Procedures for casting spells in general as you may or may not already know, depend on culture or environment. Knowing how to cast lost lover spell therefore, is as well dependent on the aforementioned reasons. Here, I will jot down the procedures used in an African culture to which I belong.

African spirituality is usually passed on from one generation to another. Passing the spiritual powers/ tools to the next preordained spiritualist is not a matter of choice or is it? Yes, it is: the choice is made by the ancestors.

Personally, I received the spiritual tools from my grandmother and I have used this luck for over 30 years now. I will as well be glad to pass it on to the next recipient when the time is right.


I will use Traditional African voodoo procedures. Note that I will cover the cleansing here as well as I usually like to do cleansing before the casting is done. Cleansing is necessary since it removes every demons/ negative spirits/ energies so that the cast goes on smoothly.

  • Cleansing & Spells Casting

  • Requirements for aura cleansing include:

    1. An animal or bird
    2. Local brew
    3. Shear butter oil
    4. White candles
    5. Beads
    6. spring water
    7. Pictures and dates of birth

    The Aura cleansing and spells casting in general in the African way is an exotic procedure and will always involve and altar at the ancestral shrine.
    The ancestors are invoked at the shrine.

  • STEP 1: Invoking the Ancestral powers
  • The Shaman prepares the altar for the work by chanting and spraying spring water or local brew on it to drive away any demons/ negative spirits.
    After this process which takes about 10 minutes is done, the shaman then starts the prayer/chants before the altar calling on the ancestors. This usually for me personally would take another 15 minutes before I am (my spirit) completely possessed/overtaken by the ancestral powers/spirits.

  • STEP 2: Presentation
  • During this process, the patient(s) are presented before the ancestors by the helper of the Shaman for at this stage, the Shaman doesn’t know anything taking place in the material world. This presentation is by bringing in the patient(s) physically or if absent, their printed pictures, names or dates of birth.
    The possessed Shaman through the power of the ancestors will see the problems and tell the solutions which are remembered by the helper.

  • STEP 3: Calling out the spirits in the patients
  • The spirits are called out by the shaman and the demons are told to leave peacefully to avoid any conflicts. In most cases, these demons exist in the patients and some do leave once commanded and others will be make various demands and this process takes about an hour and a tremendous amount of energy from the shaman.

    Spirits that decide to leave are usually sent to the animal before the animal is let free in the swamps to roam away.
    In the process, some spirits do not leave and may require another level of work which is not fitting for 99% of my audience here.
    This however, marks the end of the cleansing.

  • This is the stage where the lost lover spells and any other spells such as the love binding spells are done. The white candles are placed in a container with the shear butter oil and lit.
    The shaman then calls the spirits/energies of the patients and aligns them in a powerful attraction.

    In cases where a break up is required, that’s done in another procedure first before the alignment of the spirits of the ex-lovers are reunited.

This is how to cast lost lover spells to bring your ex-lover back. It is a very different procedure from the western/ modern ways. Here, the process is usually certain and never fails if done correctly. There can be hurdles here and there during the process but it will always work out.

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