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Love spells are not generic in nature. Since different relationships have different problems, spells casters usually tailor magic spells according to the need and the degree of seriousness of that problem. But, if you study the kind of problems in relationship, hey all emanate from one source: the influence of negative energies.

Quarrels, fights, disagreements, dispassionate relationships and many others are usually associated with spiritual intrusions by demons and evil spirits. In this case, custom love spells can be used to eliminate such energies and restore calm into the relationship.

Like I already said, there are different types of love spells. The easiest and the safest are white magic change your life spells. These spells are cast using simple ingredients like candles, incenses, oils, herbs and body fluids. However, their efficacy in solving complicated problems like the restoration of love after breakup may not be viable. In other words, we can say that they are custom love spells meant to handle simple love problems like sweetening love, restoring passion and rekindling intimacy.

On the other hand, black magic spells – the most powerful and also the most dangerous – are recommended for situations in which the person finds himself or herself giving up because of a love problem. For example, if you have tried in vain to win love, to convince your man to love you again or to break the third party relationship your partner is in; these custom love spells using black magic are the most recommended.

Therefore, do not just order anything in the name of a “love spell”. I recommend that you consult a professional magician or spells caster, explain your problem to him and allow him to recommend a spell that can cure the problem. Casting a change your life spell without consultation is like taking medicine without a prescription from the doctor.


powerful love spells

The science of magic is the oldest in the world. It derives its force from nature, spirits, gods goddesses and other entities. For thousands of years, man has been using magic and spells –power that allows him to do things that he himself cannot sometimes explain.

In the past, our ancestors would perform different magical acts during times of hardship in order to make life easier. With time, they discovered how to muster spirits and other forces of nature in crafting solutions to problems.

In the ancient days, human beings generally used magic to protect their children, rid themselves of evil spirits, wealth attraction and many other areas. There are rituals that have often been practiced to attract positive energies – especially that of love. It is not surprising that magic is more used in love life today than it is applied in any other field.

Difficult situations in relationships can be tackled using powerful love spells that work immediately. There are individuals who have skills in this art – they know how to use magical tools to attract love, restore love, remove obstacles in a relationship, rekindle lost passion and love and foster intimacy in a relationship. Here, you will learn more about these change your life spells and how to effectively use them to change your love life.

There is a variety of love spells: spell to make your lover loyal, spell to make your lover dream about you and spells to attract a perfect lover. In casting these spells, magicians and spells casters often use things like body parts of animals, body fluid (blood, urine, semen), rituals, incantations, amulets, herbs, minerals, articles belonging to a particular person and crystals. Spells casting also brings to play powerful energies and for that reason, it should not be treated as something very slight. I personally do not encourage you to cast spells on your own because they have very severe, consequential repercussions.


quick break up spells
Many people do not always have a clear understanding of what magic is. For example, they think “magic” is about women dressed in black and wearing long hats – pinning nails on voodoo dolls and photos – , invoking evil and many other countless assumptions that are very far away from reality. But, one thing you should know is that love rituals and love spells are designed to help you get rid of obstacles that stand on the way of your happiness and bring love, happiness and prosperity into your life. When energies are properly channeled, they can help you accomplish anything in life.

Relationships are not of the same type. There are peaceful ones as well as violent ones. There are loving ones as well as non-loving ones. Whatever type of relationship you find yourself engaged in, you should work towards keeping it, maintaining it and strengthening it. If, however, you are in one that you can’t stand any longer, you can break it up and start your love life anew. Imagine being in love with a man that beats you up all the time.

He doesn’t respect you, ignores you and mistreats you. Unfortunately, you tied the knot with him. You are thinking of how to get out the relationship once and for all. Do not even waste any single time. Break up love spells are here for you.

Many times, our relationships can be marred by the influence from third party. A man that you love may be taken away by a woman who cannot even evaluate the much you have spent in building that relationship up. As you are busy taking care of the children at home, you can one day be surprised to hear that the man you love has impregnated another woman from the neighbourhood. If you have discovered that your lover is cheating on you and you would like to break the illicit relationship, break up love spells can be of great ally.


love spells to make a man fall in love with you

Now that I have discussed so much about love spells and their benefits, let me touch something related to human ethics: the use of the love spell vs religious belief and ethical questions. Whenever word is made mention of “spells” or “magic” in the circles of Christianity, many people often frown. We have all been made to believe that magic is “evil”, “bad” and “satanic!” The chief propagators of this line of thought are the Hollywood actors and actresses, including film directors. In Christian churches, especially the Pentecostal Movements, pastors preach against these practices, condemning and literally sending their practitioners to hell.

We, in the world of magic, have a different view. We believe that Christianity, voodoo worship, Wicca, Candomble and Santeria exist alongside each other. We all use the same methodology of invoking their powers and spiritual energies as we seek interventions to problems that confront and challenge us.

There is a similarity between spells casting, invocation of spirits and Christian worship – the use of candles, prayers and “special books” from which teachings and references can be derived from. The Christian God, Allah, voodoo deities and other gods and goddesses are all invisible beings from a different world. So, as we all worship and consult them; we should also learn to exercise the spirit of coexistence.

Is magic bad? Between love spell vs religion, what should we choose? Magic per se is neither bad nor good. Let me compare it to atomic energy. This energy, when used in the generation of electricity can be a solution to all the energy needs of people.

However, when used to make a bomb that kills in masses, that may be negative – though a soldier will argue otherwise. It is your volition to either choose religion or use love spells. In reality, you can go to a church, mosque or synagogue and pray for love in the same way as spells casting is done.


The law of 3-fold return

The law of threefold return is a rule of thumb in the practice. It states that whatever you wish someone will come to you three times. Let me even make it simpler: when you curse someone using a spell, the curse will come back to you when it is three times in terms of intensity. When you cast a spell seeking love, you will also receive love in the same manner. This is one thing that makes many people to get scared of magic.

However, there is nothing to fear because the law of threefold return only affects those with bad intentions

When you use magic to attract someone that you love, nothing bad is bound to happen to you. The fear of negativity, I think, has its root in the belief that love magic is manipulative and, therefore; bad. Magic can be compared to electricity. It can make your life good, though it can also harm. So, what is the difference between using electricity in a good way and its bad use? This is determined by the intention if the user.

If someone plugs a cable in a live socket and dips it into your bath tub, I guess you know what he wants to do. If the same person connects power to a dark room so he or she can see everything, then that is good! The law of threefold return only affects those with bad intentions, REMEMBER!

All love spells users are asked to be ethical in all their magical practices. In this case, if your actions contravene the stipulated guidelines; magic can be harmful in this case. So, how can we judge that magic was used in a good way?

By assessing the impact or outcome of that magical practice. If both partners can attain happiness, positivity and “good for all” at the end of everything, then magic will have been used in a good and ethical way.


law of attraction
Understanding love spells and law of attraction. Today, I am going to show you how you can attract your heart’s desire by telling a simple story. Once upon a time, there were twin brothers. The two were totally identical look-alikes. It was hard to differentiate one from the other. Since they were twin, they used to do things together: walk together, bath together, eat together and even hang out together. They even went to the same school.

One day, they all went out in search of jobs and they were all lucky to find vacancies in the same company. The first twin brother was more interested in this vacancy than the second one, so he communicated with the company’s human resource officer so that he could arrange an interview for him. The second one also vowed:

“This is my only opportunity and I shall do my best to snatch it. However, if I do not succeed in getting this job, maybe I can try somewhere next time. I know I shall succeed somewhere else.”

Who, of these two, do you think will get this job? OF COURSE THE SECOND BROTHER. Do you know the reason why? The other first brother did everything under pressure because of his desperation. In doing so, he lost all his balance. He had sleepless nights, was scared and nervous.

Although he was qualified for the job, he was tensed up and unnatural. At the time of doing the interview, the other brother was relaxed and because of that, he was able to get the job. His disposition and behaviour was natural and all his actions were devoid of fear or anxiety.

This is exactly how relationships also work. if you are desperate about making someone to love you or make your lost love to come back, you will be like the first brother you have read about in this story. Your actions will look unnatural because you are afraid of failure. You will spend sleepless nights and fill your whole being with anxiety.

This is one of the stumbling blocks in relationships. What you are afraid of is what might turn out to become a reality. If you are afraid that the person you love will abandon you, your worries and fears will turn the situation into reality. Love spells and law of attraction work that way.

With magic, you should never act under pressure because magic is like an amplifier. It amplifies the whims and desires of your heart and creates the opportunities for you to get something new. But, do you think this chance can be of benefit to you when appear before someone reeking in sweat, exhausted and anxious?

So, if you meet someone, do not act under pressure. Take your time, chat with that person, take them out and enjoy the best of your time with him or her without appearing to be pushing and shoving things around. That is how the love spells, change your life spells, and law of attraction work.

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