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Woman, do you want your man to love you for eternity? Do you want him to be yours until you rent a cavity in which you both die of old age after? Do you want him to stick to you the way a leach sticks on the body of a human being? Do you want to be his cherry tree so that he can eat only your cherry? The answer to these questions is SIMPLE!

Make love spells for free! Seriously, do not just dress up in a sexy outfit and think that man will be lured by that! Be a witch! The sexy bit of your predisposition will not matter so much the moment you make a spell to attract his love. Yes, girls, you must be a little bit satanic is you are to all the goodies from your man.

Here are some love spells for free that you can use on him

I have compiled a list of magical formulas that have been used from ages past. Let me share with you the wisdom of our ancestors, witches, change your life spells casters, sorcerers, voodoo spriest, shamans, seers and psychics.

Coffee for your man with a drop of your menstrual blood in it

According to Elisa Schtensdfkargasdfaw, a practitioner of black magic, menstrual blood has hallucinogenic properties. She says that if you incorporate it in magic, it will make your man love you with madness and extreme craze.

The procedure is simple: simply wait for your cycle and when the first blood drops, collect it and add it to your man’s coffee. The moment he takes it, you will start seeing the signs immediately. His love for you will become more intense than you had ever imagined. The other alternative is to apply a drop of this blood in his ears while he is asleep and put some around his genitalia.

Love spells for free using onions

onion love spells
You will need an onion for casting this particular spell. Get a big onion bulb and write the name of the person you love on it. Leave it to rest under a full moon night. Early the next morning, when the dews are just starting to fall; go and plant it under a rose tree. While you are planting, call Mather Nature using the following incantation:

“May this plant catch roots and grow buds.
May the buds grow and become leaves
And sprout flowers
May this flower be my love
The one whose name is (name of the person you love)
Be the flower
That I shall pick
May the roots be firm, and the flowers beautiful
Or I know that is my love
So be it!”

Repeat the chanting until your reacts. As soon as the onion germinates, so will the love that person has for you manifest. When it flowers, his love for you will blossom in the same manner. Remember to exercise much patience while casting this spell.

Easy love spells for free to create eternal love

skirt terrorist

What happens if you love that man, but he doesn’t want to reciprocate the love you have for him? No matter how passionate you are about him, you have heart rumours that he is secretly dating your friend.
At his work place, they have already branded him a “skirts terrorist”. You are afraid that he will abandon you soon and the relationship you share with him will fall to pieces. Woman, worry no more. There are love spells for free that you can use to attract his attention. Here, I am going to present one that you cast on him so that he can love you forever.

For this spell, you will need a lock of hair from him. If can’t manage a lock, just get a few strands that you can access from the comb he uses. You will also need some incense.

Here is the whole procedure of casting this powerful spell that works:

  • Light the incense
  • Allow it to burn until the room smells as though you were in church.
  • Repeat the following incantation and add the name of the person you love at the end:
    “Love me now that I love you too.
    Mugurel gogu vasilandru
    (Name of the person)
  • Now, burn his hair carefully without setting the house alight.

Woman, have you seen how easy it is to make the man of your dreams love you until death? Get in touch with if you would like to know more about these love spells for free and other powerful love spells that work immediately.


love spell book
The love spells book could as well be referred to as the Bible of love spells. The most famous spells books are those that archaeologists discovered in Mesopotamia. They contained instructions on how to cast spells and the ingredients required in doing, proving to the modern world that love spells are as old as civilisation.

Of all types of spells in the world of magic, the most used of them are love spells. Many people, when disappointed in love, tend to entrust their fates and destinies in the hands of practitioners of spells and magic rituals.

It is amazing that love spells are more cast than money spells by those who seek refuge in occultism. These spells work by manipulating the supernatural forces and invoking them to come and help in the solution of a love problem. Today, women use love spells more than men. These are women who are tired of living in dispassionate relationship, want to conquer a lover or just want to make a man who abandoned them to love them again. Many of them turn to love spells book for these change your life spells.

But remember, not everyone can practice magic

Although anyone can access a love spells book from anywhere (including the internet), special caution must be taken before starting to practice any of these spells. Magic, ritualism and spells casting is a preserve of those who have received training, initiation and have attained a considerable experience mustering the powers of the occult.

In addition, spells casting also requires that the person doing it be calm, composed and positive. Imagine you have just lost someone. By the time you think of casting a spell, you will emit a lot of negative energy that might even prevent the spell from working. For this reason, it is wise to allow the masters of change your life spells to do their trade.

Before you resort to love spells, you should also maintain contact with the person of your desire

If you have not seen this person more than THREE months, the chances of conquering the love of this person are only FIFTY percent. You should maintain a line of communication with the person. if you talk less with the person you want to attract, the chances of winning his or her love will be very slim. In fact, it less than 50%! For supernatural forces to work on a relationship effectively, there must be an emotional attachment between you and that person.

Here are some free love spells from the love spells book

free love spells
If your partner has started showing you a cold shoulder, you can try this spell using the rose petals. For this spell, you will need:

  • 3 Red petals, cut from the bottom. They should not be broken. You will sink these petals into a salt water solution in a silver or glass container.
  • If your husband is cheating on you with another a mistress and you want to separate them, you should use yellow petals.
    As you dip these flowers into the water, pronounce the desires of your heart (what you want to see happen) with a lot of faith and conviction. This powerful spell is more effective if cast on a Friday night, when the moon is in her crescent phase.

Easy love spell to conquer the love of a former boyfriend

If your intention is to reestablish a broken relationship with your boyfriend, try using this candlestick spell. You will need:

  • The icon of St. Nectarius. (The protector of love).
  • Three candles (white, red and yellow)

Say a love prayer through Saint Nectarius while the candles are burning. Ask him to mediate for you. Also, pray for the spirits of earth, water and fire to come and help you re-conquer the love of a boyfriend who has abandoned you. End the prayer by saying, “AMEN”.

Powerful love spells book love spell to conquer a stubborn lover

Despite the fact that you have shown interest in him, he is constantly ignoring you. Will you just continue burning with desire for him? You can cast a spell on him so that you can conquer his love. here is a simple spell that you can use.

To cast it, you will need the following materials:

  • White sugar
  • Sheet of paper
  • Red candle

Begin the spell by writing the name of the person on the sheet of paper. After that, light the red candle. The moment it starts burning, hold it and tilt the tip downwards so that the melting wax can drip on the sugar while doing this, think about the love that you want your man or woman to feel for you. You will receive immediate results once you practice this powerful spell that works.

Simple love spell to separate two lover

In casting this spell, simply write the names of the two people you would like to breakup. Fill a glass cup with water and cover it with a black cloth. Bind cloth to the mouth of the glass using a black three and keep it in a dark place.

On a crescent moon night, go and climb on top of a hill in a jungle. Take of your clothes. Raise the glass high up and call the names of the people in the relationship while pronouncing a curse on their relationship. When you are done, walk naked till you reach home, still pronouncing the curse.


Fast working love spells
There are love spells pdf that you can just download and cast on your own. Instead of spending money on buying a love spells book, you can get access to these love spells pdf and enjoy the same benefits that love spells over.

You can have money, fame and success, but without love, you will never experience true happiness. Love is one of the most mysterious subjects. It has two aspects – the spiritual and the carnal. The most ideal situation is when someone loves you fully, tenderly and with all the heat of his or her body. This is what women are always praying for and the same applies to men, though they do always want to admit it.

For many centuries, humans have been inventing many special ways of arousing feelings. Some of these methods affect the mind and they are referred to as magical ways. Some of them affect the body and they are called aphrodisiacs.

Modern scientists have also not fallen asleep – they have studied the human body in detail and discovered the parts that be tickled in order to arouse love. However, love is one thing that has beaten the brain of man because it unites the soul, the spirit and the body.

We can only access millennial knowledge to try to understand the subject of love and many of them have been published in the love spells pdf e-books. In most editions, you will discover the most magical ways of making a person to develop love feelings for you as well as how we can use natural articles like stones and herbs to attract love.

You can discover the oldest magical recipes in the love spells pdf ebooks

love spells PDF

Here, I shall only point out a few examples here and there. For example, amongst the Sumer people a man who wished to woo a woman would mix fat and milk of a holy cow in green dish designed for the purpose. He would then carry the concoction and when he met the girl, he would sprinkle the mixture on her breasts.

In the Middle East, it believed the human liver is the seat of love. For this reason, if someone tragically dies, part of his or her liver is used for making a love drink. You can find more in the love spells pdf ebooks online.

Long ago, in Greece, the udders of a hyena were used to evoke fiery love – the one that makes the person concerned to burn with sensual sensations. In ancient Rome, the making of love potions was forbidden.
However, desperate women would still cast spells on the men. Famous spells casters then included Lucretius and Lukullus. You can learn more about such magical practices by downloading a free love spells pdf Ebook.

How are love spells cast?

Love magic operates in two ways:
Contact spells and love dolls. With contact spells, the spells caster, witch, sorcerer or sorceress uses something that belongs to the person on whom the spell is being cast.

This may include body fluids, hair or nail clippings. Today, there are spells that are cast using figurines. In ancient Greece, a figurine would be made using wax. It would then be slowly heated in the fire. If it melted, it was a sign that the heart of beloved had melted. If it did not, it implied that the person was not interested in love.

Women who want their love to be reciprocated have also been doing many things. Such a woman can go to a cemetery where a man has been buried nine days earlier. She can exhume the man and strip his skin from head to foot.

If she successfully does so by dawn, she carries the strip of skin to her own. It is believed that being in possession of a strip of skin from a dead man’s body can make a man love you as long as you possess the strip of skin.

The love spells pdf Ebook is a resource that everyone must possess. You can read about the different love spells practices from the different parts of the world and maybe, whet your magical skills.

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