Coca Leaf Ritual For Attracting Positive Energies and Protection From Evil


Coca Leaf Ritual For Attracting Positive Energies and Protection From Evil

This ritual has its roots in the Inca culture, a magically rich society in the Peruvian jungles. It is done to open the paths of good things to enter into the life of the person requesting for it and improve the luck of that individual. When you feel that your energies cannot propel you for success, when everything you do fails, people hate you and success seems to be eluding your paths, this particularly potent spell can help you align your energies with positivity and attract love luck, prosperity, wealth and thrift.

You need this ritual performed if you would like to succeed in everything

Many people often perform this ritual to attract positivity – to bring harmony, happiness, love and mirth. In Inca rituals, cocoa is a communication tool or spiritual oracle for predictions: in the future present and past.

Through the coca leaves, one can connect with the energetic powers of his ancestors, allowing a diagnosis and general orientation of his personal state. The spells caster clearly interprets what the oracles say, and helps to recognize and interpret the good or bad associated with the destiny of the person requesting the ritual.

It is one way through which negative energies can also be banished

This ritual also transmutes the negative energies into the positive. It also helps to remove doubts, detect problems and offers you incite on hoe you can improve your personal decisions. The purpose of this ritual with the coca leaves is to converse with the creative source of the universe.

Through the coca leaves, I will ask the gods to grant you blessings and thank them for the benefits received. All you have to do is to tell you that you want it done and I shall do it for you, wherever you are. Alternatively, I can send you the ritual materials and give you instructions on how to perform the ritual.

Contact me now if you are interested in this ritual

Are you having doubts about the future? Would you like to clear such doubts and know what the gods have in store for you? Do you feel you have suffered enough – business failures, relationship failures, rejection, influence from enemies and total lack of energy to do the things that will propel you to greater heights? If that is the case, you need a ritual that will open the paths of luck and happiness into your life. I am an expert psychic of the coca leaf rituals. I do tarot reading and cleanse people using my floral baths.

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