control the will of another person, endlessly making their decision about how they think of you and acting in the way that you require them to act towards you. Knowing this can have some skeptical results about the person you are casting a spell on. They may lose their zest for life for various things and may start to act surprisingly.

Steps for the spell:

Cut the apple sideways through the center, so that the seeds are a star. Take the nectar and put it in half of the apple, no matter which half. Currently take most of the strands you have of your hair and fold them together. Put the curled hair in the middle of the two parts of the apple. Tie the apple with any red strips or string you have, making sure it is tight. Take the tied apple and cover it outside. Your coveted love will start to focus on you quickly and you will always adore you from now on and for the foreseeable future.

Black magic money spell: voodoo money spell

If you are faced with a chain of obstacles that allows you not to expand the wealth you want, for example you feel that you are attacked with malicious vitality or assault of black magic, then you can follow this enchantment spells of black magic that will make that vitality to disappear. . When you learn this excellent mantra of black money magic, you can get rid of the factors that always block the ways to obtain wealth.

Steps to the money spell:

Take a lemon and tie it to your front door at midnight. Then chant the mantra “GAD ZAHJAL ZAHJAL SHEJAR TOD” continuously ten times. Then sprinkle some chili powder over the lemon that is tied to your door and this red chili powder will destroy the evil things that bother you. Don’t touch the lemon overnight. Remove and cut the lemon in the morning of the next day. Finally, squeeze the lemon to extract its juice and discard it. You may feel like your money earning is increasing frequently and you can expand your wealth. Within a couple of years, you can see that your financial fund has grown.

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