How To Cast A Spell Using Voodoo Dolls


How To Cast A Spell Using Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo doll spells put the caster and receiver in close contact, the latter being “bound” by the spell’s charm. It can be addressed to a person, an object, a divinity or a spirit, a natural phenomenon or an abstract concept. Did you know that in ancient times, a spell meant singing a song? Poetry in music is the ultimate expression of the power of words. Let’s think about how an audience is delighted listening to a musician. This is the power of the spell: capture the designated object and change its behavior.

Many spells to separate can be cast using voodoo dolls

Each voodoo doll spells will have its own specific connection to a particular person of your choosing. The art of a doll relies heavily on energy transfer, so if you want it to work, you must have some kind of connection to that person. Build a skeleton of your doll. The skeleton is a very important part of a doll. Decorate your doll. This part is not as important as a previous part. You need to form the head, the feet and the arms, that is essential. Other parts, like the eyes and hair, are not that important. Some say that the more your doll looks like a person you are creating it for, the better your ritual will work. This is somewhat true, but in our case, it is more important that you focus more on a ritual alone than on decoration.

You will then prepare it for a ritual

First, you must name it. As you can imagine, a name must be the same as the real person’s name. Giving it a name means you will baptize it. If you have a burning incense near you, you can also purify it. To perform the baptism ceremony, you will need to submerge your doll under water while saying the following, as found in Aleister Crowley’s Ritual VIII book of voodoo doll spells:

“I baptize you (name of the person in question) in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In life, you are now who I want you to be. Everything that is done to you will pass (name of the person in question) in the world as I order. Now I control the wishes, dreams and the final destiny of (name of the person in question). His life belongs to me. That (name of the person in question) does not see pleasure or benefit from his life or efforts unless he considers it so ”.

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